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  1. G

    Case Study [CASE STUDY] with 559% ROI in Algeria

    Affiliate Program: Hypercentage Ad format: Push Notifications Offer: Virtual Girlfriend - Mainstream - RS 2 Clicks Campaign period: Mar. 05, 2023 – Mar. 09, 2023 GEO: Algeria Total spent: $ 60.18 Total Revenue: $ 396.64 Net profit: $ 336.47 ROI: 559.10% Started working with Hypercentage...
  2. Graybeard

    What is ROIC?

    In finance, return on invested capital (ROIC), is a ratio used to measure the profitability and value-creation potential of your cash on cash expenditure. In affiliate marketing your costs need to be included as follows: Include the cost of your website and servers as well as any software...
  3. RichAds

    Official RichAds Birthday Offer: Spend $200, get $200 + Amazon Gift Cards Giveaway!

    RichAds is 3 years old: It's Time to Celebrate We are giving cool bonuses to new and current clients! Spend $200 get $200: for new users who are going to make their first deposits and for already registered users who haven't been spending for at least 30 days. 5 steps to get your bonus: 1...
  4. Laimonas

    Ready to Optimize your Native Campaigns? Here's a FREE & quick guide.

    Hi fellow Native Advertiser! I was sitting in my home office, since we are not allowed to go places (Covid-19) and thought: "Yes, our life has changed a lot over the last year, and yes it does get frustrating, but can we change it? For us marketing professionals it is crucial to learn how to...
  5. Honeybadger

    Will TikTok Convert in 2021?

    I am making detail plan for 2021 & looking for new traffic source (because Google organic hit & miss) for my affiliate fashion website portfolio, so does TikTok convert in a good ROI? I heard TikTok ads it's cheaper than FB ads, but what did you get ROI?
  6. igbmaster

    What are the best verticals for affiliates?

    Which verticals have the best ROI? What is the best way for a beginner to start with?

    Ask Me Anything RedTrack Q&A sessions: Become a PRO in ad tracking

    Hello guys! RedTrack continues answering your most common questions Our Q&A sessions gain momentum and we're happy to introduce this Week's webinar topic: Traffic Sources Our Lead Customer Success Manager will share her expertise in Traffic Sources and cover all your you have about tracking...
  8. Anastasia AdCombo

    Ask Me Anything CASE-STUDY. ECOSPRAY WITH 171% ROI

    We are still ready to buy your case-study for a good price. And this case-study was sent to us by Jane. Let us give her the floor! CPA network: AdCombo Offer: Ecospray GEO: Lebanon Traffic Source: PropellerAds – Push Notifications Ad Spend: $387 Revenue: $1050 ROI: 171% Hello, case-study...
  9. WhiteMobi

    CPI Offers KPIs Explained

    There are plenty restrictions and unclear KPIs in the mobile offers. As AM I’m getting most of the questions like: What is KPI? What is RR? So, here I'm posting here some terms you can find in the offer description. Retention Rate or RR - shows the number of active users (those who opened the...
  10. R

    Hey What's Up?

    I'm Riley Younger. I'm 22. I'm from a tiny town an hour southeast of Denver. I grew up learning to work for money. Trade time for money, and do hard physical manual labor in those hours making up the long days. ... and even longer weeks. You can't work enough in the day. And you can't work...
  11. AffiliateDude

    This months earnings

    My earnings and profit report for this month. Overall Invested: $162 Revenue: $294.60 ROI: 81% This is just overall some campaigns had way better ROI than others.
  12. AffiliateDude

    462% ROI Yesterday

    Revenue: $36 Invested: $6.4 ROI = 462% At one point i was going to pause this campaign lol good job i didn't :D
  13. AffiliateDude

    8 clicks 4 leads!

    High quality traffic + high converting offer = BANK $$$
  14. AffiliateDude

    My earnings this month 201% ROI

    This is the most i have earned this month. Aiming to make even more next month will keep you posted. Earnings: $193.75 Invested: $64 ROI = 201% Offer: Not disclosed Traffic: Not disclosed
  15. AffiliateDude

    My earnings so far today

    I'm on the path of consistent earnings. That's the hardest part of this game consistency. Today Snapshot Revenue: $6 Invested: $1.5 ROI: 300%
  16. Albertomax1

    Find the best hashtags to drive engagement

    Anyone familiar with Ritetag? o_O RiteTag: Find the best hashtags For posting on social media it gives stats and suggestions for most popular hashtags that will potentially generate the most views for your posts. RiteTag tells you which hashtag is more likely to be seen and used by others...
  17. AffiliateDude

    This Months Earnings 100% ROI

    My earnings for this month. Revenue - $127.80 Cost - $65 I am now awaiting my second payment from MaxBounty. I will be making more posts about my progress and maybe a case study :p
  18. shafi kasmani

    Facebook + Clickbank = PROFIT 1135% ROI

    Yesterday I made New Campaign in facebook ads spent $7.78 clicks - 205 Sale - $31 + $72 Upsell = 103.91 Profits - 96.13 ROI PROFITS - +1135% How to work? Watch Tutorial Now Step 1. You Need to Make Landing Page With Clickbank Products but direct linking is not working sale Step 2. You go...
  19. MarinaKimia

    Affiliates Wanted Pokémon and much more this week!

    Hi guys, So we have managed to nearly "catch´em all" with the Pokémon... so if you want to try them just join the Kimia team of ‪affiliates‬ and battle the eCPMs TODAY! xD Offers on a ‪‎CPA‬ and ‪‎CPL‬ bases in: ‪#‎Ecuador‬ ‪#‎Brazil‬ ‪#‎Kenya‬ ‪#‎Singapore‬ ‪#‎Malaysia‬ ‪#‎Slovenia‬...
  20. The Mad French

    [Guide] How to Launch and Optimize Profitable AdWords Campaigns

    Hello everyone, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to this community. I found here really helpful and friendly people who don't hesitate to share valuable knowledge on a daily basis in a warm atmosphere. I joined AffiliateFix a month ago and thought it was time to give something...