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  1. Faceless Men

    Seeking Help [Partnership] My Lists, Landing Pages, Email Copies + Your SMTP + CPA

    I have acquired an OBM agency and they had lots of email lists gathered from paid campaigns over the years. The subscribers are still active as of 29 February 2024. I don;t have any money left after acquiring the agency to spend on CPA marketing. I have experience in B2B cold emailing but I am...
  2. TORO Advertising

    12 Reasons to work with a tracker

    Tracking tools are the solution to address the needs of any publisher who is willing to improve and optimize their traffic to get to know where a campaign wavers and how to strengthen any flaws with the clear goal of making it profitable! Here a few reasons why you need a tracker: Track all...
  3. repairdesk

    Hello People Repairdesk is here. !

    RepairDesk is a Repair Shop POS software. We are providing 14 days free trial with no credit card required. We have recently launched our Partners program as well. So Sign up and Enjoy the POS Software. Unable to Send link here. So you can search on Google For " RepairDesk"
  4. msulcs

    I made $893 by Leveraging other peoples email list

    Intro: I have an interesting story about how powerful partnerships are. For a while, I didn't know whether I should post about it, because I can't mention mine or my partner's product without promoting it (which is against the rules). Without giving the key details it's not that interesting...
  5. makovcvet

    Hello everyone!

    Hey hey! My name is Kate, I want to say hello and wish everyone a good day! It's great to be here :)
  6. Moon Landers

    New Affiliate On the Market

    Hello, everyone, I am new to this forum, Coming here to expand my business and find some partners to grow together with. I'm sure this journey will be swift and successful! Looking forward to hearing from you all!
  7. kevin292

    Looking to Befriend Long-Term Affiliates or Partners for a Smart Tech Store

    Hi friends, I apologize if this is a stupid question, as I am a newbie wanting to learn. I have a website providing affordable smart technology for home and lifestyle. (Smart plugs, smart doorbells, etc.) My company has a green focus on saving energy and also provides a year's supply of...
  8. Akeentech

    A way out

    Hi everyone here, I have a blog ( I want to monetize. Can anyone here show me the way out, where to get sponsored posts, reasonable affiliate program, partnership, collaboration, a coach etc. I can even manage online jobs like virtual assistance, digital marketing, data entry...
  9. Loyalty Kevin

    Need ideas. Replacement for browser extensions

    Hi, I want to tell you briefly, For a long time until the end of 2017, I worked exclusively with browser extensions. There was an active base of users, everything was fine. At the moment things are going badly. Since I have pop traffic that suits this type and so I have a question. I calculate...
  10. Mr. Mayer

    Hi Everyone! My name is Mr. Mayer and I have lots of affiliate offers!

    Mostly I target cryptocurrencies and financial markets but if you are specialized in something else, PM me with your questions. I am online on Skype and Telegram almost 24/7. P.S.: Some of the offers I have are very tasty because you can get up to 10% from investments (your clients, who come...
  11. Maxim Terraleads

    TerraLeads is searching webmasters/publishers for German speaking CPA market

    TerraLeads is a CPA Affiliates Network that lists CPA offers from a wide range of recognized brands. Being registered as an affiliate, you can promote our offers with your chosen advertising format, earning a defined commission per action. This action is a purchase. When this action is achieved...
  12. jakeyboy

    Partnership Wanted with an Affiliate pro for .coms

    Hi Everyone I own .com domain names that begin with very high rate search engine keywords and I have reliable hosting. I am looking for someone who is a pro at building, maintaining and SEO of websites to go 50/50 in the income from having affiliate websites using my names and hosting. I own...
  13. Z

    Partnership BIG profit margins and repeat customers. My site + your traffic/SEO = $

    Hello all, I'm pretty new here so forgive me if this is the wrong section to post in. I'm looking to partner with a skilled marketer that can drive traffic to my site. This is a very profitable niche with very big profit margins and repeat customers. Because of many barriers to entry there are...
  14. Enrico

    I'm looking for smart affiliate

    Hi everybody! I'm Enrico, i'm studying how to do and improve my aff campaign and i'm looking for some smart affiliate wherewith share my experience!
  15. ryan333r

    Starting CPA with low budget

    I am a college student with limited funds. I did a lot of research work on CPA marketing and finally started. I can make a maximum investment of $100 per month. I read a lot about targeting the mobile devices more rather than PCs, using various paid traffic sources and landing page...
  16. PatrikJanda

    Looking For affiliate publishers - tech, movies etc..

    With users can safely download torrents to their personal cloud and play them online or safely download to their PCs or smartphones. More information at Download torrents to the cloud and watch them online - Overview of our affiliate program: 50% commission from every...
  17. Gebedo

    Introduction to Gebedo

    Greetings! I'm currently working as a director of marketing -but over the past 14 years or so, I've worked as an entrepreneur, SEO, web design, digital marketing, etc. I was also an affiliate manager for a while for a CDN. I got a chance to network and meet many super affiliates. That was cool...
  18. amansapps

    Partnership yes ! need joint partner

    hi, I need partner who can understand my programs concept and the power of getting cash flow life long residual income to join under me or use my url and get me members to members rather bulk members so we can share the profits all details I can show you my blog with videos please ask me more :)