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Charles Ngo interviewed about Sweepstakes!


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Sweepstakes are still on top of talks among publishers, so we decided to hold an interview with one of the most influential affiliate marketers: Charles Ngo.

Most of the Sweepstake offers have a sign-up flow.

Meaning that users just need to insert their email and maybe some more personal info to complete the conversion. Therefore, the user doesn’t pay for anything while you’re getting paid by the advertiser!

However, in some GEOs, Sweepstakes might have the mobile subscription flow.

Why? Because – in Tier 1 countries – the user’s personal info (email, name, etc) has value, which means advertisers are ready to pay for it. On the other hand, in Tier-3 countries, the user’s info isn’t as important – the only way to make money is through a user’s subscription.

Now that you know this, I’m sure your head is filled with questions! I bet you still have doubts about how to play with Sweepstakes offers, where to run them, and what are the dopest methods.

What to do?

Time to listen to a super cool expert and get the answers you’ll need to succeed!

What does Charles think about pre-landers a la quiz or roulette?

I see affiliates running the “3 questions” landing page all the time. That style of landing page still makes money, otherwise nobody would use it.

I’ll give you a few tips on how to use these pages:

Let’s say they are running an iPhone Sweepstake.

They will use angles on their landing page like “Win an iPhone 7 – Special Giveaway”.

Their 3 questions might be:
  • What’s your age?
  • What’s your gender?
  • How often do you use Facebook?
Those questions suck and they don’t make sense. Why would a company give away a free iPhone or prize because they got that information from someone?

It doesn’t sound believable.
You need to think about believable angles.

Some tried and true angles include:
  • Beta testing for future iPhone versions.
  • The person’s cell phone company is doing a survey
  • Playing a game and winning.
Come up with a good reason why a company would give away a prize, and have your questions support it.

Hope this small part was still interesting for you, don't hesitate to check the rest on Mobidea Academy!