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Cash Texts , Paid to Receive Texts And Advertise !

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by hazii, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. hazii

    hazii Affiliate affiliate

    Make a little money every time you get a text message
    Make BIG Money when your referral network gets text messages!

    Texting is going GPT. Cash Texts Site in prelaunch to get members and to offer advertisers a better product! This will be huge!!

    Follow this thread, more info about the program will be released before we launch! Don't miss out!

    This program is 100% free to join! $5 min payout!

    How will this work?

    This system works off of texting. The company will text people (USA only to get texts) and pay out per text. If you are not in the USA you can join and still promote and earn from the 5 level unilevel.

    It pays out like this:
    You - 5 cents per text

    then 5 levels in the unilevel.
    1. 5 cents per person on this level
    2. 1 cent per person on this level
    3. 1 cent per person on this level
    4. 1 cent per person on this level
    5. 5 cent per person on this levels

    So that's pretty powerful for a GPT.

    Jump in it's 100% free and will pay via AP.

    Great pre-launch is going great! We will have a recording, video and FAQ on the site soon.

    BTW, for those that are wondering, the texts will be coupons from mainstream advertisers like Papajohns or Domino's.

    So signup and promote! This is free and growing pretty fast! We expect full launch this month!

    All countries can signup and promote and earn money from promoting. But for the time being only people from the USA will get texted. Our plans are to slowly expand to Canada, UK, etc..etc.

    So sign up and promote, it's 100% free and you can earn 5 levels down in the unilevel!

    Remember the texts will be coupons for places like domino's for free breadsticks or wings or other deals.

    So not only will you earn per text, you get coupons for great deals where you eat!

    Expecting to have a FAQ, video and recording up on the Temp pre launch site soon. The site will be totally different when we go full launch. We are keeping a lot of info close to the vest so people don't copy us to fast

    Like I said, it's 100% free to join and earn money so signup!

    Please NOTE: If you do not get the code in the next 15 seconds, this means that the SMS transmission has failed, and possibly, that the mobile number you entered cannot receive text messages from our short code (69302).

    We'll wait another 10 seconds, and if you haven't received the text, we'll move to Plan B (e-mail opt in)

    Cashtexts Join Now!

    Or you can just text the phrase cashtexts 2113 to the number 69302

    You can also Advertise with this system as well

    Apply to be an Advertiser

    As an advertiser, how would you like to be able to reach out instantly with an SMS text message offer to hundreds and thousands of potential new clients? Well, with Cash Texts you can!
    We have 32,894 mobile-verified members who are waiting to hear from you TODAY.

    Using our advanced demographic filters, you determine to which segment of our database of mobile-verified members you wish to send an offer. You make your selections, set your budget and within seconds after your offer is reviewed and approved by our staff, those hundreds or thousands of people on our list will receive your offer on their mobile phone!

    After you register your advertiser account and are approved by Cash Texts, you will have access to a vast array of demographic information so you can narrow or expand your focus on your target market to suit your individual marketing needs. This data can be filtered by:

    Area code
    ZIP code / Postal code
    Detailed likes & preferences of dozens of sub-categories within the following main categories:
    Summer Sports
    Winter Sports
    Business Opportunities
    Computers and Internet
    Food & Drink
    Health & Wellness
    Luxury Marketplace

    Become An Advertiser!
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  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    So maybe I'm missing something but do we need to gather loads of numbers?
  4. poweronics

    poweronics Affiliate affiliate

    Is this similar to TCN?
  5. eximcode

    eximcode Affiliate affiliate

    Its surely a good read for me.