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  1. Gibster

    Looking for a DSP working with IndexExchange on PMP

    Hello everyone, A publisher I really want to work with has created a PMP (Private Market Place) deal for me on the IndexExchange. However, I am finding it really hard to access this deal as I haven't found a DSP that works with them on PMP terms. If you guys know of any DSPs/companies that...
  2. Gibster

    I need a DSP that does PMP deals with IndexExchange

    Hello everyone, An advertiser I really want to work with has created a PMP deal for me on the IndexExchange. However, I am finding it really hard to access this deal as I haven't found a DSP that works with them. If you guys know of any DSPs/companies that will allow me to access this deal...
  3. Steph|SmartAdv

    Newb Here!

    New to forum! How does everyone like it? Made any good connections? :)
  4. VladimirKruk

    WW adult/mainstream traffic(pop-under and display)

    We are DuMedia, the part of the one of the biggest cpa networks - AdmitAd. We have offices in 8 countries with 200+ experts. That's why we are leaders in prices on traffic and 67% of our partners buys our traffic again. We have: - WW adult/mainstream traffic(pop-under and display) -...
  5. Zahid Hussain

    Best Desktop Display advertising network for leads

    Hello Every one, Please suggest me a good display advertising network for leads... :)
  6. Performance Bay

    Exclusive/direct CPA high-ROI and CR-levels campaings PT,IT,BR,ES,BE (FR), BE(DU)

    Hello guys, we have some direct/exclusive CPA HIGH ROI AND CR-LEVELS campaigns and we are looking for HQ traffic networks and publishers to take good care of them, since they had more than30,000 conversions only the last month. If you have traffic in BR,PT,IT,BE (FR AND DU),ES- do not hesitate...
  7. K

    Traffic - display, email, search, PPC, contextual, mobile

    Hey, Im interested to buy traffic. Accepted traffic: display, email, search, PPC, contextual, mobile Geo US only, English speaking restrictions: No Craiglist or incentive based campaigns, no trademark bidding. PM, for detailed information.
  8. ChristianaOBM

    Looking for Quality Traffic

    Hey Everyone, My name is Christiana and I am an AM for Orderbox Media. We are an advertising network managing exclusive and direct campaigns for both desktop and mobile. Our proprietary, cutting-edge platform makes sure that not one impression goes to waste. Its' algorithm optimizes the...
  9. solstudioim

    CPA Display Academy, anyone purchased?

    Hello, Maybe you see this banner here all over AffiliateFix or you can go to the Landing page directly AffiliateFix Bonus Page — CPA Display Academy. I purchased this through AffiliateFix affiliate link but I am not sure where can I get the promised bonus? Contacted...
  10. Elad Cohen

    Domain vs. PopUp vs. Display mobile traffic

    Hi Ninjas! Can somebody explain me the definition and difference between: Domain, PopUp and Display traffic? What traffic source is recommended for each? Best, Elad
  11. Dustin Barruela

    Selling Traffic HQ Traffic on CPM! (read for more info)

    We have massive inventory for Display on CPM. Inventory is Global. Can reach 200 countries. Targeting features: 1. Carrier/ISP 2. ATL/BTL placement 3. Browser 4. Operating System 5. Browser 6. Geo 7. Device We accept third party tags as well. We do not support passback tags or floor...
  12. Dustin Barruela

    Selling Traffic Traffic on CPM/dCPM

    About us: Bluagile is an online advertising company with our self-serve RTB demand-side platform (DSP). Reach: 200+ countries Traffic inventory available: Display pc / desktop, mobile web, in-app, pop-under (desktop and mobile). Pricing: Dynamic CPM Creatives we support: adTag, iframes, JS...
  13. netabdo

    first step to get $100 per month from Mobile Marketing ??

    Hi friends, After reading and discovering a lot things about affiliate marketing, yesterday I took the action :) So I'd like first to explain why I said $100 per month and not $100 per day or $1000 per day ?? - It's sample because if you dream big from the beginning you will find yourself...
  14. Dustin Barruela

    Official Bluagile DSP

    Dustin Barruela submitted a new resource: Bluagile DSP - Premium and Quality traffic through our RTB platform!! Get started now!! We ONLY offer competitive and dynamic rates and quality traffic sources for advertisers. We have mainstream ads. We're a CPM-only network. We also support third...
  15. M

    Affiliates Wanted Do you have US Traffic?

    We are looking for affiliates with US traffic to promote our email/search/display and Pay Per Call offers. You can see more details on the resources page - Regal Ads | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix Or go direct to the signup page using the link in my signature.
  16. Dustin Barruela

    Selling CPM Traffic through self-serve platform.

    Anyone looking for mobile in app traffic? We have high quality mobile traffic in 200 countries through our self-serve platform. Message me for more info! Features: 1. Carrier Targeting 2. White listing and Block List options 3. Device 4. Operating system 5. Browser 6. Time Targeting 7...
  17. ReklamStore

    About ReklamStore

    ReklamStore is the leading digital advertising platform that offers data-centric performance solutions for advertisers and publishers. ReklamStore provides online advertising solutions for advertisers to target the right audience with the right ad model by analyzing users’ demographics...
  18. M

    My Intro -

    Hi! Thanks for letting me in :). I'm working with a CPA marketing network, usually I'm more involved in managing the operations side, but I also assist with finding new talent. I've had some good results from LinkedIn, have just started promoting our network on Facebook and Twitter. I'm also a...