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Affiliates Wanted DirectAffiliate network :)

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by Direct Affiliate, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Direct Affiliate

    Direct Affiliate Affiliate affiliate

    Welcome Affiliate Marketing Enthusiasts!
    My name is Hania and I work for Polish affiliate network as account manager. I am glad that I've joined this community because I want to show you how it looks from my side. Also I would like to find out what you like and not in your affiliate network.
    So if you have any questions connected with my work - don't be shy!

    We are affiliate network and work primarily with SEO specialists and large publishers. We are looking for people to promote and sell our products from the category health and beauty, e-learning and finance. We operate in over 30 countries mainly in Europe, but recently we opened the markets of South America.

    In Direct Affiliate program you earn money by generating conversions which means that the lead is valid when the person fills in the form. Compared to our competitors, this person doesn't have to buy the product. The price for conversion which depends on product and market oscillate between 5-10 euro.
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