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Google Display Ads "Status: Eligible (Limited)"


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I launched a display ads campaign using Google ads.
I added some creatives and targeted a specified audience by age (the most likely to be interested in my offer).
My ad was approved. However, now it's status is: eligible (Limited). It's the first time I saw this.
Also, I got this notification, telling me that:
"This ad group has restricted targeting that limits serving
Your ad group has a housing, employment or credit ad with targeting that isn't allowed. To fix this, go to the Demographics Age tab and remove the restricted targeting."
I removed the exclusion of age groups in my ads, but there still no impressions.
I have attached some images to help explain this more clearly.
I contacted the support but I didn't get answer about this issue.
So can anyone help figure out the cause of this issue and how to fix it and get my ad running?
Thank you in advance!


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Did you click 'Learn More'?
Or, is it still stuck in a moderation queue currently?

I think this has to do with age or race discrimination in lending practices. US Federal law and Google is a US owned business.
housing, employment or credit ad

These are hot topics not only at the federal level but states are in on the cause for limitations as well. Many states have restrictions that exceed our federal restrictions. Additionally, some other countries have some hefty restrictions. I wouldn't ever approach these markets with straight up offers. Especially on Google. Tough niche for promotions. Creating sites dedicated to specific geos (staes, countries, etc.) may get you past this.

What types offers in that trio are you promoting?
Well I couldn't figure out why this ad was having this limited status, I even reached the support I didn't get any answers.
However, I figured out that this issue was linked to age targeting (I excluded (18-25, 25-34 years old)).
So I created a new campaign and I removed age targeting, now it's running.
Thanks for you advice.
Well I guess this explains very well this issue.
Well, I don't see any kind of discrimination in excluding a group of people by age which are not likely to be interested in an offer.
But you have to follow the rules when you play the game as you said.
Thanks for the insight.
these policies
should not provide age-based restrictions that violate fair lend-
ing rules under ECOA. Specifically, ECOA prohibits a creditor
from discriminating against an applicant in any aspect of a
credit transaction on the basis of age.

There are laws to protect consumers in the USA and other developed nations.

Also there are other laws regarding gambling and pharmaceuticals that US based companies (or businesses with Legal Nexis or in the case of the EU long reach [like the GDRP]) are compeeled to follow to protect their liability.

If you are going to play the game --know the rules ;)
Lead Gen for credit cards, and any OTHER lending.
AS WELL AS mortgage loans --and real estate: rentals, leasing and sales.
The federal US laws do not allow any age discrimination AT ALL in the US by federal laws in these endeavors.

The laws Fair Lending Act can be applied to ANYONE involved in the process. Ad Media, Lenders and ANYONE involved in the process.