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F1 Planet site review www.f1planet.co.uk

Discussion in 'Design and Creatives' started by zanet, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. zanet

    zanet Affiliate affiliate

    Please review my new F1 Planet Web site
    F1 Planet went live 2 weeks ago.
    Please review my site for SEO, user-friendliness, and aesthetics. It is a site i have designed my self. I wish to make it unique in the sense it is a site ran by Formula 1 fans writing articles.
    The idea is to get a team of writers on board.

    Any input would be appreciated.

    Many thanks
  2. terraleads
  3. awebuser

    awebuser Affiliate affiliate

    wow great looking site. looks like you have plenty of good content. In terms of SEO I would recommend you add some meta tags to your home page, although they are not an ultimate ranking factor it wont hurt to add them.
  4. zanet

    zanet Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks Awebuser for advice but this raises a question

    How do i control the meta tags for each page

    as Wordpress doesnt give this control naturally

    I expect the answer will be using the SEO All in one plugin - but i note that Matt cutts never mentions or uses this

    any thoughts?
  5. seolinkvinepro

    seolinkvinepro Affiliate affiliate

    Hi i just came across your old thread and reviewed your site and given one comment there and here in this case I like the site content only as the contents are very good looking, the layout is ok but the color combination is very dull and not much attractive and you need to check on graphics as its taking lots of time to load the site itself and the images are also not loading properly but the good thing is that I like your SEO strength of your site Great work friend!!! I really impressed on the seo of your website. Keep it up and please try to use a lighter color theme which will give an extra charm to your website, hope you will take my comment sportingly and do the changes in future if you wish.
    Great work, Keep it up.

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