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  1. K

    One Thing I Do To Stay Happy And Positive

    This is one of my inventions(for myself of course) to stay happy. Though it is something most people already do. I called it my invention to stay happy because I usually got depressed, and had a mood swing problem. In my journey I discovered that remembering past achievements and results makes...
  2. K

    5 Secrets On Turning Your Failures Into Success

    5 Ways To Profit From Failure Is it possible to take advantage of failure? Most of you already know the answer. If you did know, you’ll also know that it depends on how you see failure and how you choose to treat it. Most people see failure as a dead end and choose to live with it; defining...
  3. GriD

    What are your favorite inspirational movies?

    I know there are several but I want as I want to learn as well I decided to let everybody give it a shot! I did not want this to be: 'My 10 most favorite inspirational movies'... I will add to the Poll as entries are posted! (so come back often to find new inspirational movies) As it was...
  4. Mar Eugene


    Hello Guys and Gals, This is Mar Eugene and I am a professional affiliate marketer. I am new here and I'll appreciate your assistance. Even if the Lion is strong enough to defeat the Wolf, if outnumbered by 10 times ratio, it may be difficult to win and sometimes get defeated. We may be Weak...
  5. juliusjooste

    Have you heard your call? Maybe this is it.

    The story below found its way into my life a little over a decade ago and it has helped me and many of my peers verbalise societal anxieties we felt growing up. I hope that it will serve and inspire you the same way it had me. Answering the Call ... Once upon a time an eagle's egg was found...
  6. S


    I am obembe Sunday Dapo by name. Known as Sir_Phren™ on Citizen of Nigeria, West Africa. Owner of Journey To Library
  7. Pay Per Call Guru

    Pay Per Call Gave Me Freedom!

    Hi guys, this is not my personal story, but one that was emailed to me by one of my students who took my Pay Per Call Exposed Course. Its so inspiring, and shows what dedication and action can achieve. Hoping it will inspire other affiliates - regardless if in pay per call or not. Live the life...
  8. Jeffrey Heaven

    Journey to $1000 a week.. (A 'gonna be' Journey!)

    Hey fellas.. 'Ssup? I will tell you my $1000 a week journey ('gonna be journey') in this thread. I am recently graduated and jobless right now. In fact, I get call for interviews, but I can't imagine myself in cubicles or traditional 9-5. It has been more than 3 years since I stepped into...
  9. Jeffrey Heaven

    Hey Folks, 'Ssup?

    PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! IT NEEDS TO BE SORTED OUT. Hello folks, I hope you all would be having a productive day. My mind is literally bobbled at this moment. I can't decide what to do. My life has became frustrated like hell. I am into Internet Marketing since last two years. Still I haven't...
  10. Mr. FOX

    How To Get Success IM/AM in 2016

    So a new year is knocking at the door. As you are reading this topic I am sure you want to get success in IM/AF in the upcoming year? isn't it. This is the will you see. But in the deep sense, you have some fear. Is it really possible to live online just doing IM/AM. Well for your information...
  11. TFU


    Hi, I'm new to the forums and surprised I didn't come across it sooner actually. Looking to start an affiliate website to compliment my other sites and earn a bit of extra passive income on the side. Hopefully this will get the inspiration juices flowing.