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Andre L. from Brazil

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Andre Loureiro, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. Andre Loureiro

    Andre Loureiro Affiliate affiliate

    Hello guys, My name is Andre L. and I am Brazilian.

    I've been following and trying internet marketing stuff now for about 6+ years.
    Never had much results with products in portuguese. I had mild results with ebay selling.

    Anyways, Right now I am working with banking, and I am really stressed with the low tech and risk that I see daily on the system's I use at work. they make me crazy and I' ve been away from work to treat stress for 3 months this years.

    Anyways right now I am on a monthly paycheck paid in Brazilian Reals. It allowed me to travel around the world and have a decent lifestyle with my wife for a while.

    But then, the economy here started to break and the Us Dollar went from ~$1.34 to ~$3.90 Brazilian real.

    this frustrated some of my travel plans and high inflation levels tightened our budget here.

    So now I am Looking for a qualified work based on some of these pillars:
    1) earn in USD
    2) be able to make my work hours
    3) become world mobile
    4) get consistent results

    And this led me to improve and gather skills to online marketing and affiliate marketing.

    Before I started here I tried some other stuff that was basically about creating your own product and selling. But then it took me a lot of effort and results were slow to show up.

    Now I want to get better at directing traffic to offers I promote and building lists before I even think about building my own stuff to sell
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  2. Voluum
  3. AF-Roger

    AF-Roger Affiliate affiliate

    Welcome to AffiliateFix. We hope you find the right affiliate program for you.
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  4. Certified
    T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator Certified Vendor Dojo Master

    Hello @Andre Loureiro , welcome to AffiliateFix and the Dojo! Great to have you join us.

    I think you have made some smart decisions with learning traffic, promotion offers, and building lists.

    Remember This! : Nothing has to be perfect before you start. Read & study, but invest and implement at the same time. You cannot learn all of it from reading and studying. A great deal of your learning comes from implementing!

    Good Luck!

    T J
  5. Dispply

    Dispply Guest

    Welcome on Fix, which offers are you currently searching to start with?
    Brazil is good place to start marketing.
  6. internalsoul

    internalsoul Moderator moderator affiliate

    Hello Andre Loureiro. Welcome to affiliatefix. You have made the right decision to join the forum and you will learn so many things from here. Along with that, you will find all the members and specially the admin very interactive and helpful. If you have any specific queries, don't hesitate to ask. You will always get your answer.

    To get yourself started go through all the guides posted on this forum, all the case studies and all the journals and success stories. That will give you some kind of motivation how people have started from zero here and is still growing.

    Check these forums:-
    What is Affiliate Marketing? (START HERE)
    Follow Alongs and Online Journeys
    Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials
    Success Stories and Bragging

    If you have any queries, don't forget to ask it here Newbie Helpdesk

    Last but not the least don't for to check the DOJO, it has got some amazing stuffs. lots of tools, very through case studies, amazing guides and lot more which are not available in the normal forums. Its a very place to get started.

    Once again welcome aboard and looking forward to see more of your posts. Have a nice stay and enjoy the forum. I am damn sure you will fall in love with this community as everybody does.

    Have a nice day :):affiliatefix: