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buying article content or write by yourself?

Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by bagiinfo, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. daica85

    daica85 Affiliate Marketplace Seller affiliate

    Right, I've also hired writer freelancers on upwork. However it takes time to choose a good one.
  2. Voluum
  3. Daceyank

    Daceyank Affiliate affiliate

    For a start, I'd recommend that you write your own content rather than buying. This would help you relate well with your blog, know what works best and what does not work, and also have control over the content being posted. Once you have enough traffic and feel like the demand for more content is beyond you, then you can consider buying
  4. Aveathlei

    Aveathlei Affiliate affiliate

    If your blog is still new, I would advise that you write content by yourself. This would help you give it direction and help you also to connect with it. That way, you'll have the authority over your blog and see that it ischanneled in the direction that you desire. You can monitor the traffic to your blog, and make necesarry adjustments
  5. Paiva

    Paiva Affiliate affiliate

    For a start, it is very wise to write your own articles. This helps you gain control over your account and you'll also develop a connection that you can't achieve by buying content. Furthermore, bought content may not really be put well in a manner that drives your point home. So if you are able to, write them yourself
  6. MyLead

    MyLead Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    In earlier stages when you're not having big budget, you should write by yourself. When your project is profitable, it's worth to buy content.
  7. FireAds

    FireAds Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I don't want to say another cliché here, so I would like to focus on quality of articles.

    Of course if you don't have money, then you don't buy it - it's obvious. The main advantage of buying articles is their quality. Copywriters produce tens or hundreds of articles per month, so their writing skills and SEO knowledge (in terms of articles) is way better than average.

    The prices of articles from freelancers are not very high and in my opinion affordable. It's good idea to check Facebook groups to find them. Better not try to scam them, they have black lists of people who don't pay, so if you ruin your reputation once, you may never be able to restore it.

    I can tell from my personal experience, large SEO companies often hire freelancers instead of writing their own articles. It's just cheaper (cost per hour) and better. Moreover you can't be familiar with all topics, so it's natural to ask other people for help.

    Summing up, it's good to buy articles, unless you're really proficient with writing and you enjoy it.
  8. Mansi shrivastav

    Mansi shrivastav Affiliate affiliate

    some time I purchases but mostly I write myself I think you write yourself because it's better because you know better about your topic you can better write SEO optimized content than a writer.