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  1. O

    Best Tracker for ShareASale Publisher

    Hi, I am making a decent amount of commission/conversions in ShareASale without using a tracker by doing PPC in google ads. My question is, what is the best tracker I can use based on the affiliate network I am in and my traffic source. I am considering a tracker that can track a conversion...
  2. MacondoForever

    Hola from Macondo Forever

    Hola! Good morning Affiliate Fix! We are Macondo Forever - an online store dedicated to improve the lives of Colombian artisans thru the sale of beautiful, handmade placemats, napkin rings, vases, centerpieces and other handmade Iraca home decor products. We are so excited to be a part of this...
  3. tallfreak

    Does anyone use ShareASale?

    I'm using ShareASale as my affiliate marketing program right now and earning some extra income, however, the 'sub tracking' always shows up blank for all of my sales. So I don't know where people are accessing my links. I'm very interested in learning the analytics of my marketing but the...
  4. mariathompson

    Anyone experienced moving from one affiliate program to the next because the first one is no longer working with some of our tools? What to do?

    Hello. We have been using Refersion for a while. We're doing good and our revenue have reached close $200k+. They have pretty good merchants that apply automatically then bring in good amount of revenue. However, last month our third-party Carthook checkout app via Shopify is no longer...
  5. Honeybadger

    24hr Google Trends Data for 'affiliate' Searches

    Useful for anyone in 'make money online' niche Breakout US searches for keyword 'affiliate' Past 24 hrs high ticket affiliate marketing +3,700% high ticket affiliate marketing programs +2,650% high ticket affiliate...
  6. Alex Maxim

    Affiliates Wanted Christmas Really Has Come Early: Earn US$200.00 PER SALE with Mediolana®!

    Make Amazing Money Selling Something Amazing! Hey there, Valued Affiliates! Do you want to earn a commission rate of US$200.00 per unit sold until December 25th, 2019 – with a minimum commission of US$100.00/sale throughout the year? Do you want to sell a high-quality product with a giant...
  7. Alex Maxim

    Best First 30 Days Commission Incentives for New Merchant Programme?

    Hey there guys, I hope that this post finds you all keeping well, and having a wonderful start to the weekend. The company I represent is now deciding on its affiliate programme's first 30 days commission incentives. The aim is to quickly attract quality affiliates who can begin to drive...
  8. lisatextmagic

    This is Lisa from TextMagic

    My name is Lisa and I represent TextMagic. It is an SMS company based in the UK, with over 14 years’ experience helping businesses improve communications and mobile marketing by sending and receiving text messages online. This year we've started to actively expand our affiliate program, which...
  9. Alex Maxim

    Education Company Needs Affiliate Networks Guidance

    Hey there guys, I hope that this post finds you all keeping well, and that you are having a great summer. I represent a boutique company in the education sector which is about to start selling a DVD-based course, principally for the US market but also other key territories (Singapore...
  10. thehustler

    Anyone from ShareASale is here?

    Hi, I emailed ShareASale three days ago and still haven't heard back. I know they are one of the big players in the industry. Does anyone have experience with them here? Regards.
  11. Nongmaithem Archna

    Valentine's Day Promocode

    Hi Affiliates, Are you interested in promoting Gifts? It's Valentine's season, people are hungry for gifts. Zeitgeist Gifts launches a new coupon for Valentine;s Day that offers 25% Off. To start promoting, join the program. Check it out here Zeitgeist Gifts - A New Affiliate Program
  12. shafi kasmani

    My Journey With Youtube + Clickbank + Shareasale

    Before I had some videos for Clickbank but fewer sales per year! I need More Sales per month than per year So, I am starting work videos on youtube channel and I have ClickBank and ShareASale account. Important Focus Research Niches or Keyword 1. Google Keyword Planner - Low Competition...
  13. violaping

    Say hello

    Hello everyone, This is viola from lighting ever, and I am now in charge of the ShareASale and CJ affiliate program. I'm here to learn more about affiliate marketing and hope to get more valuable affiliates to work with me. Hope we will have a good time here:)
  14. shafi kasmani

    1 sale $7 from shareasale

    last month i made blog post and promoted social media and also uploaded video then i surprised that yesterday i got one sale $7 so i will make videos and upload on youtube soon!
  15. Jennifer Weston

    Conversion lines?

    Hey guys, Some questions arrounds me, Anybody use the ShareASale, I still can't understand conversion lines,how's it work ? Anybody reach out hands here?
  16. Jeff H

    Best 3rd party provider for a professional services firm?

    Hi - I am launching a commercial lease review service and was hoping that some small business advice websites would be interested in being part of an affiliate program for my services. Any thoughts on the best provider to go with and how to approach the small biz websites? It is $300 to have...
  17. Jennifer Weston

    Does anyone use webgains?

    Hello, Does anyone use webgains? let's discuss.. webgains VS ShareASale.
  18. Jennifer Weston

    ShareASale,deserve to work?

    I've noticed many time that people say ShareASale is a bad experience, the sale from this is little, even nothing. Aside from that , it changes now. What's your guys idea, does it deserve to work?
  19. Jennifer Weston

    How to publish 2 affiliate program in a affiliate network?

    I have a problem about whether I can publish 2 different website's affiliate program in a affiliate network same account? like shareasale. kind friend,pl.
  20. Shem Weissman

    Affiliates Wanted Join the Microsoft Rising Star of 2016

    Software Affiliate Program | 3 Steps to Success Sign Up for Free Sign up is Fast & Free through ShareASale. Promote Send visitors to us, we'll handle the rest! Earn When your visitor buys, you get up to 8%! Why Join...