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  1. Md Zahid Hasan

    Any Dating Smartlink network affiliate account manager here?

    Any Adult Dating Smartlink network affiliate account manager(AM/SM) available here? please mention or reply. i am looking for best dating smartlink network. i have quality of adult dating traffic to promote any dating offers
  2. Md Zahid Hasan

    Looking for Adult dating Smartlink network for global traffic (accept chat leads too)

    Looking for Adult dating Smartlink network for global traffic which accept chat leads too from reputed adult dating sites. Any active Account Manager please reply
  3. Md. Farhad Hossain

    SMS Traffic

    Which CPA or Affiliate Network Allow SMS traffic.
  4. B

    How to view and check CPA affiliate offers ?

    Hi everyone... Please tell us " how to view USA affiliate offers from other countries ? " I'm asking this question because. I don't want to promote a particular CPA offer just blindly. with out knowing that offer is genuine or not... And in this case I tried VPN also to check the offer but it...
  5. CRYP.IM

    CRYP.IM affiliate network representative

    Hi folks! I'm a representative of the affiliate program CRYP.IM - our network is created by affiliate marketing professionals! I've been in affiliate marketing long enough. In addition, I have many other interesting hobbies in my life. I love space, science, sociology, movies, and Elon Musk...
  6. Nash_Sak

    New Member

    Good morning everyone. This is Nash_Sak an affiliate member and here to learn more on affiliate marketing
  7. Armorica

    Affiliates Wanted Armorica - Hot E-commerce Offers | CPA, RevShare | SmartLink | Nutra, CBD, etc

    Armorica is an affiliate network with highly-demanded CPA and Revenue Share offers. Here you can find exclusive deals for your traffic in different verticals: E-commerce, Nutra, Finance, Educational, Health and Beauty, and even more. We carefully handpicked and integrated the best performing...
  8. Tizzers

    Hello, Hallo, Hiya!

    Hi, My name is Tasha and I'm a current student of Igor Kheifets. I am doing what he is telling me to do in his Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 program, so I am reaching out! I'm here to promote the following programs and I'm looking for long term relationships with a CPA network! The One Funnel Away...
  9. C

    Looking for traffic

    Hi, my name is Camila, I´m Affiliate Manager from GNog and I´m looking for networks to run CPA, CPL and CPS campaigns , no prepayment model for now.
  10. AniAffiliate

    Official Affiliate Offers Network

    AniAffiliate submitted a new resource: Affiliate Offers Network - affiliate network cpa Read more about this resource...
  11. LeadGid - International financial affiliate network

    LeadGid is the number one affiliate network in the field of financial lead generation in Russia and Eastern Europe. We deliver millions of clients to banks and microfinance companies monthly. Leadgid helps the banks to use internet traffic most effectively, and allows affiliates to monetize...
  12. BidMagnet

    BidMagnet | High quality traffic is HERE!!!

    Hi, everyone. I am extremely excited to present you BidMagnet Ad Network! BidMagnet is an outstanding tech SSP/DSP platform for monetization and traffic sales. We offer Advertisers: Own huge webmaster database; Buy traffic only from all the largest networks from one place (no need to...
  13. Rogermoola

    CPA offers for the MMO niche

    where can I get online marketing CPA offers that aren't scams... I have a list that I want to promote CPA offers to in the make money online niche, possibly email submissions, etc. I get 100 leads a day but I haven't made a sale yet, which CPA network has the best offers in the make money...
  14. Brijesh Soni

    Looking Quality Traffic - CPI, CPA, CPL

    Hello Members, We are Looking quality traffic for CPI, CPA and CPL Campaigns. We have direct max 2 hope campaigns. Geos: Tier1 & Tier2 US, UK, IN, JP Payment terms: NET7 - For very high volume or premium NET15- For average NET30- Standard terms If you have quality traffic lets connect...
  15. Abraham DiGiAff

    Looking For Top DSP on Performance basis.

    Hey folks, Could you suggest us, Top DSP on performance basis and payment terms only PostPaid.
  16. Azadul-Bari

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for high performing affiliates

    The best offers are here. Don't just believe in words or advertisements. We have got the best quality offers of almost every verticals and with highest payout in the market today. Give it a try to believe...
  17. biggico

    Affiliates Wanted Biggico - Global CPA Affiliate Network | CPA, CPL, RS | Hot Offers For All GEOs

    Biggico is an innovative CPA affiliate network with unique tracking mechanism which provides advanced detailed statistics and guarantees financial stability. The platform is easy to use and has a line of outstanding features: AdRotator tool, global Onelink technology and multi-functional...
  18. Stasy

    Feedback about KMA(Kiss my ads) CPA network

    Hi everybody! Does anybody work with KMA network? What can you tell about this network?
  19. Affsub2

    Affsub2 Performance Agency

    ***Image removed by Admin*** ***My apologies, but this is an introductions thread.*** Affsub2 is a full-service performance marketing network, we`re specializing in quality lead generation with a worldwide reach to premium leads. With our wide range of experience from different fields such as...
  20. M

    Email Marketing

    Hello, i have a 50k emails list (opt-in) and planing to send for it CPA affiliate offers and generate little revenue from it. What is the best way to do it? What is the best platform/software with good delivery to use? Your recommendations. P.S: i don't want to pay big budget. Thank you.