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  1. Adwool

    Has CPI turned to the shade of CPA?

    Mobile traders are very concerned with the estimation of the financial efficiency of their promotional campaigns and achievements promoting on CPI basis (Cost per Install or per new customer). To evaluate the CPI it is possible to use a number of principles in order to learn the real outcome of...
  2. aman.gupta764

    Looking for CPI CPR Android/Ios , INDIA , US Offers

    is anybody can help with CPI /CPR campaigns for INDIA & US . Can get you 5-10k installs on non incent or incent traffic . need converting campaigns . my skype- aman.gupta764
  3. Nikos Chourdakis

    AM from a premium CPA network

    Hey guys, My name is Nikos and I'm an affiliate manager from a premium advertising network, ReflexCash. I'm proud that I represent a network with the highest payouts in most of the offers we have. In Reflexcash we have offers from Adult, Dating, Nutra, Sweepstakes, Insurance, Trading, Gaming...
  4. ananastya1

    Buying Traffic CPI Traffic WANTED

    Hi there! My name is Anastasia and I'm working in Jungletap Mobile CPI Network. We run wide range of Incent&Non-Incent CPI\CPR campaigns almost WW and I'm looking for new traffic sources on CPI basis. Please feel free to ping me on Skype : My Skype: anastasia.jungletap Our payment terms -...