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  1. UltraOne

    What would you do if the Internet world shuts down for a whole week?

    Im actually worried on What would happen if it were to shut down the web for a week or 2?
  2. UltraOne

    Any Idea on How the Facebook Ads work in 2022?

    I am keen on understanding how to use ads for facebook, but I have not yet tried that method. Hope It might be interesting.
  3. Aditya007

    [GET] Free VPS for 1 year

    Hello everyone, Atlantic is offering 1 year of free VPS (Virtual private server) with the following specs: Plan name: G2.1GB 1GB RAM 1 vCPU 40GB SSD Space 3 TB Bandwidth Some important points: Location: The server location can be US/UK/CA, one should choose the location, most of their...
  4. Jorge Garza

    Does anyone here is willing to pay a fraction of the cost for a tracking service if...?

    Does anyone here is willing to pay a fraction of the cost for a tracking service if it offers a fraction of the services? Lets say no artificial intelligence and all that the big sharks offer Comment the features are totally necessary for you
  5. Blicktor

    Hosting solutions

    I'm having a little trouble working out a plan for hosting I'm confused between setting up a cloud solution or setting up a dedicated server/vps I don't know which one would be better for media buying as well as using binom (tracker) Any help would be appreciated
  6. S

    Offshore Dedicated Server

    Shinjiru is a leading offshore web hosting provider since 1998. We are using DELL servers, dedicated 24/7 support team and 99.99% guaranteed uptime in our offshore networks. All our networks are also DDoS protected. Most importantly, Shinjiru uses its own AS number networks, IP ranges and CISCO...
  7. R

    Question regarding server/tracking

    Hello, I'm in the process of getting into mobile marketing and have a question regarding my server/tracking. I'm undecided whether to go with a self-hosted tracking solution or one in the cloud. I plan on hosting my landing pages on a CDN so that's covered. If I'm able to get a VPS in the...
  8. Ayaz

    Is digital ocean server enough for Pop up campaigns?

    Hi there, I am using digital ocean + voluum tracking (and using GoDaddy for domain) but when I get around 500+ visitors my website loads very slow I am currently using : 1GB RAM / 1 CPU 30GB SSD 2 TB Transfer Is it good enough to handle pop-up campaigns? I think my website get slow after...
  9. R

    CDN comparison: What CDN do you guys prefer?

    I'm in the market for a new CDN and I'm having trouble deciding. Currently not pushing a lot of traffic, but I'd like to have locations all over the globe because I'm planning on launching some international stuff. I have the free year of Amazon Cloudfront but I'm also looking at Rackspace...
  10. pablopicasso

    Looking for a Email server

    Hi I have like 5M email ,we are filtering and removing the copies and removing the hard and soft bounce . so they will be clean lists. So can anyone suggest me were to by server and the software for emailing .. And the emails are related to casino europea ! Can any one help me with it !
  11. comegetbravo

    When should I upgrade my hosting solution?

    I currently have a SSD cloud hosted VPS that I use, How do I know when I should upgrade? These are my stats during a regular workload, when I get roughly 20k impressions/day. Ram usage never goes above 25% and CPU never above 4%. Loading speeds are from 0.8s - 1.4s depending on GEO and...
  12. pablopicasso

    Looking for decicated hosting

    Hi i am looking for a dedicated server located in UK to place our main sites. Can anyone just me a good host provider