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Hello Affiliatefix
i Am CrakAgent and Have years Promoting Adult / Dating / Cams and have some Good Contacts (Friends & Aff Managers) from this Forum :affiliatefix:

Been Around for 8 Months , Learning and Testing :)

Last night i have Seen an this Exclusive Offer

NarcosXXX on CrakRevenue (AFF Link)

i Have Chosen that Offer and Also a New Fresh Domain,
Before i went to Sleep i Shared on Facebook Pages, You can Also Find Facebook Groups with Males +21 Mostly And share your Page Video / Picture with Affilate Link in Description for Game :)

Also Tweets on a Account with Around 900 Follower's

Results are Small but Got my First Sale :cool:


Total Visitors Send to this offer

Free Traffic From Social Media is Still Alive ;)

You can Also Try, use your Mind for Traffic Sources :D


Why i Love This Offer?
Because have 250 Accepted Countries :cool:

Good Luck Everyone :affiliatefix:
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Awesome man .You can help me more with some details please ? As i want also to promote such offer
Hello , I Have Used Free Traffic !
Create a Female Profile in FB / Twitter / INSTAGRAM account And Gain some Followers ,
Also Created a New Facebook Page about this Page ,
You can use a FB Profile and Share your FB Page posts to Related Groups about Dating / Adult / Games groups Etc .

Today Results : 2017-10-08
Clicks : 243
Conversion : 0 :(
Payout : Payout
Facebook Page From 200 to +2.000 Likes :cool:

Maybe Today was not my Lucky Day!

Waiting for Results,
Will keep you Updated :affiliatefix:
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#Here is Another Update

the #2 :D

it comes after 265 Clicks , 1 Lead :)

Tasks :
Sending some other Twitter Follow/Unfllow (Auto)
Sharing my Facebook Page of Offer in Other pages for some Male Adult Audience, +18
you can use Girls Profiles / Facebook Public Groups , Facebook Own Pages , maybe Boost in Facebook Ads ? (Soon)

Some Instagram Follower/Unfollow (2 Acc's) (Manual)

FB pages is Now +4K

That's ALL for Now ! :)