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  1. CULA_Q

    Web development, web 3 , design, bots, landings, software, parsers, avatars, logos, deepfakes, copy of sites

    Creating : - Landing page, Prelanding, White pages, Creatives - Complex websites, web 3, online stores, portals - Landing pages of any complexity + design for them (ux ui) - Bots, software, programs, parsers, checkers - Logos, avatars, banners, animations, gifs - Video creatives, creos...
  2. KateGorb

    Seeking Help Launching new projects!

    Hello everyone! I need your advice. If you run a business where you have several different products and you want to try a new promotional campaign, what product you should start your campaign with - a popular one or a new one?
  3. AlexDoll

    Free testing of your product.

    For example, a company lets you test their product for free. How effective is this marketing ploy. Please share your experiences...
  4. Jorge Garza

    Offer Wanted Looking for offers to promote on art forum (like deviantart)

    The website is still to be launched, but we want offers to promote on banners only, we are interested on CPA, CPL, PPI. The website will allow NSFW art so hentai programs are ok. We are planning to separate the offer depending on the art type (adult offers will show only on NSFW entries) The...
  5. StatusCakeAffiliates

    Affiliates Wanted Affiliates Wanted Any Geos Software Offer 30% Commission

    Looking for affiliates from any geos to promote our website monitoring services and earn 30% lifetime commission. Applications approved in 24 hours and monthly commission payments! Get in touch!
  6. StatusCakeAffiliates

    Affiliates Wanted Affiliates Wanted To Promote Software Services 30% Lifetime Commission

    Looking for affiliates from any geos to join and earn 30% Lifetime Commission.
  7. Jesus Izquierdo

    Looking for a good Affiliate Software?

    Hello, I've seen several posts about Affiliate Software (or Affiliate Manager or Affiliate App as you prefer) and I'd like to resume my recent experience. I'm launching our Affiliate Program at and was looking for an Affiliate Software compatible and easily installable with...
  8. Sima Singh

    Best Cloud Accounting Software

    Which is good online accounting software? Where I can you customized it as per needs or not?
  9. Julia

    Official ADxAD

    Darja submitted a new resource: ADxAD - We are Adult Self Managed Platform For Advertisers & Mediabuyers Read more about this resource...
  10. DigiMLabs

    Squarespace vs Wordpress - What will you choose?

    Tell me your views on it!!!
  11. connor r jones

    Best Outreach Software?

    Howdy forum-goers, I have a few questions about different types of outreach software and if any of them are any good. First, I'm curious what (if any) software you use to help with your affiliate marketing? I use Semrush, KWfinder, and BuzzStream personally. My problem right now is finding a...
  12. connor r jones

    Bing, why does no one care about it

    Just curious, other than the obvious issue of lack of traffic, why doesn't anyone focus on ranking for Bing specifically? I mistakenly made a website that ranks very high for a bunch of Bing keywords and it gets me a good little chunk of income every month. Anyone actually do SEO for bing by...
  13. K

    CIRCLE 22

    I am part of a community owned software company and also have the ability to make webinars and commercials for you own ROkU TV channel and firestick coming soon Programs I have are from Tier 5 software a community owned company, here is a little information and three free programs. J I am...
  14. H

    Best affiliate network for selling software

    Hi, I am selling a niche consumer software with a one-time license and a price around 30$. At the moment the whole selling process is through the application's website. Customers are from all over the world. The user can first download a demo version and if he likes it he can buy a license key...
  15. L

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for antivirus cleaner installs

    Hi there, We are looking for affiliates to run desktop software CPI offers for both Mac & Windows: - High converting campaigns : antivirus cleaner - Worldwide coverage - Payment on request possible (depending on the volumes) Contact us at for additional details ;)...
  16. malk

    Seeking top quality CPL traffic US

    Top notch software company is looking for quality partners in order to promote our chrome extension. Will pay per lead (US)+ hearty commission for sales. (WW)
  17. A

    What affiliate management programs are you using for in-house program?

    Hi, I'm wondering what do you use as an affiliate management softwares/tool for your in-house affiliate programs? What are your experiences with those softwares? We use Post Affiliate Pro (plugged to our WHMCS) for the moment. I'm getting used to it. I'm wondering is there something better...
  18. arc323

    New Here. Launching first web app. Looking for resources.

    Hey all, I'm new here but not new to IM. I've been making my living online full time since 2015. I own small/medium sized digital agency and I do pay per lead and ecom side projects. I'm active on BHW and I have Youtube channel that mainly includes software tutorials (GSA SER, mass page...
  19. A

    Best Quality:Template Club,Create 3D Animation,Lower Thirds,Dynamic Transitions, End Cards And More

    Best Quality:Template Club,Create 3D Animation,Lower Thirds,Dynamic Transitions, End Cards And More Viddyoze Template Club Software Good News! Your Exclusive Invitation To The Template Club Awaits... Create 3D Animation, Lower Thirds, Dynamic Transitions, Attention Hooks, Outros, End Cards...
  20. chervenkov

    Which software you use for build LP, banners, ads

    Hello, my question is what kind of software/tools you use to build your landing pages, banners and ads. Thank you.