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  1. M

    Seeking Help How to get approved on adsbluemedia

    Please i need help here, how can i get my account approved on adsbluemedia, and what kind of offer promotion do they prefer or like to work with.
  2. Gala

    Case Study [Case Study] Transforming Sweepstakes Creatives Leads to 135% ROI Increase from -23%

    Typically, affiliate case studies focus on achieving successful ad campaigns. However, it's equally valuable to examine intentional failures and their lessons. Our partner's brave venture, investing $250 to showcase the detrimental impact of subpar creatives on campaigns, highlights the...
  3. Gala

    Case Study [Case Study] Maximizing Profit with US Traffic: A Successful Case Study of Running a VPN Offer With $427 Profit

    Welcome to our comprehensive case study focusing on the intriguing challenges and opportunities inherent in affiliate marketing for VPN apps. Given the complex nature of converting VPN trials, especially for affiliates without extensive experience, we will be delving into the intricacies of...
  4. A

    please i want promote cpa for free

    i don't know sources of traffic i can't create videos please I want a course please please please
  5. AdsEmpire

    Contest Of The Fall: Get Up To $7500 Bonus!

    Fall season is the best time to harvest your hard work and reap the rewards. But we want to give you even more chances to multiply your profit.We’re opening a new 2 months contest right before AWA Bangkok! Few simple rules: 1. Be an AdsEmpire Affiliate 2. Drive as much traffic as possible to...
  6. Shahjahan Sazal

    Looking For Adult CPA Network Who Accept Newbie

    Hi, Last few days, I have tried to join CPA networks. But I was rejected from all as I'm a newbie. Can anyone help me join some Best Adult CPA networks or suggest some CPA networks that accept newbies? I am looking for the best answer. Thank you.
  7. 2

    Can anyone tell me about the CPA marketing query?

    Hello, I am new to CPA marketing, so, I want to create my career in it, but on creating an offer for my website, I am stuck in a place, where to find the end date of that offer in cpagrip or in cpalead. Can anyone tell me where I find this? Kindly see the attached file & understand what I want...
  8. Naomi_mimarosa

    Real Estate, Sweepstakes, Health, Streaming campaigns...

    Mimarosa is a premium CPA network that contains premium offers based on CPL, CPC and CPA. We have the best Tracking system that will give you access to detailed tracking reports so that you can monitor and optimize your campaigns to do it’s best. We are offering top and trending offers with high...
  9. Naomi_mimarosa

    Great News for quality traffic holders!!!

    Hey everyone, We are very happy to announce that we have launched several top converting offers with top GEO's with good payment terms. You can visit our network or can ask anything here if you have got any queries. Thank you
  10. J

    Affiliates Wanted Gambling and Betting Affiliate program CPA $ 400

    é uma rede global de CPA global. ofertas de CPA diversificadas e atualizadas e para garantir tráfego de alta qualidade.
  11. Make Money With CPA

    Can i Promote a CPA offer to other CPA networks?

    Hello Everyone? Can i Promote a CPA offer to other CPA networks? as an Advertiser? for example, i choose the offer from MaxBounty and promote my CPA offer to CPAbuild? as an Advertiser? can i do that? is this allow? Thanks
  12. junoon

    Hi i'm new to cpa marketing...

    Hi, I'm new to CPA marketing. Can somebody answers the following queries regarding CPA marketing... what are the best CPA networks to join? how as a beginner my application was approved by CPA networks? what is the best push ads traffic network for the adult niche?
  13. MariaL

    LIVE CRYPTO TRAFFIC NEEDED - Weekly payouts - High CR - AI technology - all GEOs

    CPA network Trafficon (ex BoaElite) Looking for crypto traffic top AU / CA / Nordics / ES / CH / NL / BE / IT / UK strong tier - 2 exotics special mandarin desks weekly - daily payouts on CPA postpay base For all the details Skype: live:.cid.d23c553cbddcadf1

    Announcement DYNU IN MEDIA | CPA affiliate network to monetize your traffic

    Hi sweetie partners, it’s a pleasure for DYNU IN MEDIA to be in Affiliatefix!!! With 10 years in Affiliate Marketing, Dynu In Media is committed to providing you the best offers with high converting CPA campaigns from first-class Advertisers. ✨ What makes our brand different from others?✨...
  15. Md Zahid Hasan

    Any Dating Smartlink network affiliate account manager here?

    Any Adult Dating Smartlink network affiliate account manager(AM/SM) available here? please mention or reply. i am looking for best dating smartlink network. i have quality of adult dating traffic to promote any dating offers
  16. Md Zahid Hasan

    Looking for Adult dating Smartlink network for global traffic (accept chat leads too)

    Looking for Adult dating Smartlink network for global traffic which accept chat leads too from reputed adult dating sites. Any active Account Manager please reply
  17. Md. Farhad Hossain

    SMS Traffic

    Which CPA or Affiliate Network Allow SMS traffic.
  18. B

    How to view and check CPA affiliate offers ?

    Hi everyone... Please tell us " how to view USA affiliate offers from other countries ? " I'm asking this question because. I don't want to promote a particular CPA offer just blindly. with out knowing that offer is genuine or not... And in this case I tried VPN also to check the offer but it...
  19. CRYP.IM

    CRYP.IM affiliate network representative

    Hi folks! I'm a representative of the affiliate program CRYP.IM - our network is created by affiliate marketing professionals! I've been in affiliate marketing long enough. In addition, I have many other interesting hobbies in my life. I love space, science, sociology, movies, and Elon Musk...
  20. Nash_Sak

    New Member

    Good morning everyone. This is Nash_Sak an affiliate member and here to learn more on affiliate marketing