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100K on Teespring

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Bragging' started by chiruraaj, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. chiruraaj

    chiruraaj Service Manager Service Manager affiliate


    Hi Guys,

    A very happy new year to all. :)

    I just want to share my story selling T-shirts on Teespring and Fabrily with you all guys. I started with Teespring in March 2014. I have sold similar number of shirts in the European market using Fabrily as the platform ( I was interviewed by them for their campaigner spotlight recently -- Campaigner Spotlight–Shloka Raaj | Fabrily Blog ).

    All of these shirts were sold running FB ads to them and my ROI on the whole would be something like 100%.

    Few of the things that I have learned and helped me to sell these T-shirts which can help somebody who is getting started with Teespring -

    1. Most important things are your T-shirt Idea ( Niche & the quote used on the T-shirt), Design and Targeting. Get these things right and you should be able to sell shirts even if you get other things wrong.

    So if you are just starting out then focus most on the above 3 things and don't get too stuck up on other things like Campaign description, PPE or website click, dark post or normal post etc. Just make sure that you take action.

    2. Get your targeting wrong and your campaign will fail even if you have the best design in the world.

    3. When you get a winner, try to find new interests and scale the campaigns as much as you can. Also relaunch all your winners immediately after they get over and keep them running till they are profitable.

    4. If you are really serious about selling T-shirts, consider hiring a graphic designer full time. This thing helped me a lot as now I am able to get 8 - 10 designs a day and paying someone on a monthly basis is also more affordable.

    5. It might take time but the winners will make up for all the losses and make you good profit on top of that if you keep at it and don't quit. On average out of 10 campaigns I launch 3 become successful and 1 goes to earn good money (sells more than 100). I'm aggressive with cutting the loser campaigns so most of the times I test campaigns for $10 - $15 and know if I want to run it or stop it. So for $150-200 I am able to test 10 campaigns.

    6. You need to keep pumping campaigns on daily basis to keep earning good money as a campaign generally lasts only for 7 days (though you can relaunch and milk your campaigns for a little longer). On average I launch 5-8 campaigns every day from monday to friday.

    7. Investing in your education will pay off. I have bought a bunch of Teespring courses and most of them have helped me in some way or the other. I dont mean you have to buy all the Teespring courses out there. Just assess your current situation, do your research and go through a course that is suited to your current level and is from a reputed marketer. Take massive action on that only then think about buying anything else.

    I pray that 2015 is bigger and better for all of us. :D
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  2. terraleads
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    He's back with a bang!

    Welcome back and congrats on your amazing results.

    Hit me up on Skype!
  4. jimmysumpter

    jimmysumpter Affiliate affiliate


    Is it too late to get on the Teespring bandwagon now? And if not how much initial investment is realistically necesary?

  5. chiruraaj

    chiruraaj Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Thank a lot, K. :)

    Talk to you on skype!
  6. chiruraaj

    chiruraaj Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    It's not too late. You can get in and make a lot of money though the market is more competitive now than before. I would say $500 - $1000 should be a good budget to learn and get profitable. :)
  7. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

  8. kashish4u

    kashish4u Affiliate affiliate

    Inspiring :) and learned :)
  9. alex.b

    alex.b Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the tips. What do you mean with a campaign just lasting for 7 days? I never used teespring before (neither for buying or selling) but sounds like you can sell your shirt only for 1 week or what?
  10. kashish4u

    kashish4u Affiliate affiliate

    You can fix up !! capmpaign days + limits :)
  11. larsjorgen

    larsjorgen Affiliate affiliate

    Awesome earnings, man.

    Been thinking about it for some time, when people talk about their designs; "an awesome design is very important", but when I look at what successfull sellers have made per sale on average they either gotta be selling expensive shirts or they are only selling shirts with plain text on them. Or both. Text only saves you a few bucks per shirt. A shirt I'm making right now - base cost at 50 shirts is $8.20 with the design I made. With text only it's a dollar less. I sell them for $19-20. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Is it better to charge more for better designs, or sell for lower price with text only? I've seen some pretty cool shirts that were made with plain text.
  12. adnan malik

    adnan malik Affiliate affiliate

    Your price is perfect because less expensive more buyers !
  13. Manhas

    Manhas Affiliate affiliate

    Very Impressive raaj
    noted some of your points
    it will help me in future

    what is the ROI for 10 to 15$ campaign?
    and do you use fb re targeting?
  14. susanstirn

    susanstirn Affiliate affiliate

    Many thanks for your candid advice. I am specifically looking at Teespring as a way to start in AM and hope to get similar success

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