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  1. K

    5 Tools That'll Help You Build An Email List Fast

    5 Tools That'll Help You Build An Email List Fast Why is email marketing important? I sum that up in one answer. According to research, about 50% of people purchase from a marketing email at least once a month. Actually, let me give you one more answer. People are always looking at their...
  2. P

    How to create email list?

    We have tried researching email addresses using google search, unfortunately responses of these emails are negligible. Now the other way that we may think of can be paid promotion whether on Facebook or google ads but we don't know how much every email will cost or should cost. If there can be...
  3. I

    Here are some email marketing tips and tricks that work

    Urge Your Readers to Reply Ensure Your Emails Look Great Incorporate Links to Your Social Media Profiles Decide the Type of Email You'd Like to Send Assemble a Targeted Email List Make a Catchy Subject Line Use an actual person’s name as the sender A/B Test your subject lines
  4. DataBroker

    Hello Affiliatefix Members

    Hello everyone, I'm new to email marketing . I interested to start email marketing. Honestly, I'm come from blackhat. I've profitable database of many ecommerce . Even include database of product with 300M sales in 2020 . I've over 10M customers ( Shopify , Amazon ) informations like...
  5. MikeyNG

    Selling Aweber Yearly Subscription

    I’m selling my Aweber account with yearly subscription for half the price. pm if you’re interested
  6. Brenda R.

    how to do effective email marketing?

    We've all received an email that we quickly deleted, tagged as spam, or disregarded entirely. If this is happening with your emails, you must figure it out. Perhaps you're not efficiently capturing your audience's attention. So here I mentioned some key points that help you to enhance your...
  7. DomasG

    Selling Leads (2023 Traffic Deals) Top Quality DomasG Solo Ads (360+ Positive Reviews), US Clicks Available!

    Always Fresh and Top Quality DomasG Solo Ads Purchased amount of clicks will be delivered within 48 hours (usually less than 24 hours) of agreed sending date. Rates below are for your URL promotion with my ad copy. If you wish to use your own ad copy, please contact me. All prices below...
  8. Bruno Semedo

    Best Niche For Email Marketing

    Which niche is the most responsive to email marketing and the best for making sales? And Where do I find respective affiliate programs?
  9. Honeybadger

    ? ? ? M Y S T E R Y D E A L ? ? ?

    Did you click this? So did I It's email title of Gap's latest e-newsletter Got me curious More clever is where it linked to .. Products page with 50% discount on products I like But how did they know my demographics? (I only gave e-mail address) --> from category page I signed up to e-newsletter...
  10. J

    Email Marketing

    Hi, I am new to this Forum and new to affiliate Marketing, Basically I am an Affiliate for Internet Marketing Training course. I want to do Email Marketing, just got some questions before I start. Say I find Business on the Internet and their email. I email the Business offering them a service...
  11. Alex Dempsey

    All You Should Know to Get Started With Email Marketing

    If you’re considering to step a foot into the world of email marketing, you should fully understand it from the basics. Fortunately, email marketing is quite straightforward. The upfront purpose of it is to connect customers, potential or existing, via email. Maybe you want to connect with...
  12. Shourove saha

    Looking for USA B2C Valid leads

    Hello, Looking for USA B2C valid leads (Ony valid active & targeted leads). If you have pm me. Thanks.
  13. Shourove saha

    Looking email Data

    Hello I am looking aged email data. Can anyone help me or told me when I can get good quality data. Thanks.
  14. L

    Best email platform to upload free emails without getting banned

    Best email platform to upload free emails without getting banned
  15. dezo0013

    offers for europe untargeted list

    Hi guys ! can somone suggest me any category of offers that can perform well on a europe untargeted list? or we keep testing :D thamks !
  16. Abhi Shah

    Official SwipeMail Affiliate Program | Earn 30% on each Sale [Deleted]

    Abhi Shah submitted a new resource: SwipeMail Affiliate Program - Start turning your site traffic into recurring commissions. Others earn this way — why not you? Read more about this resource...
  17. Raj Kumarji

    What is a Pizza Box in terms of Google?

    Hello Guys… Guys I want to know What is a Pizza Box in terms of Google?. Please tell me.
  18. PatrickAWeber

    Announcement AWeber offers unlimited sending and direct support

    Hi All. I welcome all questions as it pertains to industry best practices in the affiliate marketing and email space. I work with many performance marketers and affiliates that are sending to opt-in data, and happy to assist with any questions as it pertains to your business. Please reach out...
  19. DaynaAdnium

    GSM: Email Click Sources

    Hello, Grand Slam Media offers email-click traffic to advertisers on a CPC basis, with a vetted list of publishers carrying quality volume via Dating platform data. As of November, Loaded Cash clicks are sold exclusively by GSM on a CPC basis. Contact, or your direct...
  20. PatrickAWeber

    AWeber has direct support and some new automations...

    Hi All, I have worked to build a team around affiliates and performance marketers in the space that value ESP relationships. It's important you have landing pages and sites that speak directly to offers the user will receive. If you have decent volume and opt-in data shoot me a note and we...