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Direct Affiliate or Working with Networks

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by StaceyRicci, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. StaceyRicci

    StaceyRicci Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Direct Affiliate or Working with Networks

    When you start an affiliate marketing, there is first and big question – to work directly with advertisers or joining a network (networks). Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages of every choice.

    Advantages of Network

    If you are trying out affiliate marketing for the first time, I would recommend that you go with a network. This is because there are too many issues that you will have to address as a vendor for affiliates. You will have your affiliate manager, who will help you with every issues you have.

    Main thing is to wisely choose white and good Network.

    If you do not have experience in managing an affiliate marketing program, you are unlikely to appreciate the complexities and best practices that go into succeeding at affiliate marketing.

    Good Network will pay you in time and sometimes will act like a bank. They take the risk, float you the money, and pay you every week. Faster cash flow is always good!

    Affiliate networks can put pressure on advertisers because they send a lot of traffic and they have lawyers, stronger relationships.

    Anyway, If someone ever misses a payment, stop traffic immediately.

    Premium affiliate networks cares about privacy. A good affiliate manager, he or she is not going to tell everyone to run whatever you’re running. They value your business and relationship.

    Disadvantages of Network

    • First and main thing is that you are depending from network. Maybe you want to run an affiliate campaign in a unique style. The network process may not allow that.
    • Affiliate networks have a large number of vendors. You will be one in a crowd. Sometimes you can not get everything what you need in a time and get ultra fast and right information.
    • Let's not forget that network commissions, not just affiliate commissions, add a whole new cost head to your earnings statement. With ever slimming margins in ecommerce, every additional cost makes survival difficult.
    • Your communication to prospects will be in a standardized template. This will prevent you from putting across information in a style that is most appropriate for your unique offering.
    All disadvantage really depends on a Network you have chosen. Don’t forget about privacy issues and get more information about solid white reputation networks speaking with experienced affiliates.

    So what to do? Some advantages and disadvnatges may happen or not with you. I stick by what I said about starting out by working with one or more networks. I would recommend that you prepare yourself to spend two to three years deploying your affiliate program through a network. Only when you develop enough confidence in being able to manage the process should you consider going solo.

    Next I am planning to write how to choose your best Affiliate Network to work with.

    Please advise!
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