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Mobile traders are very concerned with the estimation of the financial efficiency of their promotional campaigns and achievements promoting on CPI basis (Cost per Install or per new customer). To evaluate the CPI it is possible to use a number of principles in order to learn the real outcome of the campaign efficiency. CPI may vary according to the following criteria: operating system, user’s geolocation, app’s type, applied social network (Facebook, Ad networks, PPC, etc), ad format (banners, video, offerwalls, etc). Let’s more specifically elaborate each criterium that impact CPI progress.

The CPI on Android and iOS is not the same. It is highly raised on iOS because there are much more gadgets with Android than with iOS. It’s recommended to target the users of Android hardware as their audience is more sophisticated and financially stable.

The clients’ location influences the ratio of CPI. The general CPI vary from $3,23 in Australia to $1,91 in France. The higher indicator shows the gadgets’ usage of population in each region.

There are popular networks like Facebook or Twitter to allocate acquisition campaigns with an intention to address the required audience. Here the first place is taken by clients who heavily involved in mobile gaming apps. The CPI is constantly increased in gaming apps.

There is a list of other criteria to keep CPI efficiency closer to the KPI set by the advertiser. Installation is not the end action of the mobile offer. It is also necessary to achieve the key event set by the app owner – it can be email submission, registration, in-app purchase, user engagement and other. Only in this way are you able to calculate the actual ROI of your acquisition campaign.

In reality, the CPI must always be set against the Life Time Value per user. This variable allows you to measure users’ value over the long term, throughout the life span of your app.

To have good returns it’s necessary to introduce good strategy to attract new client as well as not to lose the already obtained users. The important role in this process belongs to CPA which combines the monitoring of clients’ actions after the installation of application. It’s a useful index regarding mobile acquisitions. It may reflect the process of registration, subscription or in-app purchases.

Here follows the conclusion: just CPI is not a goal in itself but an indispensable stage in the process of monetization.Indeed, every advertiser sets the objective they want to track, based on their own business model. You must therefore be able to understand and interpret the CPI in context as well as in light of your specific objectives and specific KPIs for each acquisition campaign and app.