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  1. Deenius

    Do adult traffic networks cheat their clients?

    Hey, everybody. I would like to share with you my experience with buying advertising from adult traffic networks. I have been testing different affiliate offers for the last two months and I'm not satisfied with the results at all. Let me give you an example of one of my campaigns. I was...
  2. W

    What the Best Traffic Network that Converting

    Hi, i'm really curious, about what do you think. What Traffic Network that really good in converting? There a hundres out there... Some network offers like 10$ for CPC, some network offers like 50$ for banners, push ads, a buck per CPM, etc.. But which one the best base on graphical statistic...
  3. G Chandra Shekhar Rao

    How to create a dating campaign on Plugrush

    Looking after someone who can help me create a campaign on plugrush for a dating cpa offer..
  4. Navid

    Which traffic provider/source has been working better for you?

    I am new to affiliate marketing and been testing some traffic providers/sources to see which works better and have better quality. I've tested some networks and some had bot-traffic as the major part of their traffic and HUGE discrepancy between their stats and clicks registered on affiliate...
  5. bitzy21ro

    Newbie Marketer here

    Hey there folks, I am a newbie here. I want to get in the business of buying and selling traffic to affiliate networks, however I do not have a website or any other "digital property". Could someone point me to some good sources where I can buy some traffic? Maybe some tips on what to look...
  6. A

    Looking for CPL, CPO Traffic

    Hi guys, we are looking for traffic with Payout models on CPO and CPL basis for our dating offers. We are present in over 20 geos and would purchaise traffic on desktop and mobile. We have attractive payouts and creatives! In case you have any quality traffic, please get in touch so we can...
  7. Helen Wingoads

    Selling Traffic WINGOADS SMART DEAL get 15$ bonus!

    Advertisers, check out our latest offer, deposit your first minimum 50$ payment and get 15$ bonus! Attention: you will get a bonus only in case you send us a promo code “Summer15”. Hurry up to get your bonus in August 2017 and enjoy cooperation with Wingoads. We are happy to work for you...
  8. Tonyparisi

    Review +121 % traffic & first page Search Engines

    Hello everybody, Im tony from Paris, I manage 11 websites for differents domains of activity in Europ. I want speak about the last one, about the traffic and the search engines. For the traffic, i do 17 blogs linked to the same website. Blog with a good pictures and with good posts (all your...
  9. PolluxN

    Hi everyone

    I'm Eduardo traffic manager at Pollux Network which is a fast growing Ad network known for its quick support and exclusive premium websites. We are here to look for potencial partnerships but also grow and share our knowledge in the affiliate marketing industry. Regards
  10. E

    Best Ad Network For CPA or CPL offers.

    Hi everyone, can anyone give me your inputs regarding best traffic except Adwords or Bing Ads worth trying for CPA or CPL offer? And please share your experience with those networks. Any inputs would be appreciated.
  11. Master Mind Secrets

    What The Best Traffic and cheap Network?

    Hello, i Have a simple question about promoting CPA Bizz Opp and Make Money Online offers, and i want to know What The Best Traffic and cheap Network?
  12. Ronak Dervaliya

    Buy Traffic?? Best Traffic Source For Dating Offer?

    Hi everyone . I want to Buy Traffic. I want to Know Which Is Best Traffic source For Dating Offer?. I recently Tested JuicyAds And Result Was ROI -50%. Amy Knows Which Is good Traffic Source For Dating Offers
  13. Md Mostafizur Rahman

    What are the targeted traffic sources for affiliate marketing?

    i know some traffic methods. but i want to know the best effective methods for getting sale or lead.
  14. MrTwister

    Ask Me Anything Truth about mobile affiliate networks

    Greetings fellows! I do not want to cross-post from the Intro thread of this forum. You can check more details here In brief: i am working in a mobile ad company. We generate installs for various mobile games and apps. I've worked with all major mobile affiliate networks (Avazu, Applift...
  15. Alex_Chess

    Affiliates Wanted Highly Converting Offers, Best EPC

    Hunting on traffic! Highly convertible CPA - offers! All GEO`s Hey guys! Meet Boaelite! Currently, BOA is the biggest affiliate network in the binary options vertical! We are integrated via ONLY API technology to more than 80 different brokers using 7 different binary options platform!! Can u...
  16. Alex_Chess

    BOAelite - be in the money

    Currently, BOAelite is the biggest affiliate network in the binary options vertical. We get traffic from all over the world, for all GEOs. We are integrated via ONLY API technology to more than 80 different brokers using 7 different binary options platforms! This is just amazing! We are very...
  17. C

    Selling Traffic If you're looking for traffic we have it on CPXCenter

    If you're looking to buy traffic for your website/blog we have offers ranging from a wide variety of categories to pick from. We also have adult related offers. Below are some of the features of CPXCenter: 1. Supports all cost metrics (CPC, CPM, CPA, CPL) 2. Supports all major ad formats...
  18. I

    New member. First post.

    Hi, everyone. My name is Paul K. I joined this forum to offer pop-up traffic for desktop and mobile devices. Bidding starts at a low $0.005 per view, and targeting options are plenty.
  19. L

    Selling Traffic Selling global Traffic--Global Leading Ad Network

    Hi, I am working for Adcash, a global leading Ad Network with worldwide traffic and delivering billions of impressions every month. If you are looking for traffic, installs or leads, please reach out to me on Skype to further discuss. Skype ID lauracuddy.adcash
  20. Leadbit

    Review Best traffic sources? (our publishers' choice)

    Hello, folk! First of all I'd like to say that we had never done anything like this before and this is our first experience, so don't judge us so bad.. Here comes a review based on our publishers work and they shared it with us and now we are sharing it with you... As you probably know, we...