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  1. Tatyana_ClickAdilla

    Official How to Maximize Webcam Affiliate Earnings with CrakRevenue

    If someone asks us which vertical is one of the most profitable, we will mention the webcam industry. This is not a blind answer, but our experience, which is based on many facts: – Webcam is a very profitable niche, so everyone has the opportunity to grab their piece of the profit; – Popularity...
  2. CrakRevenue

    CrakRevenue's "Level Up" Contest -- WIN BIG!

    CrakRevenue's "Level Up" Contest is Here Hello AffiliateFix, CrakRevenue's Level Up contest is now open to all (existing affiliates and new affiliates). Affiliates will have 3 months (from October 1st to December 31st) to improve their affiliate ranking & get a chance to win one of 21 prizes...
  3. lilkrito

    Paid Traffic For Adult Affiliate Links !?

    Hi Affliatefix Community I have 25$ in my pocket, and I'm asking if it is worth making paid cam or date offers ads or not, I'm using crakrevenue offers, and if it is worth what is the best place for ads and a guide for it? Best Regards Lilkritoo
  4. Oussama Bensaid

    question for Crakrevenue members please

    HI, please i have a super video that got more than 40 thousand view in less than 2 days and an other with more than 1000 views I got was 95 click , that's fine but I had no rewards. more infos : redirected my website link to the offer link the offer is SOI payout...
  5. Sophia Loren

    CrakRevenue payment method

    i choose my crakrevenue payment method as First Choice Pay. And i signed up and its showing registered. in order to receive funds it should be approved. So my question is, Can I receive funds before my card is activated?
  6. Sophia Loren

    My first Conversion on CrakRevenue

    guys i just had my first conversion on crakrevenue and its 11$ but my dashboard showing : Total payout $0.00 so i am confused am i gonna get this 11$ or not ? and how much time is it gonna take to show my new balance ?
  7. MarketKing

    $50 , with 35 Visitors - Adult Game PPS

    Hello Affiliatefix i Am CrakAgent and Have years Promoting Adult / Dating / Cams and have some Good Contacts (Friends & Aff Managers) from this Forum :affiliatefix: Been Around for 8 Months , Learning and Testing :) Last night i have Seen an this Exclusive Offer NarcosXXX on CrakRevenue (AFF...
  8. CrakRevenue

    Free, Native Ads Generator -- A Powerful New Tool

    New at CrakRevenue: Native Ads! It’s finally here! Our Native Ads Generator is here! Create natural and relevant ads in just a few simple and easy steps... Ready to give it a try?! Or... * Not a CrakRevenue affiliate? Register here for fast-track approval!
  9. CrakRevenue

    3 Winning Strategies to Converting More GAMERS!

    3 Strategies to Convert Gamers With nearly $100 billion in sales this year, the Gaming industry is on fire. And with that info in mind, it’s hard to fathom why you wouldn’t try to… let’s just say… get in the game yourself! Since CrakRevenue launched its Gaming vertical, we’ve added new...
  10. mouyanali

    Can Some One Tell Me Best Adult Media Buys

    Hay every one :) I am working with Some Adult CPA networks (crakrevenue, slimspots) i want best and help full media buys for free leads , i already used Plug rush but no so good Experience with Plug rush, advertise with 27$ and got almost 4$ profit just :( so i want to know the best Adult...
  11. faisol ubaidillah

    Road $100 perday with Youtube Comment (Journey)

    Method : 1. Create Channel Example : 2. Create Comment on Video popular Example : Partnering with Crackrevenue Stats 2015-12-20 :