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Dino's Native Ads Journey

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by Dinosawrex, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Dinosawrex

    Dinosawrex Affiliate affiliate


    Sure, I'm updating the main update thread just because of it easier to read through it if you find it after a while with more updates. But sure I'll make a new post with the updates as well as update the thread.

    As for the CR, I really don't know. It seems that people are still converting from my random widgets. Right now I have about 200 widgets that are top traffic, so hopefully, during the day I will see some better CTR/CR on the offer.

    Other than that I really don't know, According to Adplexity there's still a lot of people running this offer and new ones have come in from both the longest running advertisers but also new ones.

    I will update whenever i see some results with my new and better widgets.

    Also, what is a good number of widgets to run at? I currently have 200 which I have found from high performing sites.
  2. Voluum
  3. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    I cannot accept the reasoning that: "if everyone does it I should do it too." Lemmings all follow each other off the cliff too. That, said there is some logic --that were there is no competition there is *probably* no money.

    You are talking to a guy that spent too much time trying to sell Video Realty franchises in 1976 :D $4K my commission was 50% -- 50% of nothing as it turned out ... Little ahead of my time ... Camcorder, VCR and a tube (CRT) television set back then. >>>People just didn't get it :(

    Go to any real estate site and you will find video tours of properties today -- it's common place. Technology got cheap -- every smartphone today makes videos easily edited for the internet 2018.

    A web widget is a software widget for the web. It's a small application with limited functionality -- it means the same as foo and bar in programing :p It's similar to a doo-dad :D It's a place holder word used ... _200_ So IDK.

    Well, of the CTR 1% should convert (averages) so the CR is below average however your landing page does well.

    420*1%=4.2 you show 2 I hope it does catch up for you ...
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  4. Dinosawrex

    Dinosawrex Affiliate affiliate

    I see what you're saying, and I agree somewhat.

    My logic is more like this: If someone is making money with it, I should be able to make money with it too.

    Nowadays it's pretty easy to copy exactly what they are doing (Ads, Landing Page, Offers) So basically your just cloning their ads and everything and hopefully taking a small percentage of what they are making. If they are still running the ads and making money from it I don't see why I can't get a small cut from it right? If I have the exact same playing cards as them. Of course, it's not recommended to straight copy stuff.

    The problem with doing new offers and trying to make new trends is "impossible" as a smaller affiliate since you don't have near the same budget as the bigger guys, they have much more budget to burn on something that might work.

    I really hope that conversions start to catch up too in the next couple of days.

    Also, I'm looking into starting to make an Email list. It hasn't really interested me but it seems from what I'm reading on about affiliate marketing that is a must nowadays. Also "cheaper and reliable" since you can warm people up more compared to a single landing page -> Offer.
  5. Dinosawrex

    Dinosawrex Affiliate affiliate

    Main update thread is updated too if you wish to read through the journey so far.

    Update 4: Oct 27.

    Thought I’d update the thread while I’m on here.

    Currently still optimizing my widgets from RevContent, the switch from Brax to TheOptimizer really saved me here. It has been working great and doing its thing, filtering out all bad sites and traffic, also the “Method” that I figured out actually has brought me much higher quality traffic which has increased CTR on the landing pages.

    Currently, the ad CTR is still really low, which I’m trying to figure out why. Still testing ads but giving them a few days between so that I can really see if they improve anything.

    Even though with my new widgets traffic is kind of slow, but I’m getting around 100-300 clicks an hour when running them during the afternoons.

    I’m only running my ads during the afternoon since that is when most people would be looking through the sites that I’m targeting. Also, more time to read the articles or watch the VSL for the products.

    I seem to get around 1-2 conversion a “day” now since I changed the widgets.

    Here are some stats from my best days this week.

    Oct 26

    Offer 1:

    LP Visits: 1105

    LP Clicks: 523

    LP CTR: 47.3%

    Conversions: 1

    Revenue: $35

    Spent: $19.22

    Net: $15.78

    ROI: 82.10%

    Offer 2:

    LP Visits: 300

    LP Clicks: 42

    LP CTR: 14%

    Conversions: 1

    Revenue: $35

    Spent: $19.34

    Net: $15.66

    ROI: 80.97%

    Total Spent: $38.56

    Total Revenue: $70

    Total Net: $31.44

    Total ROI: 81.54%

    Oct 27 (So far)

    Offer 1

    LP Visits: 281

    LP Clicks: 2961??? (Don’t know what going on there)

    LP CTR: 1053.7%?? (Same here, this is what the tracker is saying…)

    Conversions: 1

    Revenue: $35

    Spent: $0.63

    Net: $34.37

    ROI: 5,455.56%

    I know this is unrealistic but literally got a conversion 15 min after starting the campaign today.

    As of right now, I will still try to do my best and figure out how to increase my CTR on the ads itself. I have tried different landing pages, some copied and later tweaked with my own text, pictures and different layout from the ones everyone is copying. So mine stand out very much at the moment which seems to have increased the CTR on all them, which I’m very happy about.

    As far as affiliate marketing goes, I’m highly considering starting with email marketing since I know that it’s incredibly powerful (and cheaper in the long run). Might even look into a blog to fit with the email list.

    That’s it for now. Hopefully, the new widgets can bring in some good leads during the weekend.
  6. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    Look at the server log for that landing page as a control -- server logs are *generally* correct (when the server is working right)
    1. tracker defect
    2. server defect
    That is some error. Is Offer 1 is using the same landing page and tracking parameters?
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  7. Dinosawrex

    Dinosawrex Affiliate affiliate

    I got it fixed, don't know why it showed that. But I contacted support and he had looked at it, fixed it but not sure what it was.

    Offer 1 and 2 do not use the same lander page since it's two different offer but from the same vendor. Everything is using the same parameters and set up the same way from traffic - tracker - vendor
  8. Dinosawrex

    Dinosawrex Affiliate affiliate

    Updated main thread to follow the journey easier.

    really happy with the results that I'm getting now and I hope that I can improve from this to bring in more quality traffic.

    Update 5: Oct 28

    So, it seems that my widget is bringing in some great traffic now, Optimizer is really doing its job getting rid of the bad widgets and bringing up the good ones. Seems that my rules are set up pretty good with the right parameters.

    Complete Stats for Oct 27

    LP Visit: 2,466

    LP Clicks: 530

    Conv: 2

    Revenue: $70

    Cost: $32.35

    Net: $37.65

    ROI: 116.38%

    Since I only run them during the “night” (for me) aka US afternoon time. As I stated in the other update, that’s when the target demography is online and reading through the different sites that I’m targeting.

    Got a pleasant surprise looking through my tracker this morning.

    Stats for Oct 27-28 run (6PM-03AM)

    LP Visit: 1,380

    LP Clicks: 476

    Conv: 4

    Revenue: 140

    Cost: 71.9

    Net: 68.05

    ROI: 95%

    Really happy with this now, seems that I’ve figured out how widgets and the whole thing works a bit better.

    Although ads still have pretty low CTR (around 0.2%), I’m trying out using some new pictures instead of tweaked versions of the ones everyone else is using. But since it’s the weekend they won’t get approved until Monday.

    Will be tweaking and running it through the week and hopefully, results will be the same or even better.
  9. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    The ads may be good but the placement locations or the domains they are on is the problem possibly?

    I meant comparing the 2 days on Offer 1's landing page
    Apparently it was a tracker error {apples v. apples}
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  10. Dinosawrex

    Dinosawrex Affiliate affiliate

    That might be the case also, I will test the new images on the ads whenever they get approved after the weekend. If that doesn't increase the CTR it might be the placements.

    Also, I thought I might test out the ads on another network, Taboola or Outbrain. According to Adplexity, there are more people advertising on those too compared to Revcontent.