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how to do effective email marketing?

Brack Nelson

Without spending a lot of money, email marketing campaigns allow you to reach and engage with your target audience in a personalized way.

The company's email marketing methods allow it to target customers more effectively than ever before.

The Email Marketing Strategies:

Do Your Homework With Your Data
Your data is the only thing you should trust to make a strategy. NO FRIEND OR MENTOR. Those little analytical graphs and tables know the best about your business.

Stay Simple and to the Point
This might occur as a contradicting statement for I just mentioned above “no plain text emails”. Now my friend let me blow this cloud of confusion for you.

You must be plain with your words, no storytelling, you must practice sticking to the actual agenda regarding what you want to do. Don’t beat around the bush and give subscribers room to imagine.

Make It Personal
The most common mistake that most marketing companies do is delivering an email without addressing the customer. You need to understand though email marketing is a form of marketing it is still different from how you do it on social platforms.

Pamper With Customer Experience
You need to make sure that you provide all the required action buttons within the reach alongside your email text. Also, these buttons must stand out and trigger the subscriber to take the required action in your interest.

Improve Content as per the Age Group
Knowing your target audience is one major parameter you need to take care of while you plan your email marketing strategy.

Creating an effective email marketing strategy helps you to engage and interact with your target audience in a personalized way while also growing revenue at a minimal cost. I hope these tips may assist you in your development. If you want to know in detail read the blog Email Marketing: Budding Trends Busted


For a good email marketing campaign, I prefer a good email marketing software which can make everything easy for me such as mail chimp, send grid , etc. Also, your email list matters the most so we time we shoot email, we make sure to validate all our email data. If we follow everything perfectly than email marketing provides really amazing ROI.


Totally agree! Plus, I think it's not just about the software, cause what's the point of having the best email software if you're not keeping tabs on the data. Here's a good read about email marketing stats that I think all of us can agree on.

How I see email marketing is it's a continuous process of alteration until we get the right recipe for your target audience.


If we aren’t drafting our email effectively that is going to be spam, unsubscribe, immediate delete or ignore all together. In order to reach the audience effectively the subject of the email should be of false click bait but a proper format of triggering to open the email to know the content.

Some email marketing tips:
  • Make it personal (Not a automated one)
  • Make sure email look crisp and clean
  • Keep your email out of spam folder (Check by dummy email if that is falling into spam)
  • Build subscriber list
  • Make email mobile friendly
  • Make readers to reply
  • Make the unsubscribe easy
  • Create email signature (that creates more professionalism, trust and reassurance)


In my opinion, email advertising has been ineffective for a long time, no one just checks email, and if they do, then most often they just ignore advertising and spam.

T J Tutor

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email advertising has been ineffective for a long time

This is just misinformation. I email my many niche lists twice a week with great effect.

no one just checks email

It is one of the top means of communications in the world.

most often they just ignore advertising and spam.

Well, email apps and platforms shuttle off the spam into spam folders. As for advertising, if your emails are simply ads without valuable content, then absolutely most go unread unless they are from a trusted source. I read all the emails from those I subscribe to, that is why I subscribe to them! My specialty suppliers, my clothing suppliers, my collaborators emails in the industry, etc. etc., are all of interest to me.

I suspect you never figured out how to use email, how to make emails from you to a list valuable and productive.
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Joy Unfold

In my opinion, email advertising has been ineffective for a long time, no one just checks email, and if they do, then most often they just ignore advertising and spam.
Social media gained an edge over email the last few years, but if you have quality lists, treat your subscribers as part of the family and not as numbers to milk and make money from, email is still a great tool.


In my opinion, email advertising has been ineffective for a long time, no one just checks email, and if they do, then most often they just ignore advertising and spam.
If your email gets ignored, it's just because the readers aren't interested in that particular offer at that time. That doesn't mean they will not be interested in the future. Sometimes, you will have to mail the same contact up to 7 consistent times on the same offer in different arrangements to get him/them to finally click and check it out.

There are different factors that count when it comes to the reason why people ignore or open emails. Some factors might not even relate to the mail you sent. Might have sent a perfect mail, but just at the wrong time, the individual isn't in the mood at that time.

It is nothing to take personal, and that's why some people easily get tired and quit because they take it too personal.
To understand more how the email readers mind works, we can use ourselves and our inbox as an example.


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