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Journey to $100 profit a day with Alidropship (Aliexpress dropshipping)

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by IAmUnstoppable, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. IAmUnstoppable

    IAmUnstoppable Affiliate affiliate

    Hello there.

    Note with the moderator: I read the rules, but if I still make any mistakes not allowed by the rules, please don't delete my thread, correct them or ask me to correct the mistakes and I will, thanks.

    So, who am I?

    Frankly, I am new to this forum. I liked this forum and opened a few threads and I liked the community so I'm gonna open this journey here on Affiliatefix.

    I've been into IM for a few years and earned about 25 000 dollars in total through affiliate marketing in Health & Beauty niche sites. But, I'm sick of it. Back in the day when I was doing it, I was using mainly SEO to drive organic traffic. It required a lot of energy and once the product is gone, almost everything is gone. Then I would need to find a new product to create a niche site for and start ranking for Google all over. I just can't do it anymore. So, after a year it was gone, I decided to take up a new journey and find something else I liked about IM. For now, I am facing a dropshipping journey for which I will put aside everything to succeed cause I just can't allow myself to fail this time.

    Why Alidropship (aff link) for dropshipping?

    I ordered Alidropship (aff link) plugin a year ago but I had personal problems which did not allow me to commit to it and succeed. I'm choosing this plugin because it is very well maintained, good knowledge base, good support, basically, everything you need to dropship from Aliexpress is already included in the plugin. I just love how simple everything is with this plugin. I really don't want to waste time figuring out unnecessary nitty-gritty, but I'm ready to if need be.

    What have I done so far?

    1. I chose a niche, focusing on women. I conducted a keyword research and I have a list of keywords I want to target.
    2. I ordered a domain name, installed WordPress, Alidropship (aff link) plugin and a few more plugins compatible with Alidropship (aff link), namely: Ads Abandoned Cart AliDropship Plugin, Ads Gallery AliDropship Plugin, Akismet Anti-Spam, Image Optimizer WD (if you know a better image optimizer PLZ let me know, this one sucks), Photo Gallery, Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover And After Post & Page Content, Single Product Promo Page, WP Super Cache, Herd Effects (free version)(to install fake order notifications). I also set up Paypal as a payment gateway. I am outside the US so I have trouble with Stripe credit card payments. Please let me know in the comments if there is a way for me to use Stripe. I found people saying that Payoneer can be used but I am not sure.
    3. I added 1500 products. For some of them, I edited titles, descriptions, photos etc to exclude the seller's promo materials from the descriptions. I applied a default Alidropship price markup rule to all products. But, for some of them, I entered custom prices and sale prices to make it seem like I offer discounts.
    4. I might have mentioned already but I was planning to do "Adsense + This niche" about 3-4 years ago. Back then, I failed of course. But, I had created and maintained Tumblr (1125 Followers as of now), Pinterest (2629 Followers as of now) and Facebook pages (3800 likes as of now). These pages are still active and running. In addition, I created Twitter and Instagram profiles. What I found, which I had never tried before, is that Instagram rocks [Update: my IG was banned due to copyright infringement, and I have to restart doing it. ☹ ]!
    5. I have obtained a trial version of Jarvee software. This program blows my mind. I can have 10 different accounts on different social media websites and it does all the work for me. It is priced at 20$ per month now. I like it so much I'm gonna keep the program and subscribe to it. So, Instagram rocks because I set up an Instagram profile in Jarvee and it is doing great. Yesterday I gained 100+ followers and 200+ likes and a few comments. [banned, will make a new account]
    6. I also have some money on me at the moment to support this journey but I am still staying frugal because I have other things going on in my life I need money for.
    What is the price range for my products?

    The prices are really low for my items on Aliexpress. It might start from a dollar and go up to 10$ maybe. For each sale, I expect to profit from $5 up to 20$. There are some pricey items too in my niche but I will deal with them later on.

    How will this journey go?

    This journey is something I am going to focus on really hard and I have reasons to do so. So, the probability that I will abandon it in one week/month is less than 5%.

    What about updates?

    I will try to update each day [I will try]. First, I will post a plan of the day in the morning and later in the evening I will post the results.


    What about the affiliate links?

    I posted a few affiliate links for a reason. I need extra money for this project. When I thought about running this journey, I wasn't thinking about making money from Alidropship affiliate program. But then, I remembered they had it so I did it.

    I vow if anyone signs up and makes a purchase from my affiliate links, I will let you know in a post here. I will post a screenshot too. In addition, any payouts I receive, should a sale occur, WILL ONLY BE USED to support this journey and nothing else whatsoever.

    Today's plan:

    1. Set up a new Instagram account and add it to Jarvee

    2. Configure Jarvee to post to my social accounts for this website.

    3. Analyze my competitors and their strategies.

    I will update you when I am done.

    Thanks for reading. Wait for the next update. Any suggestions are highly appreciated.


    I tried to post this thread a few weeks ago but I couldn’t due to some vague error that Affiliatefix gave me. That is fixed so, keep in mind, I wrote this a few weeks ago and now I am just editing it.

    So far, I had 3 orders from 2 people. One of them placed 2 orders. In total, I got US $19.73 (without PP fees. After fees, 9.13+7.27+1.61=18.01). Order fulfillment took US $8.

    I also set up cashback for Aliexpress so that earns me some money too.

    Profit: US $10.01 + 0.71(from cashback) = $10.72

    I am not counting Jarvee fees (I think I am gonna stop using it. I have 17 days left on license), hosting which I obtained for $30 for three years and domain fees, however, any further expenses will be added to the costs and subtract from my profit.

    I will give you more info on the way.

    Let’s do this.
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  2. Voluum
  3. IAmUnstoppable

    IAmUnstoppable Affiliate affiliate

    I need a suggestion on IG.
    Which option would be better?
    1) Set up a brand profile
    2) A fake identity that will promote my business. For fake identity, I would find some girl on VK.com and use her pics. I am afraid this might get the profile into trouble in case the person finds my profile in IG :dd
  4. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    Ordering from Aliexpress? (or general customs/import duty question.) : germany
    Aliexpress UK, US and other countries clearance limits - My China Bargains

    The second article is incorrect with regard to VAT in the USA -- there is none ... Up until recently, there was a $100.00 exemption for goods clearance in US Customs (duty-free) mailed directly from China.

    I raise this issue only because of customer service issues. Another thing to be aware of: is that both VISA and Mastercard have a 1% chargeback ratio now. That 1% is of the total transactions and not the money value BTW.

    That noted, I think that you will only be successful selling *sleeper items*
    Items that are not highly commoditized with over competitive pricing.

    I understand your frustration with these *affiliate offers* and that you want more direct control of your customers. However, there are many obstacles in being the *front-end* seller of goods and being responsible for the performance others and their order fulfillment at a tariff price cost that can change.
  5. IAmUnstoppable

    IAmUnstoppable Affiliate affiliate

    You are basically spamming right now. Reported.
  6. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    screw you dude.

    You are on ignore here
  7. Certified
    T J Tutor

    T J Tutor GM Administrator Certified Vendor Dojo Master affiliate

    This was not spamming. He was offering some clarity!
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  8. IAmUnstoppable

    IAmUnstoppable Affiliate affiliate

    R u joking? xD The guy commented bullshit like this on my previous thread too and all he is doing is fucking pushing his service or some shit. And, his post is completely unrelated to my thread. He probably did not even read the thread.

    And, you, the administrator, are saying it's okay :D. Whatever, looks kike this place is full of shit. Going back to BHW.
  9. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    Don't bother he reacted without thinking ...
  10. Nanette

    Nanette Affiliate affiliate

    How is it going for you?
    Would like some insights in Your journey