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Review +121 % traffic & first page Search Engines

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by Tonyparisi, May 14, 2017.

  1. Tonyparisi

    Tonyparisi Affiliate affiliate

    Hello everybody,

    Im tony from Paris, I manage 11 websites for differents domains of activity in Europ.
    I want speak about the last one, about the traffic and the search engines.

    For the traffic, i do 17 blogs linked to the same website.
    Blog with a good pictures and with good posts (all your keywords activity on it)
    Social Media linked to the same website. (repost from twitter and others social media)
    Differents partners in a world for do a link to your website.​


    So with a passion of your activity and with the time you will do in a first page of the search engines of only 1 keywords ; ( and mabye not the best keywords) but its the good way to the succes of your website.

    You work hard at your social media, blogs and partners and a second keywords from your website be on the first page of the search engines...

    and you work hard and....

    many way for get traffic.. many way for be on the first page of the search engines..
    But that its the first step..

    Good day to everyone !
    Tony from paris

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