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  1. KateGorb

    Seeking Help Launching new projects!

    Hello everyone! I need your advice. If you run a business where you have several different products and you want to try a new promotional campaign, what product you should start your campaign with - a popular one or a new one?
  2. Honeybadger

    What Downloadable Affiliate Products Are There?

    It's a brainstorm of different types of digital products and services that can be downloaded or stored digitally, and later I will select from this list for affiliate monetization because Easy to scale Faster commission payments Global audience Less time waiting for guarantee period Low startup...
  3. Gennaro E Turco

    I am happy to be here!

    Hello, everyone. My name is Gennaro Turco and I am a U.S. Disabled Veteran and I served in the USAF for six years. I attained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Marketing in 2012 and have more than 10 years experience in all aspects of Marketing and in many different types of...
  4. Daria_WapEmpire

    E-commerce at Wapempire: get what you really need!

    WapEmpire announces a new start: now e-commerce offers are available. We start with the most attractive direct offers, including Asian snack boxes, smoking staff, health products and more. What makes our campaigns unique? We work with direct advertisers only and add exactly what you ask for...
  5. H

    Looking for partners in business...HELP!

    Hi everybody, Greetings! I'm currently building my online ecommerce store and I was wondering if I could hire bloggers, Instagram and forum users to help me drive traffic to my store. Is that possible? I'll give them nice offers so that they like to work with me. If it is possible, can you...
  6. D

    Homeowners products

    Hi guys, I have seed audiences on facebook of US homeowners. I'm new to affiliation marketing, but familiar with the industry as i used to work as an affiliate manager for a company. I wonder what brands you know are a good fit for the vertical, direct-deals or through network...
  7. J

    Long time Affiliate Marketing interest, time to start is now.

    Hello all, my name is Jason I live in Detroit, and I have been interested in affiliate marketing for well over a decade. I dabbled in network marketing a few years back, joined a downline system, made some youtube videos, a crazy simple blog, but never sponsored anyone. Took a lot of time away...
  8. I

    How do i know if my e-book will sell?

    I'm currently writing an e-book on self-defense and creating a landing page. So far, i've gotten positive feedback from several people. I'm not sure if my e-book will sell very well. How do i know if people would be willing to buy it?
  9. ishop6dotnet

    Affiliate program that sell products for my adult websites?

  10. C

    Affiliates Wanted Join our affiliate program - UK White goods

    We are looking for more affiliate marketers to join our program and build on the current success we have seen. We are a 20 year old refrigeration specialists that manufacture the best selling chest freezers in the UK. Affiliates can enjoy excellent returns on our products. For more info please...
  11. shafi kasmani

    can i promote jvzoo affiliate products on bing ads?

    if promote jvzoo products with bing ads then work sales or not? did you experience before?
  12. Direct Affiliate

    Affiliates Wanted DirectAffiliate network :)

    Welcome Affiliate Marketing Enthusiasts! My name is Hania and I work for Polish affiliate network as account manager. I am glad that I've joined this community because I want to show you how it looks from my side. Also I would like to find out what you like and not in your affiliate network. So...
  13. S

    Offers for autoresponder

    Hello, guys It would mean the world to me if you answer the following question! Here is it: Should I mix the theme of the offers I put in the auresponder emails? For example, should I send 2-3 products for Facebook, then 4 products for eCom ...etc? Or is it better to send one for Facebook...