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  1. Indoleads

    Guide Top 7 High-Earning Affiliate Programs for Valentine's Day in Brazil

    Hey there, affiliates! ❤️ While most of the world celebrates Valentine's Day in February, Brazil's version of the holiday, Dia dos Namorados, falls on June 12th. This unique timing presents a golden opportunity for you to tap into a vibrant market and earn some serious commissions. Whether...
  2. Indoleads

    Guide Top Affiliate Programs prior to Easter for Brazil GEO

    Easter presents a golden opportunity for affiliate marketers to enhance their earnings and establish a firm foothold in the affiliate industry. At Indoleads, we're excited to offer you our top-tier affiliate programs tailored specifically for the Brazilian market. In this dynamic landscape of...
  3. IrakliC

    Case: how to earn $2755 for a two week on a Brazil and Finances

    Hello there! We have an interesting case study-experiment about 2 payment models: CPC and CPA Target. Our advertiser has been promoting a finance offer on Brazil and earned $2755 in 2 weeks. Click below and read in which cases better to optimize campaigns manually and in which cases better to...
  4. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted The hottest mobile offers: Latin America

    LATIN AMERICA: THE GOLD OF WAPEMPIRE Known and loved for being as hot as hell, Latin America never stops offering what we all love: attractive landings, payouts and, of course, highly profitable campaigns. First countries coming to your mind will probably be Latin marketing titans: Mexico...
  5. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted Hot LATAM mobile offers

    Hi fixers! Hopefully, 2017 began great for all of you. It definitely began great for LATAM at WapEmpire. DO, GT, HN, PY, SV, CR and more to bring you CR over 2%! PM or skype me for more details, I'll be happy to help you monetize your LatAm traffic. P.S. We've got Spanish-speaking support, too!
  6. D

    Best Brazil Popunder CPM ?

    in Brazil it is very difficult to find popunder affiliates that pay well, first popads, then juicy and so on, I am now using hilltopads CPM is $ 0.50 - $ 0.70, and is falling every day. thx
  7. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted Brazil Nutra Offers

    Hey All, I hope you've enjoyed the holiday weekend. MonsterAds have some great nutra offers available for Brazil. Both Diet and Skin. We have hosted pre sell landers already available. All you need is the traffic. Give me a shout if you run this vertical and geo :)
  8. Andre Loureiro

    Andre L. from Brazil

    Hello guys, My name is Andre L. and I am Brazilian. I've been following and trying internet marketing stuff now for about 6+ years. Never had much results with products in portuguese. I had mild results with ebay selling. Anyways, Right now I am working with banking, and I am really stressed...