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  1. koka12


    I started dropshipping with 800 dollars and after 3 months I lose 755 dollar to get 3 sales, please help me or advise me I feel that I'm a loser, any suggestions or advice to restart with 45dollar (any methods for free traffic....)Crying Face
  2. koka12


    Hi, How can I open an account on facebook in USA for non-residents? (I try VPN but the account doesn't work)
  3. koka12


    Hi I'm new on dropshipping, can anyone give some advices or secrets to be success in this business model
  4. T

    Looking for help to sell Shopify Theme

    Hi guys & girls, We've recently aired our new Shopify Theme. We've got some cool ideas on how to market the theme, but we would very much like someone with affiliate-know-how to partner up with us. We're able to give 100 USD per sale, which i think might could be interesting for someone who got...
  5. Emma Natifico

    Hello! for continue theme of dropshipping

    Our team has experience with dropshipping and it was successful. But if you don't have experience in ads, don't have a team and 3k dollars better 5k dollars. Don't believe that dropshipping is easy money. Faster you'll lose all your money. First of all: It's delivery, sometimes it's so awful...
  6. Emma Natifico

    Hello Guys! What do you think about dropshipping?

    Only real opinion. Better your personalized experience. It's interesting for a lot of people in that forum.
  7. RyanOak

    $71k Revenue in the last 365 days with Dropshipping using only Instagram Shoutouts!

    As the title says I generated $71k in the last 365 days with my dropshipping store. Main traffic source - Instagram shoutouts. Before I jump more into details, here are Sales report: Don't look at the costs row, that data is incorrect. I know, you want to know the profit, so that number is...
  8. RyanOak

    Ryan from the Baltics

    Hey, my name is Ryan, I am in IM 3 years now. The first 2 was slow, the last one was great. I have several websites - Amazon affiliate website, dropshipping stores, and a few other projects. My goal is to master native ads and learn more about affiliate marketing. Hope to learn something new...
  9. Alex Maxim

    Where Can Merchants Locate Dropshippers?

    Hey there guys, I hope that this message finds you all in excellent spirits, and that you are having a wonderful day. The company I represent is interested in finding individual dropshippers – particularly those that market to parents and college students – to sell a physical product that it...
  10. IncomeHydra

    Hello everyone, very well met!

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I am an Affiliate Network noob, but working hard to learn (IOf anyone can suggest a good solid, noob foundation of learning for;CPA, PPI,CPV,PPD etc and landing pages, would be appreciated). My current online income are done via- Youtube Channel in the Gaming...
  11. Remario Franklin

    Am Remario Franklin and am a entrepreneur

    I own Shopify dropshipping stores and also a youtube channel called Remario Franklin on there I teach people how to start a dropshipping business and much more stuff.
  12. Leonard Moore


    Hi, everyone , my name is Leonard Moore and I am a new member to this forum. I am a entrepreneur, blogger, Podcaster and vlogger (Youtuber). I am very pleased to be here if there is anything that I can do for you all please let me know.
  13. CodeSAH

    Selling products on free classifieds

    Hi all! So I joined an MLM in Jan 2019 and plan to market the products on their dropshipping platform as an Affiliate on free online classifieds. After reading about the FTC on this forum I wonder - is it mandatory for me to add a disclaimer on each product to say something in the line of: "I am...
  14. Juliya Gom

    Affiliates Wanted Ecom and dropshipping affiliates, we're looking for you | 50% commission!

    Hi members, we've been working really hard on AliDropship plugin and it has already powered thousands of WP and WooCommerce merchants around the world. Hope you'll find it notable, too :) And we're very interested in working with you on a partner level to promote it! 50% commission or $44.5...
  15. N

    Make 1000 $ in First 7 Days !!

    Hello Marketers Today i'm going to talk about an affiliate company that have a 100% commission ... it is for everyone (beginners ,intermediate and professionals) Let's say that you may sell 20 Licenses in 7 days that's 1k $ of commisions and 10 of them will work as an affiliate and they...
  16. williamrose

    Easy Way To Make $100K As Beginner

    There are thousands of tutorials around the web telling you how to make some easy internet money. Most of them direct you to marketing. Affiliate marketing, dropshipping, ad buying, SEO, whatever. Let me tell you, that shit is HARD. Getting a positive return on investment in affiliate marketing...
  17. IAmUnstoppable

    Journey to $100 profit a day with Alidropship (Aliexpress dropshipping)

    Hello there. Note with the moderator: I read the rules, but if I still make any mistakes not allowed by the rules, please don't delete my thread, correct them or ask me to correct the mistakes and I will, thanks. So, who am I? Frankly, I am new to this forum. I liked this forum and opened a...
  18. abdelhadi1234

    How to Start Earning From Dropshipping

    So how do you get products… where do you find them… how do you know if they’ll sell… how do you get them to customers? In the vast world of internet entrepreneurship, there are many answers to all of those questions. You could create your own products — but that can be a long and time-consuming...
  19. xoxoBunni

    The Beginning

    Hello everybody. So going to just point this out, I am new here, and hoping that i have found a reliable source to be able to find credible advice shared among real people. Of course you are all real people, i mean by that is the everyday sue/joe common real people. I am not just new to this...
  20. David Mali

    Selling on facebook groups (free)

    hello guys i wanted to try testing items and see if they will be good for my next fb campaign so i posted a new item on my store (Led Strips) from aliexpress and i told a friend to add me on all of his computer groups and gaming groups so i posted images of my set up on all computer...