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newbies help guide

  1. micoangelo

    POLL: Is Megapush S******g Affiliates? WARNING: Please read this before using

    WARNING: Read this BEFORE you buy media from Megapush ( for your push traffic needs Hey Fixers! I made a tiny test campaign today, set at a $13 budget. Seems like it should be manageable, no? Got approved, smooth sailing thus far, so I grabbed a quick bite for lunch. Came back and...
  2. Amaka N

    Hello Everyone! I’m new to CPA and I need help.

    Hi everyone, I’m Amaka. I’m very very new to CPA marketing and have a lot of questions like what is the best user friendly affiliate network for beginners? how does one start up a landing page and what Is It supposed to look like? What are the best free medium for promoting offers n how do I use...
  3. P

    Hello! I'm new to Affiliate/CPA Marketing. Here is my Ride along.

    Day 5: I realize I get the general theory behind Affiliate and CPA Marketing, but I don't really know what to do. That being said, I've got to learn through action so I'll keep moving forward. So far, I've taken three action steps. First I applied to AD Combo and I got approved. It's kind of...
  4. D

    The new german in the forum want to learn as much as possible. Suggestion where to start?

    Hey guys, first of all thanks for reading, I am Daniel a young guy 21 years old and from germany. A newbie you could say and as you can imagine I have no specific clue right now where to start. I want to know evrything about online marketing and after the first few hours I seem to be at right...
  5. AlwaysLearning

    Need Ultimate Resource for the Newbies

    Hi Guys, I have just found out this forum and I have really like the fellow affiliate marketers sharing their experience in a precise way. I am quite naive to this world of CPA and especially PPC ADS. I was on a Google search marathon about affiliate marketing and then i came across several...
  6. M

    Glad to Help you if you have any queries.

    Hi, I am Madhu Padala from India. I am a professional HR - Manager in a PEB industry and am passionate about working online and earning a good second income by doing part time online business. I have been in this online industry since 6+ years and had seen a lots of ups and downs in online...
  7. B

    Hello i need help please if you could ?

    Hello Guyes please anyone who could help please please ! i need 30$ to buy a bluehost vps hosting , you can buy it for me no problem but anyone who could help i'll be verry grathfulle for him. sorry about my english. i repeat guyes if anyone could help in any way even a 0.01$ i'll be verry...
  8. V

    Looking for an advice of publishers

    Hi, I am interested to advertise my Brand goods throw affiliate marketing. We produce high quality leather bags. Brand name - Time Resistance established in 2015. And in first year we make profit just with regular ecommerce sales but I would be much happier to get attention of more sales...
  9. Krishan Kumar

    I want to promote Gaming offers. Pls tell me Dos and Don'ts

    Hi there, I'm a newbie and I want to kick off my CPA journey with Gaming offers, and I want to know.. 1. How to choose the best offer to promote? 2. What traffic source works best for Gaming niche? 3. What to avoid strictly? Thank you for all support :)
  10. Tareq Mahmud

    As a newbie, I need answer of some specific questions, please help

    I am confused with my dating-SOI-desktop offer. I m collecting traffic from twitter. I found just clicks but no conversions yet. My AM said my process is ok, but why I didnt get any conversions? Any one can help me please? I want discussion ... thanks.
  11. Tareq Mahmud

    Can do something special just for newbies?

    My respected members, today you may be successful. But think, when you was in starting end, how tensed you were. You were in huge problems. All newbies are in same situation now. There is many many issues discussed and continuing here. All are important. But think as a newbie, he / she needs...