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  1. A

    Click here for daily updates of my traffic junky experience with dating

    Hey there!, i am a newbie to adult marketing but not a newbie to online marketing in general, i study online marketing and had a course about affiliate marketing. I found that interesting so i decided to give it a try on adult advertising. Also the dating niche (SOI & DOI based) is good for a...
  2. M

    How to filter trash traffic in adult affiliate?

    I want to try the adult affiliate. I saw in a YouTube video people doing CrackRevenue + TrafficJunky / Exoclick and having very good results. Now I see people in forums saying that in this type of traffic you have to filter a lot of spam and trash traffic, does anyone know how to do it? I also...
  3. Moroccan Marketer

    What are the most reliable paid ads network for adult marketing in 2021

    Hey guys, I just started my journey promoting adult offers and I would love to hear your experience with adult ads network you used to buy traffic from and you had good ROI with.
  4. Alexa24

    Hello Everyone

    I'm new at CPA Marketing I want to promote Adult niche .. Please suggest Me the best free traffic Source...
  5. SugarChat

    Newcomer here

    Hi all, I'm a newcomer here. I'm looking for adult traffic for 1-on-1 video chat. If you have, welcome to leave a message to me.
  6. Tommyskret

    traffic adult - looking for paid to signup or else

    Hello, I have lots of adult visitors of facebook chat. I hope to be making money from it. I am looking for a quote that is easy to convert, as paid to signups. To discuss further please PM me
  7. MarketKing

    $50 , with 35 Visitors - Adult Game PPS

    Hello Affiliatefix i Am CrakAgent and Have years Promoting Adult / Dating / Cams and have some Good Contacts (Friends & Aff Managers) from this Forum :affiliatefix: Been Around for 8 Months , Learning and Testing :) Last night i have Seen an this Exclusive Offer NarcosXXX on CrakRevenue (AFF...
  8. S

    Want to Guestblog on my site? - 2 free Backlinks!!!!!

    Hi friends! I started a new site. Its about affiliate marketing in the Adult Industry If there are people here who want 2 free backlinks from me, please do the following. Contact me through direct message. Write me a 350 to 800 word article on your product or service. Explaining how your deal...
  9. hamid

    CTR On Banner`s

    Hey Guyz I am promoting adults ads on traffichaus . i think i am getting very low CTR on my banners . have a look . how much ctr are you guyz gets on your banners ?
  10. anandbernard

    Suggest the best adult affiliate network?

    What's the best adult affiliate network to promote CPA campaigns.
  11. C

    [GUIDE] Best way to run dating/adult CPA offers via TrafficJunky

    Alright guys, here I am again with another guide, this time for the adult niche for those of you interested to run some 'hot' offers ;) Not many people like to talk about adult but that doesn't mean you should not do it ;) there is some insane money to make, and the best way to get started is...
  12. E

    football and pasta

    Thought I would use two of my favorite things to draw you in and introduce myself. Specialties:Setting up businesses and professionals with the ability to accept credit card payments. Credit Card Processing, E-commerce Merchant Accounts, Virtual Merchant Accounts, Load Balancing, ACH, and check...
  13. SexTech

    Affiliates Wanted Recruiting Sex-Positive Affiliates

    Hi People! I'm Henk! I want to recruit 1000 affiliates for my affiliate program over the next two months. I am currently exploring paid options. If you know a company or work at a company that can recruit sex-positive affiliates to sell interactive luxury pleasure products, please leave a...