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1063$ Profit and Outsourcing

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Bragging' started by Leo, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Leo

    Leo Member affiliate

    I want to share something different, not related to CPA Marketing, no paid traffic are involved!
    I hope it will get approved!

    I'm a newbie, I tried PPV in the past months.


    I spent a lot but I also learnt a lot! So "losing" those money wasn't a big problem, but I was forced to stop for a while due my budget! I preferred save my money to help my family if they need! My dad lost his job, so I need to take care of my money.

    I'm going to school so I have no job and the only way to make cash is to come up with more ideas. So I decided to invest 120€ in something I never tried before. So I decided to outsource my idea, I paid 80€ to develope this product and 40€ to promote it. I don't want to advertise it.

    After developing this idea I promoted it for free and paying for advertising on Forums, marketplace etc. I ended with 1063$ in profit and a email list and still receiving some sales!

    Special request:

    Doing this I have been contacted from different people who needed some custom service, in particular, I got paid 350$ for a script developing! It was amazing! I sold my product and I have been contacted from the same buyer to create a new one only for him.
    In this case I didn't outsource it.

    Here the 2 payments I got for this custom request. Not so much for the majority of you.


    I received a lot of sales for 17$ and 29$ during those days and it was amazing!
    It is not a big success or a CPA success, I really hope to write one as soon as possible, but I'm still learning/testing and to do this I need money!
    If you are stuck in something you need to come up with ideas and try to do something new, there are a lot of opportunities around there! Diversify! Now I have 1063$ to invest in my PPV business. I'm looking to find more people need some service like this! I'll outsource all my work to my personal coder!

    After reading 4 Hours a Week I understood that time is more important than money! What do you think about it? In this case I tried to outsource all my tasks and build a semi-autopilot system!
    Do you prefer stay 10 hours at the computer making more cash or outsource your tasks making less money, but focusing on BIG THINGS?
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2015
  2. newbidder
  3. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator

    Great mindset @Leo ! Keep it going man, you have the chops!
  4. Micr0

    Micr0 Affiliate affiliate

    Great @Leo, awesome! congratulations!
  5. Leo

    Leo Member affiliate

    Thank you guys for your kind words! :)
  6. mrcolorwolf

    mrcolorwolf Affiliate affiliate

    Cong on your success, what kind of paid ad have you tried?
  7. Leo

    Leo Member affiliate

    I tried Leadimpact using Voluumn and Adsbridge as tracking solutions.

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