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[GUIDE] My Trick To Make 35$ Per Day with Free Targeted Traffic / 1H of Work

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by mlaghfiri, Dec 22, 2013.

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  1. mlaghfiri

    mlaghfiri Affiliate affiliate


    * REMEMBER : If you Don't Take Action You Will never See Results ;)

    Today i want to share with you another Way To Make 35$ a day with FREE TRAFFIC :D
    So Basicly This Method Can take 1H per day of Work , in this method we will share CPA Offers in Forums But Which Forums & Wich Offers that you can promote ?

    Very Brief : we all search for Coupons & Freebies when we want to buy something, This is the Idea we will Target People that need Coupon o promote Offers that will convert on Email SUbmit & Freebies.

    Let's Start !

    * STEP 1 :
    Find Some Good Forums about Coupons & Freebies / Surveys .
    (Pickup 4 Forums)
    (This is my list)


    Before you pick up the 4 Forums that u'll work in look at the stats in the forums & The Alexa rank + Quantcas ..etc :
    For exemple this is the stats from Quantcast & Alexa of WeUseCoupons Forum


    As you can see from the stats that this forum is very very good to promoting our offers (US Offers will Work Good in this forum)!

    * STEP 2 :

    Sign up in the 4 Forums

    * STEP 3 :

    Build a Reputation in those 4 Forums, Because if you don't have a good Reputation in those forums The Moderators of the Forum Will Banned you and delete Your Posts So Now all you have to do is to keep calm and try to reach 100 post in the first day (i'll tell you why later)

    * STEP 4 :

    Some Forums allowed you to add Signature in your Profile (& it can Display under your Posts) So if you reached 100 Post in this Forum you will be able to add URLS in your Signature
    - Now all you Have to do is to pickup a Good Offer From your CPA Network (Offer that in the FREEBIES / COUPONS Category) and Create a cloaking URL or Use Tinyurl to short & Hide The Offer link !
    - After you get the offer Create a Good Headline in your Signature and add a Hyperlink of the offer URL to the Headline
    This is a Example of Link in Signature :
    when you click on KJ Rocker Blog you will be redirect to KJ Blog :) So basicly you will do a Signature like this!

    * STEP 5 :

    Keep replying in the new posts (i said new because those new posts will get a lot of views and most people will see your signature and they will click on the headline then they will go to the CPA offer :D )

    * STEP 6 :

    After 15 Days When you get Good Reputation you can start Posting 3 Money Posts / Week (Posts that Contain The CPA Offer)
    and then you will get a lot of targeted visitors because when someone click on your post he is really want to to discover your Freebie or Coupon .. so there is a Possibility of 90% That he will Opt-in the Form in CPA Offer and you will Get Paid :D

    i Tried This Method Yesterday on a Offer in Maxbounty (i already have Good MemberShip in more than 5 Forums So that's why the Moderators Don't Hide/Delete my Post)

    The offer is :
    19-12-2013 15-11-03.png
    Landing Page of the Offer :
    19-12-2013 15-08-25.jpg
    This is my Results :
    19-12-2013 15-08-55.png

    i Hope you Guys Like it any more infos please PM me :)
    Thank you for your Time :)
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2013
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  2. cpalife
  3. srijon

    srijon Affiliate affiliate

    Wow, that a really great way to get a lot of targeted customers.
    I will surely use this trick, will take sometime to build the reputation in the first place, but I hope eventually it will wipe out when the good money starts to flow.
    Baby Boy likes this.
  4. dinabrokoth

    dinabrokoth The Fix'er! affiliate

    That's a good free alternate method mlaghfiri!
    Freshlydeals, Baby Boy and takidaki like this.
  5. chiruraaj

    chiruraaj Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hey buddy, thanks for the method. :)
    Very happy to see such good guides from you. :D
  6. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    Careful. The last time I did this, I got banned, even though I contributed or posted almost daily.
    seeqer, Mithun roy and razrus5 like this.
  7. mlaghfiri

    mlaghfiri Affiliate affiliate

    srijon : Yeah ! The Hardest Thing is to start :D
    dinabrokoth : Yeah , It's a Good Method
    chiruraaj : Your Welcome Bro!
    azgold : yeah i had more than 13 membership Banned but when i reply daily and posts some posts (Regular Posts not a CPA offers) the mods will trust you then you can Post Cpa offers !

    Thanks For You Comments :D
    1 person likes this.
  8. cpadatingmaster

    cpadatingmaster Affiliate affiliate

    I have this guide and try it before. I buy it as WSO few months ago (Instant CPA domination). I try it and it works but it requires lot's of work and it will not work for everyone. Most of the CPA offers are target US,UK, AUS, NZ and CA and not every Fix member are from those country. I know, I try it from Croatia, Italy, Germany and Singapore to test and only from Germany I get great result (For register on the forum).
    In a global this will work and for those who want to give a shoot to get free traffic can try, I'm sure it will make some money... I also put as an attachment example of text you should use as a thread on freebie forums...


    And keep in mind when use affiliate link insert it as a text link somewhere in the text, not alone on the end. It will look more natural, not spammy...
    azgold and srijon like this.
  9. mlaghfiri

    mlaghfiri Affiliate affiliate

    cpadatingmaster : thank you for your additional infos ;) i use this method 6 month ago and it work good even for USA offers you Just need to see Statistics of the forum first to know which traffic you'll get after submit the post ...

    thanks again :)
    2 people like this.
  10. btmdario

    btmdario Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    This is not your first great guide! Congrats! And see you in The Dojo because you deserve to become a winner of this cometition.
  11. darkcircle

    darkcircle Affiliate affiliate

    That's a really good method! I'm new to CPA to be accepted by the networks do I need a website before I can use this guide
  12. mlaghfiri

    mlaghfiri Affiliate affiliate

    darkcircle , U Don't Need a Website Bro , Just start Working!
  13. furqan

    furqan Affiliate affiliate

    Awesome Man.... What great guide to earn bucks... Greetings:)
  14. EymardSiojo

    EymardSiojo GRIND! affiliate

    I don't know why I missed this post.
    Great Guide man! :)
  15. panubon

    panubon Affiliate affiliate

    Great share, Thank you
  16. fbdirect

    fbdirect Affiliate affiliate

    Good method but if you get a lot of posts (100 etc) and then get banned you've wasted potentially hours getting those posts just to be banned from posting your affiliate link and earning a big fat nothing, risky but has great potential.
  17. akaaka

    akaaka Affiliate affiliate

    its really simple but effective way to make money online... i really like that man ;)
  18. lrs1995

    lrs1995 Well-Known Member affiliate

    Great share! Thanks

    BTW How long does it take to start seeing results?
  19. olojzz

    olojzz Affiliate affiliate

    Awesome I bookmarked this thread.
  20. Sidd AdUncle

    Sidd AdUncle aduncle.com Affiliate Manager affiliate

    No you don't need a website, Many affiliates at our network deal with only free traffic, Maybe you can signup at our network and i would get you approved instantly. Always happy to help. Cheers !

    Annabella101 and darkcircle like this.
  21. GrupoWayseer

    GrupoWayseer Affiliate affiliate

    i dont like this method at all but thanks for sharing

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