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Easiest Method When First Getting Into Affiliate Marketing?


What do you think it is?

I need to make a little bit of money to pay rent. Yet I want to learn how to be an affiliate marketer properly. Therefore, I'm trying to find out what method I can learn about that is fairly easy to do at first, before I learn about the more advanced side of affiliate marketing.

Any suggestions would be great, thanks.


Hi thekempo,
Decide the niche or product you want to promote. Then search for the relevant forum discussing about your product or niche. Post good ideas and suggestion. Add your signature link to your affiliate product or your opt in page to build your list. Post regularly on multiple forums with good info. (without direct ads within your post). You will get highly targeted visitors for free. I hope this helps you.


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This is the quickest way to gain income on the net

Craigslist Marketing Plan

Ok, I am glad that you decided to stop the insanity and learn to use one small part of the internet the right way. I am going to show you how to get a continuous flow of traffic from a few ads a week on craigslist for 45 days per ad that you run.

This is not guesswork or speculation. I am a professional SEO and online marketer, This is what i do for a living full time and i am here to tell you that you can make a lot of money from the web. If you are a local real estate agent, you can use the web to get the first contact with a potential buyer. a salesman with a local dealership can double or even triple his sales in one month. The local florist, doctor, medical specialist doctor, contractors, building material suppliers, insulation contractors, hotel managers, hospitality industry, auto mechanics. just about anything at a local or even a national level(Including affiliate marketing) can be attained in a short period of time if you know what to do. and this can be done with little to no expense to make this happen to get you started.

Now, If you want to dominate the web, you need some big bucks. but the average man/woman can make a good living from ads on the web with little or no cost. This is the beauty of the web, you can exchange sweat equity for cash. There are even places where you can get a website for free if you so desire and i will show you where to do this.

I am going to lay out step by step what you need to do to gather leads or even make sales on the net within a week from finishing this mini course, and like i stated earlier, it will work for just about any business. Just follow the instructions step by step and you will start seeing good results within 1 week if you do as i say. Are you ready? Well, one more thing you must remember Hope is not a method... Nor is it a strategy. So reading this and not putting it into action will lead to failure.

At least give it the 30 to 45 minuets for the first week to at least give it a try , Ok, correction, you will need a few hours to prepare, then 30 to 45 minuets a week from there on out.

LET's Get Started!

The first step is to decide how you want the leads to come in. If you just want plain ads with your email and a phone number or if you want a site. The first option is the simplest way to go and will cut down on prep time. If you already have a site you are already a step ahead. This will make you look more professional. If you are just starting out you can build a free site with point and click at Next hour site its web address is and it will never cost you a dime. you can also use social networking sites like myspace but they are less quality than the previous mentioned free site place.

Ok, once you have your method set up (site/ email phone) you are now ready to start putting the ads information together. To do this you will need a keyword tool. You can download an application that is free called Good Keywords . this free download is a desktop application that queries overture. The one I recommend is Word Tracker . This is the most comprehensive keyword tool on the net. It does cost a little money if you subscribe, but they offer a free trial, and this should be all you need. To use these tools, you type in a word or phrase that you think someone might use to search for your business or service. play with it a while and get familiar with the tools.

Once you get comfortable with the keywords you need to open notepad and save all of the possible keywords and phrases you can find that apply to your business or service. you will need these when you place your ads on craigslist. make sure you save the search counts also, this will be important shortly.

I am going to use wordtracker for this example. This is the results.

los angeles dentist
351,487,458 searches ( last 90 days )
Searches Keyword
1,360 total searches
169 cosmetic dentist los angeles
148 los angeles cosmetic dentist
144 los angeles dentist
112 dentist los angeles
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Ok, Most of these keywords are low enough competition that an ad on craigslist will automatically go into the top 10 of Google for these keywords in 3 to 5 days because of the strength of craigslist. If you notice the counts next to the phrases, this is the daily estimated searches on all search engines combined. And Google accounts for about half of these searches. So if you can work several of these phrases into your ad on craigslist, your craigslist ad will be in a top 10 position for the life of the ad. just like having your site in the top 10.

Use the stronger or top keywords as the TITLE of the ad on craigslist. Remember, you are not writing the title to grab attention, you are writing them for keywords and top positions in Google. And this means it is targeted traffic because someone did a keyword search in Google and found your ad on craigslist.
When you write your ad, get as many phrases into the ad as you can, and you can even put a few extra at the bottom of the ad (body of ad on CL). Now if you look at the keyword results there are an estimated 1,360 searches a day for all of these phrases combined, so this is close to 700 searches a day just on Google if you could incorporate them into one ad. This should give you close to 200 ad views per day (after a few days). If you have a website, you should get 40 to 80 clicks to your site a day from one ad if you use all of the keywords listed, but that is not reasonable, so break it in half, after you place the first ad wait 2 days and then place the second ad with the rest of the keywords. You also have to remember that this is just one keyword we started with, use your head and keep trying different phrases to come up with more. i would try other close locations to get more keywords for dental, mortgage ect...

Now, a word to the wise, If you are in Los Angeles, a craigslist ad only last 7 days, so i would find a location that is close that the ad stays live for the full 45 days, this will make your ads last longer and slow the rate you need to keep to always have ads in the top 10. Most major metro's have 7 day ads, so hit outlying locations to place your ad, Remember that you are not trying to get craigslist traffic, you are using craigslist to gain search engine traffic, so you will have a few days before you start seeing results. I built a 6 figure income in 5 months using the same methods i am showing you now. I revealed this to a real estate agent in Texas and he makes 50K per month from craigslist ads now, even with the market slumping.

You may only need to run 2 or 3 ads a month depending on your market. If you are able to run ads nationally, you can work a 45 day cycle and work state level keywords and phrases and place 3 to 5 ads a week, not spam and get tons of traffic. just do one state a day, keep the keywords in text files so you do not have to keep going back to the keyword tools.

Now on to products that you may want national keywords on. Craigslist is powerful, but you ad will never rank for "weight loss" so what you need to do is find weight loss keywords by location, either city or state and just run a few ads a day.

I just checked Houston weight loss and there were over 800 searches a day for related phrases just in Houston, I am sure most cities will be similar, so if you do the research and run an ad a day in a different location, you could have thousands of visitors a day in about a month, without spamming.

Here is another example For Houston flowers and Houston florist there is an estimated 400 searches a day. How do you think this would affect a Houston florist bottom line?? I bet it would make a huge difference

There are almost 120 searches a day for Houston BMW. I would be willing to bet that a BMW salesperson would just about sell his soul for these leads! If he only sold an extra 10 BMW's a month, I am sure he would be very happy.

There is another site that is less popular but you can get close to the same effect with ads this way, and that is classifieds for apts, jobs, for sale and personals - It is similar to craigslist. Give it a try also


As you can see, the possibility of making money is just that... very possible. However , if you are not willing to learn and you do not want to work then you are only wasting YOUR time.

Don't waste your time buying "how to" ebooks. They are not necessary. Hang out in this forum and learn from those who have already scraped their knuckles through trial and error. The money will come.

Linda Buquet

CraigsList Marketing

Wow jcorkern, sorry I missed your post above.
Quite detailed! Thanks once again for sharing your expertise.

Important to note, I think he's talking about regular local business ads but if you want to do this for affiliate marketing you will face lots of challenges. Craigs does not allow affiliate links (I don't think) plus users will mark your ads as spam. Also there are limits on how often you can place ads or you can get banned.

So if you are a San Diego Realtor - great! If you are using this for any other type of marketing or just to get top rankings you better study up on Craigslist a bit more before trying anything.


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Thanks Linda,

You can do affiliate marketing on CL. Some of the affiliate links are blocked. They done this because of spam(too many affiliates over posting). But you can advertise national products on a local level. That is why i used "weight loss" as an example. You just need to do it on a local level instead of national keywords. They are too competitive for craigslist to default into the top 10. For the seed keyword "houston weight loss there are over 800 daily searches(estimated). So an affiliate could target these phrases and get default top 10 in 3 to 5 days on google.

To do this you will need a url, and put up a meta refresh page with your affiliate link.

Remember, you only need 3 to 4 ads a week. and this is not a violation of the T.O.S.

How about wynn las vegas. it is travel, it would work on a local level for most cities.

Just do not abuse it and everything will be ok.

This is the method i use to test new affiliate programs i am interested in before i push a site up for it. I always make sure it converts first.

Just use your head, and be carefull not to over post or spam and you will never have a problem. You are allowed 1 post every 48 hours on CL. Play by the rules, and you are ok. I am sure you could write a paragraph with several phrases in it.

It is not that hard to do.


Easiest Method

The easiest method is to realize that most affiliate programs will earn you nothing

You have to spend quite a bit of time and energy finding the right programs that will actually make you sales

If you are not careful you will waste alot of time on programs that seem to work - but which in fact deliver you nothing

So #1
Do your homework first

Just because product X has an affiliate program and other peoples are raging about it, doesnt mean it will sell anything for you

In my experience there are very few programs that earn you a commission cheque

So my advice is spend some time testing a program until you find something that actually delivers sales
If a program you have chosen doesnt deliver anything within a fairly short period, then it probably means it is not going to work for you
So don't waste any more time on it

It can be difficult because there are hundreds of thousands of products and affiliate schemes out there. Remember that the web is very competitive. So try and do something different


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I agree, that is the purpose for the CL marketing program, to test, test, test.

"This is the method i use to test new affiliate programs i am interested in before i push a site up for it. I always make sure it converts first."


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You can also write articles, use keyword phrases for less competitive phrases as the title, submit it to Free Articles , Article Search Engine Directory:, or Ezine Article Submission - Submit Your Best Quality Original Articles For Massive Exposure, Ezine Publishers Get 25 Free Article Reprints . Just 1 of them and you will have a top 10 article within a couple of weeks, as soon as it gets approved and indexed.

See, Most do not realize how powerfull articles can be if used right. it will stay live for 18 months on average.


JCorkern - I would love to see how you would actually write a coherent ad for all those keywords (even split up). Do you just list the keywords or do you actually incorporate them into several paragraphs of writing?

If so, wouldn't that make it even more difficult to get the click through?


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well, since search engines do not read punctuation, it is fairly easy to write content. Here is an example.

The keywords are: san fransisco cash advance, payday loans in san fransisco, find cash advance in san fransisco

Let's take these 3 to start

It is simple and quick find a cash advance in San Fransisco if you know where to look and what you are looking for. The greatest part is that if you live in Metro San Fransisco, Payday loan stores may be as little as a few blocks away. Or you can just apply online here for a San Fransisco Cash Advance

See, With lsi, you do not need the exact phrase in the ad body if you have the main ones in the title.. you just need the words of the keywords in the ad.

Thge words And, is are and other non descriptive words are not recognised anyway.

So, it is fairly simple, So, in essence, you can cover most phrases with just a handfull of words scattered through a paragraph or 2. and i wrote this in less than 30 seconds, you could do better with 3 to 5 minuets of thought and make it a little better. But this is an example, and i have never had problems with CTR.

If your traffic is targeted. you can get a decent CTR. It has already been proven that read and CTR's on articles has more to do with title and the click in than content unless you are doing a hard sell, like CB stuff where the products have to be hard pitched.

They guy looking for flowers because he got a ticket on the way to work and has to soften the wife up to break the news, or the person with a broken tooth looking for an oral surgeon does not care about ad copy.

This thread is for beginners and getting a quick start. They need high need products and services to learn with and buy them some time to learn while still putting some cash in their pockets.

Understand? Just use one exact phrase for the title as it will be a keyword that is searched.


This is awesome information. Thanks for taking the time to let us in on this.

And this info is gold: "See, With lsi, you do not need the exact phrase in the ad body if you have the main ones in the title.. you just need the words of the keywords in the ad."

I thought I knew a fair bit about SEO, but I had never considered that before.

Using this technique, would you recommend using your own landing page or driving customers directly to the Merchant site (via redirects or whatever).

Also, what sites other than Craigslist have the authority to rank well quickly and also allow user gernerated content? I can think of Squidoo and Hubpages. Any others?


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It would be better if you sent them to a professional page, but the ads will work fine with a direct link or a meta refresh or redirect straight to the site. If their site is set up to convert (which is usualy the case) it would be better to save the extra click and send them straight to the source.

I have also used nothing but a title and just a link in the ad. So it just gave me one keyword phrase and the link. or you can even use a teaser line like: Are you making mistakes getting a cash advance in Los Angeles? Click here to see if you paying too much for your payday loan. Or the second line could read: Click here to see if you are getting your cash advances with ease in San Fransisco.

This givces you a teaser for the C.T., and we all know what kills the cat! Lol, Use it to your advantage.

Squidoo and Hubpages work fine and digg and is good also. Digg is so heavily spidered with loads of PR, you can usualy have some top 10s in a few hours, Just use the descriptions for your content. and this is not counting the traffic from them directly.

Anyway, SEO and marketing is all i do, I looked over your post also, and i learn from you as well as the other experts here, like some of your post. This is the great thing about this forum, They actualy have a lot of experts in their specific fields. Togather, we can make the internet a great and profitable place for us all. and the internet is big enough for everyone who wants to become professionals in the internet playground.

The Hulk

Am I understanding correctly that the only proper way to do this on Craig's List is to target local keywords? Would my ad be removed if I posted something in the New Jersey section with nothing about New Jersey in the description?

I ask this because I'm trying to promote a site whose keywords seem difficult to localize, like "learn to invest" etc.

Fascinating information. Thanks for posting. I'm a new member but I've been lurking and reading as much as possible. :)


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Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

If you aren't sure how to get started, reading up on AF Marketing is definitely the best way. Sure you will have to sift through tons of opinions and ideas, but by finding affiliate managers (and some affiliates) who have actually been in the business or are currently in the business, you will always find the basics are steadily "tried and true".

My previous position was as an affiliate merchant manager and my niche market was parishables. Regardless of market though, the same rules apply. There is a bunch of helpful advice in this forum, however the person who said to "test" "test" and "retest", obviously knows that the old saying "practice makes perfect" has offered the most valuable lesson to any successful Marketing program. However, as 'we' marketers know that the "perfection" bar is constantly being raised, so staying ontop of your game can be a struggle, but fortunately you don't have to go it alone.

There are a bunch of great networks out there that can help get you started with your link set up and even track everything for you. It really can be as simple as 1-2-3. The network I worked with previously and have the most experience with is LinkShare. I can honestly say these guys(and girls),
really know their markets. Not only do they go above and beyond the call of duty in helping merchants and affiliates profit, they work hard to make the user experience smart, easy and sensible not only for the merchant, but for you the affiliate too.

After you are accepted as an affiliate into the merchant programs of your choice, you have instant access to talk with your network. You also have the freedom to speak directly with Affiliate Managers you will be advertising for. Who better to learn the ins and outs of the business from; sharpen your skills, get suggestions and launch your site into a money-making powerhouse.

Relationship building is also an important aspect of profitable affiliate marketing, which we can go into more detail about later. Just to make it clear, I have never worked for LinkShare, so I'm not trying to advertise for them or even tell you they are the only choice or what is best for you, but I do highly recommend them and would suggest you sign up for an affiliate account (why not it's free?) and just take a look for yourself at what a network of their magnitude can offer you. I think after you see what a top notch network can do for your current site or even a rising star, it really doesn't make sense to do it any other way.

Due to my previous employer downsizing (ah the dreaded economy), I now thankfully obtained new employment at a great company. I'm still in the e-commerce division, but no longer as an Affiliate Manager. I miss my network, my account rep and my affiliates dearly!

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions at all. Affiliate Marketing is a lot of work, but it can be just as much fun too!

Take care, best wishes to a profitable year and cheers to new adventures in our little specs on the web!


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Afilliate marketing

Making money through affiliate marketing is a smarter way of earning money,but be able to find a reliable affiliate program that will earn you money.


New Member
Smarter Way

Yes, affiliate marketing if done right can be a very lucrative business. Not only do you need to find a reliable program (as you stated), but testing to find out what works for you and what doesn't is still key. It may just be the most important aspect. The best method is to sell what you know. Pick the vendors with product you actually have interest in and knowledge about, then build your platform from there. I know that sometimes it seems that some people can sell just about anything. However their luck rarely lasts and if it isn't something they are passionate about, it will eventually show no matter what they do to try and keep a 'cool' head. This obviously can make the difference between your site's success or complete and total failure.

If all you are seeing is dollar signs $$$ when you are looking to choose your merchants, chances are your site will not have the staying power it needs. Stay focused, enjoy what you do, target your niche market according to your knowledge and passions.

The rest is ALL details, which comes with time/patience, experience and back to my favorite word TESTING! Forget everything you learned about testing too. There are no grades and the exam is NEVER over! If that sounds daunting, then chances are you are in the wrong business anyways. Either way, best of luck and hope to hear from you soon.