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Journey to $1500/day using media buys

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by moneymaster, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. moneymaster

    moneymaster Affiliate affiliate



    For 3 months now I’ve been studying the ins and outs of media buying since I’m new to this

    It involved:

    1) Reading books on copywriting and headlines - books that helped(still going through others):

    · Tested Advertising Methods – John Caples

    · How to write a good advertisement – victor Schwab

    · My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising – Claude C. Hopkins

    · Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

    · Everybody Writes - Handley, Ann.

    · Epic Content Marketing (Joe Pulizzi)

    · Marketing 2014, 17th Edition

    2) Spying on affiliates and checking the landing pages, banners being used in various verticals- using adbeat, WRW, also spying manually using my browser and different ips.

    3) Practicing the copywriting, coming up with headlines and banners.

    4) Forming a mastermind group with 2 friends who are also starting out in media buying

    5) Saving funds for media buying from other my other online income generating projects.

    6) Signed up on maxbounty, Peerfly

    Traffic will be from Sitescout

    Today (1st June 2015):

    - Set up an account on Voluum for tracking - going through tutorials on how to set it up

    - Got a dedicated server on Namecheap – trying to get my way around it

    - Sent money to sitescout waiting for it to to be loaded.

    I will be updating regularly on the progress
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  2. terraleads
  3. servandosilva

    servandosilva Moderator moderator affiliate

    That's a really high goal but not impossible. Let's know how it goes.
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  4. moneymaster

    moneymaster Affiliate affiliate

    Today activities (2nd June 2015)

    Choosing an offer
    chose a biz ops/work at home offer

    - did research on the offer and saw what other advertisers are using in the niche
    - downloaded some banners and landing pages
    - took note of the sites they are advertising on

    Setting up servers and domain
    learned how to set up the dedicated server and domain, it is not easy but I believe its because I'm new to this.
    another thing I will be doing later is benchmarking the server to see what load it can handle.

    there's so much to do... but I will stay focused and determined.
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  5. sanjaq

    sanjaq Affiliate affiliate

    Every day I read something new and become more motivated to DO something instead of reading/dreaming pointlessly. But until the time comes, I want to congratulate you, moneymaster, with all my heart! Be focused and may you have the inspiration to make the best decisions!
    I will be following this thread!
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  6. moneymaster

    moneymaster Affiliate affiliate

    the goal is high but I believe it is achievable. I will keep this thread updated regularly and keep everyone updated

    thanks mate I'm glad I've motivated you...this is one of my principles: take your time to understand whatever you are undertaking then take action and you'll succeed.
  7. Sage

    Sage Affiliate affiliate

    Sanjaq - I went through the EXACT same analysis/paralysis. You MUST set strict goals "WITH END DATES". Use an online stopwatch to complete small but meaningful tasks, say 30 dedicated minutes here and there. Close all other windows, emails, turn off cell phones, put headphones/earbuds on and listen to whatever type of music to help you FOCUS!

    Once I started doing this, the NOISY world around me vanished and I could magically "FOCUS" on the task at hand.

    Our world today is filled with too much NOISE! We must remember that our brain is a POWERFUL TOOL, if we learn to harness it, nothing is impossible.

  8. moneymaster

    moneymaster Affiliate affiliate

    update on progress: (6th June 2015)

    Banner Design
    I have been able to design banners using gimp(free) and banner design studio.

    I tried to improve on the banners that were being used by competitors and made some new designs of my own.
    I used different angles in the headlines used on the banners. some points I considered in creating headlines on the banners
    - arouse curiosity
    - mention a benefit

    Landing Page Design
    The landing pages have been put together , I checked what competitors were using and tried to improve on their landers but I also included landers that were unique and not similar to what others where using.

    Software used to make Landing pages
    - adobe dreamweaver
    - adobe muse

    Hopefully the test run will be done this Wednesday after everything is checked and configured on voluum, affiliate network and sitescout. The campaign should be full steam on Thursday. I will also prepare some guides to help newbies in configuring voluum with affiliate network and traffic sources.
  9. andaralee

    andaralee Affiliate affiliate

    I will follow your journey thread.. Good luck
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  10. kerbeross

    kerbeross Affiliate affiliate

    Good luck! I haven't seen a good sitescout thread for ages now..
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  11. TrafficBroker

    TrafficBroker Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    yesh.. you read all those books?
  12. hypefree

    hypefree Affiliate affiliate

    Good luck - subscribed !
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  13. moneymaster

    moneymaster Affiliate affiliate


    thanks, sitescout has a lot of desktop traffic... I chose it since this is what I'm targeting and there is room for scaling.

    I've read 3 of them and intend to read all of them as I continue with my journey...since I have to start testing, I will also re-read others as one reading is not enough to completely understand and digest the material. If you've had a peek at them they have great info especially when it comes to copywriting.
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  14. moneymaster

    moneymaster Affiliate affiliate

    Progress Update: June 11th, 2015

    After I had set up everything on maxbounty, voluum , and sitescout .. I ran a $50 test to see I had set up everything correctly before I embark on running the campaign daily.

    The test:
    Amount= $50
    Traffic = RON Sitescout
    Offerpayout = $2.6
    Bid = $0.1 cpm

    banners = 12
    landing pages = 6
    also put some of the traffic to be direct linked to the offer.
    offers= 1

    Results On:

    banner impressions: 352,808
    banner clicks: 1,989
    banner CTR: 0.56%

    landing page clicks: 52
    landing page CTR: 2.6%

    conversions: 0

    Cost: $35.28
    Profit - $35.28

    Impressions won: 473,682
    banner clicks: 2,076
    Total Spend: $47.22
    banner ctr: 0.44%

    : the objective of this small test was to confirm that i had configured my links and tracking correctly since it was my first time using some of this tools, I can happily say the configuration was done properly but there is always room for improvement

    What I found out

    some of the sites I got traffic from are not real sites I even suspect I got a lot of bot traffic, I wonder why sitescout has listed them....

    example of a bad listing
    I got like 353 banner impressions from this site(kingdomcomputing.com) and 35 banner clicks ..10% ctr!! and the site does not even exist.

    it is listed on sitescout to be receiving 719,031 daily impressions

    all I have to say one has to be careful on site selection on sitescout some sites are not genuine and provide bot traffic

    Next course of action
    next time I run the campaigns I will run on sites that competitors were running the offer and others of similar demographics

    Tracking question
    There seems to be discrepancy btn impressions shown on voluum and sitescout... why is this? anyone who has an idea pls let me know.
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  15. HereComesTheMoney

    HereComesTheMoney Affiliate affiliate

    thanks for the journey. yes, anyone with an idea?

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  16. moneymaster

    moneymaster Affiliate affiliate

    Progress Update: June 15th, 2015

    Stopped Campaign since I had no conversions after running the campaign for 4 continuous days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

    spent around $70 on those 4 days

    Site Selection/ Audience/ Demographics
    did more research and found out that site selection on sitescout is very important... if you are not careful the traffic you will get will be of low quality.

    I also discovered that some networks on sitescout are better than others and I will stick with one network that I found to give me realistic results.

    After doing more research I came up with another bidding strategy since I was being outbid....being outbid in sitescout results in you receiving poor traffic or no traffic in some instances

    I will also tweak banners and landers and hopefully with this new knowledge I will get my first conversion:)
  17. mrbrown725838

    mrbrown725838 Affiliate affiliate

    How has it been progressing so far
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  18. moneymaster

    moneymaster Affiliate affiliate

    Progress Update: June 19th 2015

    19 days into my media buy journey and no single conversion.... I know I will crack this nut soon just as I have in other fields.
    okay back to the data: run a campaign yesterday on super targetted collection of sites but no conversion also not receiving traffic....

    I bid 3cpm on sites with average 1 cpm but not winning significant traffic...today I will bid 5 cpm and see what happens.
    so far i'm in negative roi territory, anyone with some thoughts on this pls feel free to chip in so I can get that first conversion and I will be good to go
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  19. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    That is soooo bad.
    Did you block the source, and pre-sale your destination lander within your banner?
    Flash, gif, disturbing banner. Did you split test these modules?
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  20. moneymaster

    moneymaster Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for you input but would you pls clarify what you mean by source.

    as for banners ...yes I am preselling my lander with my banner

    currently I'm using only using gifs and static jpg banners
  21. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    By blocking the source, I did mean when you advertise on Media Buying.
    You will get a list of domain where your banner exists.
    And certain domain or position do not work well, so just block those that get really low CTR after 10,000 impression.
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