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Official Binom Tracker -- Secret weapon of top affiliates!

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by Binom Tracker, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Binom Tracker

    Binom Tracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate


    Binom is a fastest self-hosted tracker for professional affiliate marketers.

    The main idea is to reduce the user's work time with the tracker, optimize all operations to work with advertising campaigns and save the user's time due to quick work of our thoughtful interface. We strive to enhance any functionality that will help to increase the profitability of our customers' campaigns without overloading the product. We base on practical tasks in affiliate marketing, because we spend more than 9 years in this area. Binom is a product from professionals to professionals, without any unnecessary garbage, inconvenient interface and long waiting.


    Our main advantages are:

    - Holds any loads, you don’t need to increase number of servers or improve them. In 99% of use cases even for pop-traffic ordinary dedicated server for $50 will go. The license cost does not depend on the amount of clicks, so on high volumes you will have thousands of dollars of savings compare to cloud-based trackers.

    - The highest speed of reports generation among all trackers. All reports with rare exceptions are generated instantly. Time to build a report does not depend on the total amount of clicks in the database or in the campaign (which is probably the disease for all self-hosted trackers), your tracker will not start to lag on large databases. Report generating speed depends only on the number of clicks to process, and this dependence is nonlinear. There is no need to delete old clicks if there is still space on your disk.

    - Minimal redirect time, which is not depend on volume. Again, current self-hosted trackers suffer from the fact that when they are under heavy load on the database, they lose the redirects speed, which leads to a drop in ROI. This tasks are divided in our tracker, you can constantly refresh your statistics and create heavy reports, but the redirects speed will not suffer from that, and the amount of clicks in database is also will not affect on it. Most importantly, the redirects speed is not affected by the volume of your traffic. The average redirect speed is 5-7 ms, on servers with SSD it could be even less. As far as I know, this is the best result for now. This allows you to improve ROI of your campaigns significantly.

    - Multilevel reports. Of course, you can find them in almost all trackers. But only ours can generate a report on a very narrow segments, displaying hundreds of thousands of lines per second, without restrictions on groupings.


    - Group work with campaigns, landings and offers. At the moment you can see the statistics and delete a group of campaigns. Group change of landings is also available, for example, domains for all landings.

    - Smart Rotation. Allows you to distribute traffic along the paths/landings/offers not by random order, but with taking into account the click uniqueness and the offer conversions.

    - Distribution rules, including by IP and UA ;) And by uniqueness, time, proxy, URL, GET, all that is necessary for cloaking. Report by rules is also available, so you will see how many clicks corresponds with particular rule.


    - Filters system in statistics. No need to download CSV, open it in Excel or in your scripts and filter. You can create filter in the tracker. Smart filters are also available, the will provide you with exact white and black sheets based on the formulas of probability theory.


    - Tokens tagging. You can tag publishers that have been sent to black- and white-lists, so you could take a closer look. Mark stopped ads, OS, traffic types. In addition, it is possible to filter statistics using these markups, including by API.


    - No-redirect tracking. So-called integrated landings, that are integrated into the tracker and opens without redirect, immediately by the campaign URL, as well as LP Pixel, which allows you to send traffic immediately on the landing with full statistics available by it on the tracker.

    - Landings events tracking. The ability to transfer any information from the landing to the tracker, as well as exit points from the landing.


    - Trends section with statistics by your traffic, group of campaigns, sources, days, weeks, months, etc. Beautiful graphs include.


    - Convenient API for reports output, updating clicks cost and working with offers or landings. Also, you can connect your preset filters to API reports output and receive ready-made black and white lists. API will continue to evolve, gradually all the tracker functions will be available by API.

    - Additional users with access rights. You can add your employees or colleagues to the tracker and share groups, campaigns, landings, offers, sources, etc. with them. You can close editing rights, or ability to see profit. General statistics by users is available as well as possibility to group reports by them.


    - Migration from Voluum. You can transfer all campaigns/landings/offers/flows from your Voluum account to Binom in 5 minutes.

    - Your influence on the product. We adjust the tracker to your needs, trying to implement your functionality requests as soon as possible. Sometimes even less than in a day. Just write to us. We get really upset when we find out that other trackers don’t listen for their customers.

    - Skype-support. We will gladly answer to any of your question, regarding to the tracker or affiliate marketing. We try to be online always, even at nights. And we also will install the tracker and all the necessary environment on your server for free.

    ... and many-many others.

    In the near future:
    - Multi-conversion for tracking e-commerce, internal events in applications, email-marketing, etc.
    - Customization of the statistics table system
    - Work on visualization
    - Cost updating by tokens
    - Integration with traffic sources and partner networks
    - API extension

    How to buy?
    The cost of the first license is $99/month.
    Additional (for the 2nd and subsequent servers) - $49/month.

    We have discounts for a prolonged extension.
    3 months - 10%, 6 months - 20%, a year - 30%.
    It means that a license will cost you only $69/month.

    Free server and tracker install!

    Discounts for AffiliateFix members

    We offer 50% discount for the second month of usage. The first month is free.

    Use coupon AFFILIATEFIX at signing up or push the link:


    ... or check our live-demo.

    We will be happy if you write your feedback in this thread!
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  2. Voluum
  3. Zorba

    Zorba Affiliate affiliate

    One of the best tracker in the industry, offers many features for professionals, address lots of problems that other trackers ignore. Weapon of top affiliates!
  4. Phirelli

    Phirelli Affiliate affiliate

    As for me, right now it is the best selfhosted tracker in the world. If you work with large amount of traffic I
    highly recommend to test it. For last 5 years I've tested 8 trackers (selfhosted and cloud) including Voluum, Adsbridge, Prosper, Imobitrax, PixelK and other ones.

    Binom in my opinion is the best right now. They have so many options for 99$, other trackers fell behind.

    I moved from voluum 7 months ago and I pretty happy.
  5. comegetbravo

    comegetbravo Well-Known Member affiliate

    What options does Binom offer that voluum doesn't?
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  6. demonarh666

    demonarh666 Affiliate affiliate

    Hello everybody.
    I also recommend Binom tracker to everyone. I have been using it for almost a year and I can say that this is the best of the selfhosted tracker in the world!
    Its main advantages, as for me:
    High speed redirects.
    Friendly interface. (He's really the best of all the trackers I've tested)
    Easy and convenient work with reports! (Reports are generated in a few seconds)
    And many more!
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2017
  7. Binom Tracker

    Binom Tracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    I know that your question not for me. But I wanna show a little example.

    In this thread asked about how send all Google ISPs traffic to another rotation.
    It's easy who use Binom:
    If you wanna check your traffic distributing, you can use 'Rules-ISP' report. (rule with Google ISP named as 'Google rule' in stats)
    You can send traffic to direct URL:
    ..or another campaign:

    You can open criterias as list and copy it, if you want use them into another campaign :)

    You can use type of rules like proxy-traffic, uniqueness by current campaign or all tracker, GET/URL entrance, UA and IP, haha, and 23 other.

    With Binom you always know which lp, offers, paths or rules on pause/deleted:

    You can name your rules, сopy them from campaign to campaign, use rotations etc.
    It is a little example, what Binom offer that voluum doesn't. Only rules :)
    Our customers very love these million little things and we love our product.
    Thanks for attention.
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  8. mrmoose

    mrmoose Affiliate affiliate

    Best tracker, using it from beta!
    Frendly user interface and intuitive interface, fast, flexible filters, reports, api.
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  9. Phirelli

    Phirelli Affiliate affiliate

    I'll be honest with you. Voluum amazing tracker - I worked and still working with Voluum (coz I have to many campaigns there). For beginners - it's great tracker.

    Binom - higher level.

    Voluum - cloud tracker - if you have lots of traffic - you will pay more. Sometimes I paid 700-1000$ month. Have a friend who paid 3000$ monthly.
    Binom has antispybot, protect LP modules.
    Binom has templates of tokens, postbacks.
    Binom faster (the fastest tracker).
    Binom has smart rotation function.
    Binom has all story of your tracker's life.
    Binom has way better documentation for newbees.
    Binom has tracking exit points.
    Amazing user managment.
    Hotkeys, notes inside all camps.
    Amazing filtration of statistics.
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  10. ngoctrammoa

    ngoctrammoa Affiliate affiliate

    Sound good. I'll take a look into it.
  11. servandosilva

    servandosilva Moderator moderator affiliate

    Best Self Hosted tracker I've tested so far.
    I'll have a review about it soon!
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  12. nasterkreed

    nasterkreed Affiliate affiliate

    using Binom right now
    so far so good, however there are few issues
    I will list them in a post in my blog soon
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  13. Phuong

    Phuong Affiliate affiliate

    What is the best hosting for your tracker ?
  14. Paid Affs

    Paid Affs Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Best is VPS and try Vultr..
  15. Certified

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    really amazing tracker.
  16. erikgyepes

    erikgyepes Affiliate affiliate

  17. servandosilva

    servandosilva Moderator moderator affiliate

    Every year I test 2-3 extra trackers in the market just for fun and to see what's going on with the competition.
    I've been using Binom for almost 3 months and so far it's been great. It has a lot of features that I like and it's quite fast so I'm switching my campaigns to it slowly every week.

    I wrote a complete article with my favorite features in my blog: Binom Tracker Review - Is this the best tracker around? (coupon inside) - Servando Silva

    - Free unlimited domains and SSLs
    - LP protection
    - Text notes in each campaign
    - Marks in reports for blacklisting/whitelist/organization
    - Custom events

    Overall I find it's a great tracker and the UI is simple but effective. One thing I didn't like as much in other trackers was the interface would be nicer but kind of convoluted or slow.

    Obviously the DB you get with a self-hosted tracker can't be as good as DE so if you use a lot of ISP/City detection you might want to go with a cloud hosted one.

    Finally, their support definitely rocks so installing everything is as simple as asking them to do it and takes 10 minutes.
    I'm happy to see which updates are coming next.
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  18. Binom Tracker

    Binom Tracker Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Update 1.12

    Lots of time in this update was spent for engine rebuild in order to optimize it for future auto-optimization feature, we have also improved traffic-distribution system and started implementing multi-threading (will fully release in next update), which allow you to run even bigger volumes. The main features of this update are Triggers and Visualization, lets dwell on them.

    Triggers system + Notifications
    This is the first step to auto-optimization of your campaigns. With the help of properly configured triggers you can stop being afraid of domain blocking, sudden drops of ROI and LP CTR, disabled offer links and lots of other abnormal situations.
    The idea is very simple: if <condition> happens, then do <action>.
    First we should create a trigger, its name, group, etc. Choose an object to apply condition:


    It can be the tracker itself, individual campaigns, groups of campaigns, offers, landings and URLs.
    Create the trigger condition - it can be any metrics, domain ban, links accessibility, caps.
    Add an action, or several actions. It can be Webhook (tracker will ping given URL), domain change, pausing of paths, offers, landings, change of weights and rotation in a campaign.


    If needed you can add Notification to a trigger. For example, sms about negative ROI in your campaigns. [​IMG]


    In future updates we will increase the amount of conditions and actions, for now we are collecting feedback.

    As you know, graphics in Binom were only in Trends and one in Monitor tab. Finally, we applied graphics in campaign reports. Three types of visualization are available at the moment:

    Table. Convenient for two-level reports for various metrics.


    - data in the form of a graph, similar to the Trends tab.


    Pie - data in the form of pie charts to display the overall picture.


    It is possible to "attach" to a specific type of reports (for example, token1 - days) a certain type of graphs, so you don’t have to switch back and forth every time.
    In the next update we will add comparative graphs of different periods. For example, a traffic curve for Today combined with Yesterday.

    Colorization in campaign names
    We had lots of requests for that. By tags #red, #green, and so on in the search tab, you can display campaigns of a certain color. In case groups are not enough for you.


    Colorization of statistics cells
    I like it more than just lines colorization. I can see maximum values immediately + not so bright.


    Pause/unpause landings and offers from report
    Quite a handy thing, if you have lots of them in your campaign. Now you don’t have to switch to campaign edit tab to stop offers with low conversion rate.


    All changes
    - Triggers system (doc)
    - Notifications system (doc)
    - Report’s visualization (doc)
    - Certain percent of conversions sending to Traffic Source (doc)
    - Pause/Start of Offers and Landings from the report (doc)
    - Update of Statuses and Events through Update conversions (doc)
    - Statistics and Reports without page reload
    - Colorization for campaign names (doc)
    - Colorization of table cells (doc)
    - Domain change for group of offers (doc)
    - Ability to customize: arm.php, uclick
    - Improved domains check for Google ban
    - Landings and Offers preview in reports (doc)
    - Conversion time display in Clicklog
    - Added tokens: {device_type}, {real_domain}
    - New traffic distribution algorithms
    - Improved database stability
    - Improved Integrated Lands processing
    - LP Tokens clear during campaign full cleanup
    - Ability to customize response to Conversions
    - Click’s record settings in multicampaign funnels (child/parent/both)
    - &to_offer parameter in Postback URL

    What is in next update?
    In a month there will be a small update, we want to quickly roll out multi-threading. In this update will be:
    - Adaptive layout. Hell on mobiles will finally end
    - Multi-threading (Binom will handle even bigger traffic volumes)
    - Cloaking on landing via Click API
    - Visualization. Data comparison for Today and Yesterday.
    - Reports without page reload
    - Improved rotations
    - Improved triggers
    - Integration with MagicChecker

  19. jonte

    jonte Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Binom Tracker,

    Check your PMs, I have responded to your message.

  20. Nuveketh

    Nuveketh Affiliate affiliate

    For last 2 years I've tested 3 trackers including Voluum, Imobitrax, Adsbridge
  21. Mobidea

    Mobidea Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hey folks,

    We've recently created a guide to help you get started with Binom and understand if this is the right tracker to you.

    Please, check it: Binom Review: User's Guide for 2019