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audience targeting

  1. L

    Google Display Ads "Status: Eligible (Limited)"

    Hello, I launched a display ads campaign using Google ads. I added some creatives and targeted a specified audience by age (the most likely to be interested in my offer). My ad was approved. However, now it's status is: eligible (Limited). It's the first time I saw this. Also, I got this...
  2. shafi kasmani

    you Know Display CPM, Native CPM, Pop Under and Audience Advertising?

    before i deposited $25 but not converted me! Did you experience Display CPM, Native CPM, Pop Under and Audience Advertising before?
  3. D

    Homeowners products

    Hi guys, I have seed audiences on facebook of US homeowners. I'm new to affiliation marketing, but familiar with the industry as i used to work as an affiliate manager for a company. I wonder what brands you know are a good fit for the vertical, direct-deals or through network...
  4. T J Tutor

    Google Begins To Mimic FB & Twitter Audience Targeting Options

    Google is coming back into our lives a bit more. As advertisers, we’ll be able to upload and target email lists in AdWords with customer match. We’ll be able to target customers and similar audiences with ads on search, Gmail, and YouTube. Customer Match is what they are calling it and it will...