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facebook ads help

  1. a_gunslinger

    Facebook Ads Set - strange error - unpublished?

    I have an ad set in place that all of a sudden shows a delivery error I cant find no info on. "Page Unpublished: This ad cannot deliver because the page it targets is not published. (#1443017)" I have checked all my account statuses and quality for both my pages and ads and they all show no...
  2. suklanarayan

    Which are the best ads in Facebook to get Youtube subscribers

    I really want to know your expert opinion. Regarding - Which are the best ads on Facebook to get Youtube subscribers
  3. parveenk2013

    How can I increase my FB Ads daily spend limit?

    Hey everyone, I'd like to know how can I increase my FB ads daily spent limit? Right now it's only $50 per day for the new account, Is there any way to increase it faster? Or how long does FB takes to increase it? I want to scale my campaigns and it's becoming an issue. Any alternate solution...

    Ask Me Anything How to Scale Up Facebook Campaigns with Blackhat Offers in 2019

    How to Scale Up Facebook Campaigns with Blackhat Offers in 2019 Forget seeing other Facebook campaigns flop and learn the ins and outs of how to scale up Facebook campaigns with blackhat offers in 2019. Taking advantage of the limitless possibilities of the advertising platform of Facebook can...
  5. Claire Harbour

    [TIP] Prequalify leads through Facebook ads

    Tip for affiliates promoting verticals that require specific criteria to be met in order for leads to be accepted i.e country, amount, brand, date etc. Make use of carousels in your Facebook Ads! Ask a question that's related to the criteria and display accepted options as slides. Doing this...
  6. Adrian Alvarez

    Facebook Ads + Offers (Please help)

    So recently there's been a SURGE of posts complaining about facebook ad accounts being banned. They've upped their enforcement on restrictions and seem to be banning accounts left and right with no explanation. Many affiliate veterans are abandoning this ad platform because of how easily...
  7. affiliatelk

    How to create Custom Audience in Facebook Ads?

    Hi, I would like to create Custom Audience by copy and paste Facebook App User ID. Is there anyone can advice me how to find 'Facebook App User ID' ? Can I create the custom audience through uploading Facebook user id ( that i find through ) ? Thanks
  8. TravelingAffiliate

    HELP - Need Guidlines For Disabled Facebook Ad Account

    Hey Guys Today morning, my Fb ad account got deactivate. I am not sure what was the reason, I have few red lights: 1. I was promoting offer of immigration to Canada, and than started to promote another offer from max bounty, my ad account is active long time. The offer from max bounty got...
  9. affiliatelk

    How to create 'SAFE PAGE' ?

    Hi, Is there anyone can explain step-by-step, How can I create a safepage to promote my Adcombo COD offers through Facebook ads.. How can I set up these 'Safe Page' to promote through facebook ? What are the other skills that I need to launch FB campaign to promote Adcombo COD offers? Thanks
  10. Matt12

    Facebook Ad Targeting for BizOpp offers

    I've been working to master Facebook ads, but I have been struggling to find effective keywords that drive good traffic to Bizopp offers. I have tested many different key words with a variety of demographics and have only gotten satisfactory results, even when scaled up to 250$ daily. I'm...
  11. abdellahi

    Guide To facebook Ads

    Hi everyone Today i'll show you step by step how to create a facebook campaign from power editor,if you already run campaigns on facebook then you can skip this post if your a newbe then welcome. without any doubt Facebook is the best traffic source at all for any type of advertisement. Before...
  12. rondellrandall

    How do you determine whether to kill or keep Facebook ads

    I'm a newbie to CPA marketing and i have a question about Facebook ads and CPA offers, When do you determine to kill or scale a CPA offer? Is it after $3 spent and no conversions? is it after 2-3 days and no conversions and CTR below 5%? Is it after 1 day with no conversions? HELP!!! I'm looking...
  13. terevenue

    Fb audiance insight for targeting

    Hey good day/evening depending on time your reading this. I have been watching alot of videos on the correct way to target audiences for a fb ad using audiance insight. One thing I am noticing is that no one uses the behavior feauture in regards to targeting audiance based on purchase habits...
  14. Mia.lasermedia

    looking for the best traffic & Help you with FB ad accounts banning issue

    Greetings to Affiliatefixers! Laser Media is a CPA network that focuses on high payouts, various verticals offers. We have 500+ offers and 50+ GEOs. We are aiming at helping our affiliates to use skillful method to run their campaigns successfully. ATM we have helped 30+ (33 to be exact)...
  15. CoolSpot

    Playing with the FB ads

    Hey guys, So I have been playing with facebook ad's pushing views through to some products I have listed on etsy. Just gonna do a quick overview of what i have done so far. Set up first campaign, loose targeting on the niche to get enough information to refine the ad further, ran the ad for 4...