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  1. Micheal

    Seeking Help Free Certified Google AdsClick Trackers

    Hello, I am looking for Free/Freemium Affiliate Tracker with Google Ads Certified. Google Ads : List of certified Google click trackers - Google Ads Help
  2. Premeier_ak

    Relevant traffic sources for gambling offers

    If we take into account the recent news about Google play updates to upload to the app market, webmasters will have to wait more time and not the fact that the app will be added. And the development of such applications will cost twice as much as it used to, this is the case for those who get...
  3. moneydrop2021

    High Cost in Digital Advertising Especially in Google and Meta Ads.

    According to these 2 guys, the clients must spend at least $50k/month in order to be successful on Meta and Google Ads: What do you all think about this topic?
  4. YeezyPay

    How to Cloak Google Ads and How This Process Differs From Facebook Ads

    Google Ads is widely recognized as the most powerful advertising network for affiliate marketing due to its ability to draw in targeted traffic. Unlike other platforms, Google offers a robust set of marketing tools, a huge audience, and consistently enhances its algorithms and protection against...
  5. YeezyPay

    What Google Considers Grayhat Advertising And How To Stay Compliant

    Affiliate marketers who have tried running ads on Google Ads multiple times know firsthand how strict the ad review process can be on this platform. At the same time, most ads are not reviewed by human moderators, but by bots trained with artificial intelligence. Google treats even harmless...
  6. A

    Is there any tracking service recommendation that meets ADS requirements?

    I am using Google ADS to promote my Offer obtained from Adsense, but recently Google modified the tracking template certification, the Offer direct link provided by Adsense can't be used in the tracking template,prompting for uncertified tracking service. Note: The content of the ads are all in...
  7. YeezyPay

    The Most Profitable Ways To Promote Whitehat Verticals On Google Ads

    Google Ads has become the go-to advertising platform. It attracts high-value traffic that appeals to affiliate programs and advertisers, not just those in questionable "grayhat" verticals. Since Google promotes goods and services in legitimate "whitehat" verticals, it's easier to work on this...
  8. YeezyPay

    Official Facebook Vs Google Ads: Which Platform Is The Best For Promoting Grayhat Offers

    When working with grayhat verticals, like those in less-than-clear areas of online marketing, it's essential to know where to advertise effectively. One of the most potent ways to reach your target audience is by buying targeted traffic from search engines and social networks. This strategy has...
  9. YeezyPay

    How Gambling Offers Are Promoted with Google Ads: Current Approaches and What You Need to Achieve High ROI

    Experienced affiliates and media buyers understand the need to diversify their traffic sources to reduce the risk of account bans and discover profitable campaigns more frequently. Google Ads has been a top choice for years due to its high-quality traffic, and many affiliates are switching to it...
  10. YeezyPay

    Official Is Google Going to Regulate Trackers? How to Track Ad Campaigns From August 28, 2023

    This summer, Google rolled out information in its Support section about a brand new update. They wrote down the following statement: «In August, the Google Ads Restricted ad formats and features policy will be updated to reflect a new requirement for using click tracker services. Starting...
  11. YeezyPay

    How to save 20% off your Google Ads budget: VAT tax is no longer a problem

    Hi everyone! Today, we have some important information to share with you that can help you save a lot of money on your advertising budget. We will discuss the troublesome VAT tax in Google Ads that affects very many advertisers and provide tips on how to avoid it. The need to pay VAT depends...
  12. YeezyPay

    How to drive traffic to gambling and crypto offers using Google Ads, minimizing bans and desperate search for the right payment solution

    Running traffic from Google Ads to gray-hat affiliate marketing niches has always been challenging. In 2023, Google's algorithms are highly advanced, making it easy for them to detect and ban any suspicious activity within your account. Affiliate marketers who promote gambling and...
  13. Alan Saste

    Seeking Help Can we easily publish any app on the Google marketplace?

    Hi there! Could someone explain the process for listing an add-on on the Google Marketplace to me? I'm curious if it's an easy process or if there are specific steps that need to be taken. Thank you very much!
  14. T

    Free $500 free google ads credit

    I’m actually promoting a tool called -- which really is an amazing tool for marketing agencies because we know that you really need a lot of ad creatives and clients are always going to ask more and more at creatives especially these days when there is performance max type of things so you don't...
  15. meryae

    Get sales

    GetResponse grew from an email marketing solution to a complete digital marketing ecosystem and continually evolves by introducing new features and solutions for marketers around the world. GetResponse proudly helps 350,000+ small, medium, and large businesses worldwide to get traffic, leads...
  16. L

    Google Ads Account Suspended

    I received an email from google ads service telling me that an ad campaign is disapproved. I received this email on 25th of this month. Then I received the above email next day. I got my google ads account suspended.I didn't view this email before the account was suspended. I paused this ad...
  17. L

    A product with 11% conversions rate. I got many hops but no conversions

    Hello, I launched my first google ads display campaign promoting a Clickbank offer with direct linking. I luckily I got the final website URL link that contains my affiliate id so I used direct linking in my campaign. All the hops was directly to the main offer landing page. I was having a good...
  18. L

    Google Display Ads "Status: Eligible (Limited)"

    Hello, I launched a display ads campaign using Google ads. I added some creatives and targeted a specified audience by age (the most likely to be interested in my offer). My ad was approved. However, now it's status is: eligible (Limited). It's the first time I saw this. Also, I got this...
  19. MarketCall

    [LIVE WEBINAR] How to make $500,000 on Pay Per Call offers

    Dear affiliates, Join Marketcall team on December 7th at 12pm EST for our special end-of-year Holiday Happy Hour! :D In the live webinar, we will be discussing how we made over $500,000 running a Pay Per Call campaign with Google Ads - in JUST 2 MONTHS! :eek: We will be revealing some of...
  20. ShivJaiswal

    Google Ads for affiliate markeing.

    Hello all, I wanted to promote a Yoga related product on Google ads. But on the TOS page of the company, it is mention that you can not promote affiliate products of Google ads and PPC. Please check the attached snapshot. Terms page yogaburnchallenge(dot)com/affiliates/ Does it imply that...