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Jeffrey Heaven

Hey fellas..


I will tell you my $1000 a week journey ('gonna be journey') in this thread.

I am recently graduated and jobless right now. In fact, I get call for interviews, but I can't imagine myself in cubicles or traditional 9-5.

It has been more than 3 years since I stepped into this beautiful world of Internet Marketing. Yet, I haven't made single penny! I love to read every single post, eBook, story, journey on 'Internent Marketing and Make Money Online' more than anything. Don't know why? But I keep doing that, all day, all night. Train, Bus, Walking, Chilling, Toilet!, everywhere you would find me, you would find me reading about something that will be dedicated to Internet Marketing. It has became over obsession and possessive love to me.

I will visit every Internet Marketers blog/site & then go to his about section & will read it fully from start to end. What is it? A disease or what? In this three year, I might have heard hundreds of 'About Me's & success stories of people, if not thousands.

But, I posted a thread on my this serious condition which is 'not taking action' in various groups and on this forum too, Why I am not taking actions? Why I just keep reading about people's stories and stuff?

People's response was overwhelming!

I got to know about two things from which I suffer,

1) Information Overload
2) Shiny Object Syndrome

1) Information Overload - The problem is, everything interests me at same level. I want to do everything & that is the reason I am not able to do anything. Till now, I have bought 6 domains, but haven't setup any site on any of them yet. I bought domains on viral niche, tech niche, health niche etc. I would start site with hell lot of excitement and after posting couple of stuff. I would stop! & jump into some other niche like tech, after that my mind will get bobbled and I will jump into Affiliates and it goes on.

2) Shiny Object Syndrom - Getting influenced by someone's story. Yes, this happens all the time. I need to overcome this shi*t.

I don't take actions. That is the god damn point!

Now it's been too much. It's time to take action before time runs out.

@azgold suggested me to create a journey thread and get the balls roling. Hence I am doing this.

At this point, I have three options. I will chose any one from these three.

1) Create a niche affiliate site.
2) Teespring with FB Ads. (I need your suggestion, does this work at this point or not?)
3) Create a viral niche site.

Either I will..

1) Create a micro niche affiliate site

I have been a content writer since a long time and written shitload of stuff for others for money's sake. I can write almost on anything. So content writing will be handled by myself.

I will prepare one pillar article (5000 words) for home page & 10 "best xyz" product articles (1000 words each). I will dedicate whole day to it. Yes, I will push myself to create 15000 words in single day, no matter what happens!

I will buy domain name later after writing articles. Because, this sh**ty thing which is 'let me buy domain name first and then I will create content and all & then doing nothing' has happened to me several time. I don't wanna let that thing happen again.

Then, I will join forums & FB groups etc where discussions on my product are taking place & will suggest my links genuinely.

OR I will go for

2) Teespring with FB Ads

I am fast learner, so I will design T-shirt myself following some nice youtube videos. I can't afford to outsource it.

I will target Women only as audience as they are more likely to shop online & choose pink color for T-shirt with some creative quote.

I wasn't aware of this model since long time. But I recently came across this model. It seems pretty simple but the stories I have read were older (say from 2014,2015). Does this still work? I will appreciate your help on this if you put some insights into this.

OR I will

3) Create viral niche site

I don't own pages with millions of likes. Should I do it? I always wanted to do this, but couldn't make mind for it. Out of 6, the first domain I bought was on viral niche.

I know if any of this model gets followed with lots of dedication and hard work without losing focus. It can easily make $1000 a week.

I know it because I read a lot of story who did it. Remember I won't be making this much in single month. It needs a lot of patience - something me and many more people who jumps into IM have not.


Simple for 2 months, following "Enough of reading success stories of others, NOW IT'S TIME TO MAKE MINE" attitude. I promise you guys, that I will not read any of the stories which I come across on Internet or FB or anywhere. No matter how clickbait the link is, I am not going to touch it. I know it's hard. It's as hard as quitting smoking or masturbation. But I will do it. I will stick to my promise.

I will not stop until I succeed or die. I am gonna do it. If they can do it, I can do it too. I know some people who make decent bucks given the fact that they can't even form two words together in English. No, I am not underestimating anyone but this is for me. It's about self-respect folks, Isn't it? Given the fact that you know 80% more than them, still you are at nowhere & people are calling them for interviews.

It's ridiculous! Waking up in the morning, read stories and just learn stuff like "how to drive your first 1000 visitors", "how to rank faster", "how to xyz abc" even if you don't have anything live yet for whole day & then go to sleep and on next day repeating the same god damn process again. It's ridiculous not taking action & just getting motivated, motivated & motivated.

There is no better time than now.. Now it's time to take action.

I will just ask for few suggestions...

- If fortune is not in my favor and I get distracted by something, how should I stop it immediately?

- Which model should I prefer? (please don't tell "choose one which interests you most", because everything interests me at same level. Everything in which '$$$' is involved - it interests me).

It's been too much and the fact that I am not doing anything despite knowing everything creeps me out and puts me into the knob of depression.


Is there anyone who suffers from the same situation? Is there anyone who knows a lot of stuff and wants to do something so badly but something is stopping them from taking action? I know there are countless!!

If you are one of the similar kind..


Let's start our journey together & see who succeeds first. Who leaves the battle in between. Who wins, who loses! Enough of competing in Clash of clans & other shitty games. Let's compete in real world. We will update each other about our progress each alternative day & will see who is where? We will try to beat each other with our hard work & dedication.

It's enough. Let's overcome this miserable situation and take action.

Your inputs and any more suggestions are most welcome.


武士- Spamurai
Heya @Jeffrey Heaven, sup?!

I'm really looking forward to your IM journey ;)

A well-intentioned hint: Don't limit yourself to a timeframe. White hat sites simply need their time, they are more the long-term assets.
Take massive, but imperfect action. (But you've probably heard that already a thousand times;))

Jeffrey Heaven

Heya @Jeffrey Heaven, sup?!

I'm really looking forward to your IM journey ;)

A well-intentioned hint: Don't limit yourself to a timeframe. White hat sites simply need their time, they are more the long-term assets.
Take massive, but imperfect action. (But you've probably heard that already a thousand times;))

Hey @Marc Thanks for your inputs budd.

Yes. I heard that enough. Now it's time.

I will operate in grey area. Not complete black. Not complete white. But grey it will be. See you on the other side mate!

Cheers. ;)


Dojo Master
Hi, @Jeffrey Heaven

Holy cow, my mind is swimming just reading what's going on in your head. It's a busy place, your mind. :)

You can write 15,000! words in one day?!? Without your brain going to complete and utter mush, I mean. Wow. Kudos to you, I sure never could. 1500, maybe and some days that was a stretch.

If you can write intelligent, informative and engaging copy that fast, you could fill up a good niche site quickly.

Jeffrey, my friend. Have you ever tried meditation to slow down your mind and feel calmer? It might quell the panic you're experiencing and help you get off the hamster wheel. I'm sure there are other techniques and modalities that could help, too.

No one can tell you what to do. That's your decision alone. I suggest that you pick ONE of the things you mentioned (throw a dart, if you have to) and proceed with your journey. That way, people who know about you're doing can help.

If you can get going on something and start to see progress, I believe you will feel more in control of all this. It would also help you to make decisions about where you want to go from that point - what to lay down, what to pick up, which direction to head.

I will not stop until I succeed or die.

I vote for succeeding, not dying.

I am gonna do it. If they can do it, I can do it too.

You're right. You just have to get grounded then get moving.

There is no better time than now

Absolutely correct again.

everything interests me at same level

I suffer from that sometimes, tire myself out looking in too many directions and bouncing my brain around at a bunch of interesting things at once.

You've got this. Take a deep breath and take the plunge into one area. The rest of us will help you whenever you need it. We've got your back, just start.


Dojo Master
@Jeffrey Heaven - have you chosen a starting point yet?

If it helps, try looking at some of the other journeys here, to get an idea of how to begin.

Jeffrey Heaven

Hey @azgold How are you doing?

Sorry for responding late.

Yes, I made my mind to continue with amazon niche sites. Just getting prepared some articles.

Yes. I can stretch up to 15000 words if I get serious enough and also I go to sleep very late.

I will keep you updated on my journey.

Cheers :)

Dr. Forum

I am glad that you have made a decison to share with us your journey. I always believe that for a succesful journey, it has to begin with a good plan and setting of goals. Through the goals is when you will be able to know where you are looking at when working on a daily basis. I will be waiting for the updates on the same and see how best we can help you attain every bit of the challenges that you face. All the best in this buddy.