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[J] Quitting Job FastTrack To +$60/day in 8 Weeks

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by Feluba, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Feluba

    Feluba Affiliate affiliate


    Welcome to my Quitting Job FastTrack -Achieve or Get a Job- Journey to +$60 per day in 8 Weeks.
    You may know me from [JOURNEY] Fritz's Journey to $100/Day in Instagram Marketing | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix. I'm not giving up that journey, but it is supposed to be only IG Marketing related, this one I'm creating, it's Internet Marketing as the whole business. I will try different methods and giving you the results.

    I already quit my job, but I will be doing backup and knowledge transfer until this Wednesday, but the Week #1 will start next Monday.

    What's the plan?
    I have enough money to run without 9-5 Job for only two months (8 weeks), so If I can't achieve this goals, I'll need to get a job again, which is not a bad thing. I think I will learn a lot, not only from the business, but from me as well.

    The plan is simple, I'm going to make a plan for each week, week goes from Monday to Monday, plan for the next week will be posted on Sunday, the day after the next week begins. I'm excited to set goals for myself and achieve them. I will do a great effort to show you I'm making +$60 per day while this journey lasts.

    Feel free to ask anything.

    How are you doing right now?
    I'm getting an average of $15 daily on OGAds with BH niches.
    ogads average.png

    As you see, I'm not doing that bad with it, but I have to scale this up, some niches are over saturated, so I'll need to get a little bit more creative here.

    What are you going to try out here?
    Well, I'm going to come up with the plan on the day before the next week starts, but in my head right now, I'm planning to try out Facebook Groups, Twitter, Pinterest, Adult offers with CrakRevenue, Scale up IG Empire, and more.

    I will post right now, the plan for Week #1, which commonly will be on a separate thread on Sundays.


    How do you feel?
    Excited, kind of scared to know what's gonna happen, but whatever happen I know I will learn so much from this, that's why I wanted to share it with you. I feel with energy, with an attitude to reach everyday goals, to focus and work/bank hard!

    What's the plan for this week?
    I have actually running on Instagram:

    • 10 accounts for Niche #1
    • 8 accounts for Niche #2
    • 16 accounts for Niche #3
    • 3 accounts for Niche #4
    A total of 37 accounts. So, how niches are doing? This are the stats for the last 7 days:

    As you see, Niche #3 is the most profitable one, but I have 16 accounts on it, and I think I will saturate it If I create more than 20 accounts on the same niche.

    I have 19 accounts on stand-by to set up, so the plan goes like this:

    • DAY 1: Set up 5 accounts on Instagram, get MassPlanner license.
    • DAY 2: Set up 5 accounts on Instagram, research about Facebook Groups and create 5 fresh Facebook accounts and PV them.
    • DAY 3: Set up 5 accounts on Instagram, set up 3 accounts on Facebook to join Niche #3 Groups and create another 5 fresh Facebook accounts and PV them.
    • DAY 4: Set up 4 accounts on Instagram, set up 3 accounts on Facebook to join Niche #2 Groups.
    • DAY 5: Set up 4 accounts on Facebook to join groups of a new Niche I'm planning to launch (Niche #5 now on). Create LP for Niche #5 and buy domain.
    • DAY 6: Set up 4 accounts on Twitter for Niche #3, research about what's working on Twitter.
    • DAY 7: Set up 4 accounts on Twitter for Niche #2, post results on thread and plan for the next week.
    Well, I'll have a pretty busy week! As I will be working on 9-5 on DAY 1, DAY 2 and DAY 3, I think that will be my most tired days. Anyway, let's get to it!

    Day 1 of Week #1 will be next Monday.

    Thanks for reading!
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  2. Voluum
  3. Brett usry

    Brett usry Affiliate affiliate

    Impressive!! I've been with ogads for a few months now and love it! Good luck on furthering your journey! :)
  4. Redamrg

    Redamrg Affiliate affiliate

    Nice man , i wish all the best .
  5. Feluba

    Feluba Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you guys! Will be updating on Day 1 - Monday.

    Talk soon!
  6. Certified
    T J Tutor

    T J Tutor GM Administrator Certified Vendor Dojo Master affiliate

    Here you go again, spreading a positive attitude, taking on great challenges, showing improvement, grinding your way to success with fortitude and commitment. What kind of an example is that. Don't you know you are supposed to complain about your challenges, blame others for your mistakes, and give up before you really get started.

    :affiliatefix: You're an awesome Ninja Fede!
  7. Feluba

    Feluba Affiliate affiliate

    TJ, thanks a lot for replying.

    You know, I think some times we lie to ourselves telling what we must do, and what we finally do may not be what we were supposed to do, that's when you need to think about changing your attitude. I think that the "unemployed" situation has spotted me in a place where I need to do what I MUST, or get back to the rat race.

    Again, thank you a lot, you know what impact a simple reply/answer can have on my journey.

    Updating soon!
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  8. Lorenzo F.

    Lorenzo F. Affiliate affiliate

    Wow, this is amazing, good luck
  9. internalsoul

    internalsoul Moderator moderator affiliate

    Looks very promising my friend. Keep working harder and smarter and keep inspiring others. Best of luck.
  10. Feluba

    Feluba Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks a lot guys!
  11. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    I am wishing you all the best. I know that you are feeling weird about the decision you are making but trust me, it will help you get out of your comfort zone. Many are the people who want just to operate within that range and it is never a good thing. I do believe that with commitment and hard work, you will be able to meet all of your plans with less hustle at all. Just stay focussed and let no give up exist in your vocabularies.
  12. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Boom! Let's get it!
  13. Feluba

    Feluba Affiliate affiliate

    Well well well... What a f^%#ng day!

    I realized someone was using my accounts, changing usernames, passwords, and e-mail passwords. Thank god all this e-mails are linked as alternative recovery e-mails, so I could recover all (about 6 hours of work), just 3 of them I couldn't recover, but I think my provider will replace them.

    Lesson learnt: Change e-mail passwords and alternative e-mails from your provider accounts exactly when they get on your hands.

    I checked one by one, logged in to e-mail, change password, change IG password, change IG username and bio, and repeat.

    Checked a total of 65 IG accounts:

    • 34 up and running
    • 20 recovered and ready to quick set up
    • 8 banned
    • 3 I couldn't recover (Will check if provider can replace)
    I feel a lot safer and in control of the accounts.

    One cool thing, my provider gave me one aged Twitter account to try it out, so I set it up for Niche #2, and I will let it run all day long and see it's result, as Fresh accounts results sucked.

    So, today tasks were:

    • Set up 5 accounts on Instagram.
    • Get MassPlanner license.
    I had so much work recovering all the accounts that I didn't have any time to set some up, but I leave all my "stand-by" accounts so I can update them faster.

    About MassPlanner, reading a lot of reviews here and there I realized that I'll stick with FollowLiker by now for Instagram and Twitter.

    I'll need to start looking for some Facebook Automation Software, I'm thinking of FaceDominator, but I will research better and bring you exactly what I'm gonna do. So, I won't get MassPlanner license, at least by now.

    All my posts will have a "PENDING TASKS" section, where I will put those tasks I couldn't handle the day before, it's my duty to get this tasks done on the same week they were planned.


    • Set up 5 accounts on Instagram

    Day Results:
    • Clicks: 188
    • Conversions: 48
    • Revenue: $15.33
    • CTR: 25.53%
    I couldn't do to much things to increase my revenue today, I just let my accounts easy-to-setup for the days comming. Tomorrow will be a better day, I have a lot to think about (e.g. Facebook bot, Twitter results)

    Talk soon!
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2016
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  14. PharaohDev

    PharaohDev Affiliate affiliate

    Good luck , very inspiring
  15. TrafficYoda

    TrafficYoda Affiliate affiliate

    Are you going to still use ogads for this journey?
  16. Ivana Adnium

    Ivana Adnium Guest

    This is awesome :) I'm going to be following your prorgession! Good luck!
  17. andrycandry

    andrycandry Affiliate affiliate

    I have tried IG+Ogads couple of times and both the times my IG account banned in 24 hours. Here is what I was doing, pls help if possible
    1) Put the og ads content locker link via goo.gl in website section of IG profile (no landing page created)
    2) Following 20-30 people via massplanner
    3) Posted 3-4 images on day 1 on IG
    4) Niche was Amazon gift cards.

    I never made it to day 2. Can't figure out exactly where I am going wrong.