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how to send millions of cold emails.......



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Hello Family... :D

I was recently listening to a podcast that interviews
top marketers. Their guest that nite says that he sends
20 million emails a month in the EDU space.

Does anyone know the setup to send mass cold emails like this...?

Is anyone sending this volume of cold or warm emails....?

I would love to learn how to send this type of volume with cold emails....!!!! :-)*


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Your first problem is finding a list with legal opt-in 3rd-party email permission that will not get you in hot water for spamming.
Who the hell has a legit list to be able to send 20 Million emails a month, with such permissions, for any legit affiliate offer?

It's not that hard to scrape email addresses and email them but it is illegal spam so you cannot use any legitimate ESP (email service provider), with reputation, for long . So, you have to set up you own email server, build the server's SMTP reputation, then start spamming until you get blocked --and you have to start over again.

Or, you can just spam away, shoot your mouth off on some podcast, and attract attention to the illegal stuff you are doing --or, it's just typical internet bullshit maybe.

Now you see it:


Now it's gone and you have worked for nothing:



Just another annoyance on the inerwebs ...
I currently have access to millions of homeowner emails, and other
databases with verified email addresses.

I also have an smtp server sending emails.....
the emails have been warmed....

I was told the key is to send interesting content and keep it short.....with a call to action.....
rotate emails or ips.....

If there is anyone that is familiar or knows more, please join the conversation!


The trick to email marketing is mailing content that people want. Nobody wants to be spammed.

So, this guy probably has a funnel going on, where he's buying data and people are familiar with his brand. The days of buying data and snowshoe spamming are long over, it just doesn't work any more. However, once you've been consistently mailing, you can start introducing "cold" data to your warm list, but you have to start with good data. Otherwise, it's a fast paced cycle to nowhere.

Check out PMTA (Power MTA). That's the best email software for mailing.
The two big things, in my opinion, that matter when trying to send marketing emails in bulk is a good bulk email send tool with excellent sender reputation and excellent email copywriting to get the customer to open the email, read it, and click on your CTA