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Domain vs. PopUp vs. Display mobile traffic

Elad Cohen

Hi Ninjas!

Can somebody explain me the definition and difference between: Domain, PopUp and Display traffic?
What traffic source is recommended for each?


Mobile Popup is a new web page/tab displaying an advertisement that appears over or behind the current web page a user is on.

Domain traffic is generated when a user mistypes a popular or expired domain in to a browser’s address bar and is redirected to an advertisement.

Display traffic refers to traffic generated from banner or flash ads from your website

Hope this helps.
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Domain traffic is the one that is generated due to the domain name that you have. You can choose a domain name that speaks more about the services or products that you are marketing. It is always the best thing to do because it helps you schedule keywords that you will use in making your website rank even better. Pop u traffic is the one in which when a page load, there is a popup page with the ads on.