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Hi everyone Today i'll show you step by step how to create a facebook campaign from power editor,if you already run campaigns on facebook then you can skip this post if your a newbe then welcome.
without any doubt Facebook is the best traffic source at all for any type of advertisement.
Before you use facebook please make sure you read Terms and conditions or you can get your accout banned.
let's get started:
Step 1: Create a facebook ads account.

as you can see on the pic just click on create ad (Manage ad on the pic) and then you can fill out the info and create your account.
you will need also to create a fan page that you'r ad will appear in.
Step 2: select your audience.
Once you create your account you will see something like this:

now you will define the audience that you will be targeting on facebook by clicking on Audience insights you should be here now:

first of all select the country that you will target on our exemple US.
then target the Age depending on what your promoting for exemple 14-26 for games and 35-65 for Health and Diet ....
Now selct the intrest of your audience (health,games,cars...).
you can also target by connection type .
now facebook will give a lot of data about the audience that your targeting what you will do next is go to page like to see pages that your audience like the most.

as you can see these are top 10 pages that your audience follow on facebook so by targeting these pages you can reach the audience that you've specified .
make sure to filter by "affinity" the more it's higher the more likely for the traffic to like your ad.
last step is to copy top 10 pages naes and save them in note as we will use them later for targeting.
Step 3: Create campaign.
For this step we will use power editor to create campaign you can use ads manager but it's more easier to use power editor.
power editor :

now you can see three section here
-ad Sets
Camaigns: is where you select campaign objectif (video views,post engagement,app install....) .
Ad Sets: this is where you select budget and schedule ,targeting,placement and the bid.
ads: this is where you create creative (image,video,title headline...)
a campaign can have more then 1 ad set but each has it's own budget ,and an ad set can have more then 1 ad.

now click on create campaign and then you can see this:

name the campaign and select the objectif ,most of the time marketer chose post engagement as it's the cheapest way to get clicks to your offer or LP or Viral site.
also name your ad and the ad set.
Next step is targeting and budget, go to ad sets section and select the adset you want to change by clicking on the pen (it's on the right).

so here you can select the budget and schedule of your ads, you can also select time to start and time to end .
now we move to Audience:

you can either chose from existing audience or create a new, so first of all select the country then age,for this step i suggest creating multiple adsets targeting different ages and gender to see wich one is profitable.
and then you can target pages that you've saved their names before and also target the interest :

at the end you can save ths audience and use it on another campaign.
now we move to placement and bid:

for placement their are many so if you wich to target only mobile or desktop you select it based on your campaign type.
now for the bid i prefer to let it Automatic, you can make it manual and bid lower but facebook will not send you any traffic if your ad CTR is very low so i prefer to make it automatic and let facebook test my ads ctr.
if your ctr is high your cpc will be very low.

now we move to the ads section just like before select the ad you wich to edit and click on the pen you will see something like this .

first of all select the page you would like to use and then select the post you will boost (because i've chosed post engagement as campaign objectif).
I prefer to create a post as using existing post from your page can allow other marketer to spy on your LPs,images,headline...;but when you create a post from power editor it will not appear in your page posts.
now you can edit the headline and upload images (again create multiple ads to test hadline ,title,images..)
once you finish on the top right click on save changes and your campaign will be send for approval,usually they will accept it within 15 to 30 min.

this is a very nice option to use in order to retarget people that clicked on your ad ,you can use it by installing facebook pixel in your Landing page or website.
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What types of images get attention on marketing with Facebook ads?

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first of all you need to make sure that the image can be used on facebook by reading facebook ads terms.
then just make sure that your image is attractive and grab the user attention you shuold also pay attention to the colors .

Abbas Malik

What kind of offers can be promoted with facebook?
eMail/Zip submits, mobile anti-virus, Game installs, app installs, freebies, Sweepstakes?


How is it possible I get this:
Suggested bid: €10.49 EUR(€8.28–€13.76)

Very narrowed targeting. Desktop feeds.


this is a very nice option to use in order to retarget people that clicked on your ad, you can use it by installing facebook pixel in your Landing page or website.

Retargeting campaigns always work for me. I am using Facebook pixel app to track all events and then on the basis of that I Create lookalike audience - that helps me a lot build a more targeted audience.
This allows me to create a deep custom audience, collect niche tracking data, collecting data, date and time.
For everyone who runs retargeting campaigns must try Trackify X - all-in-one Facebook Pixel app that is designed to help Shopify store owners painlessly integrate multiple facebook pixels, measure custom pixel events, and optimize them for more conversions.