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  1. David.

    Hello to the AffiliateFix community!

    Hey guys, I've been reading through some threads and browsing this page a bit. I'm am generally interested in the topic so I thought I'd sign up here. Seems like a great place. Context to me: I'm running a little online business & starting an affiliate program. Currently, I'm trying to learn a...
  2. Crow

    New here

    Been pushing adult traffic for about 20 years. I have a 20 year account with gfy ( although I lost the email associated with it years ago so I need to get it back). I also have an old account that I still use on blackhatworld. I also run a proxy site. Happy to be here. My primary focus is...
  3. N

    Hello people at AffiliateFix!

    My name is Nick, I have been actively involved in marketing since 2013. I'm active on Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, and do media buying. I hope to meet new people and gain some knowledge here. :)
  4. Rowan666

    New here, Learn here

    I'm a newcomer and I hope to learn how to legitimately boost sales here.
  5. GabrielleIsRealX

    Hello, newbie here

    Hello, everyone, my name is Gabrielle, as customer service in an Internet company, providing anti-detect browsers. Love to make friends, but I have little experience in online marketing and hope to study more affiliate marketing knowledge here, and apply what I have learned in the future. Glad...
  6. Rial4s

    Hi affriends :)

    After 2 years in offline, I'm getting back to roots. It looks that you have amazing community here. Happy I found this forum.
  7. S


    Hi people. I am new and i have many interests. May be not ready for this...
  8. C

    Hello i am new!

    Hello guys, I am new here i want to learn more about adult CPA offers, and i was trying some methods i didn't had success, so now i found this forum and try to configure it out. So if you guys have some advice on how to get adult traffic it would be nice, i don't have so much budget about...
  9. Jokeey

    New Member

    My name is John Ken. I am a new biz gaining knowledge of best affiliate marketing strategy. Hope to learn here. Looking forward to meeting all of you.
  10. R

    Hello Everyone

    My name is Prince and I am new here
  11. Jmccargo

    I Am A Transport Marketing

    Sir, I also want to write a post about my business, my business is in the transportation category.
  12. MrYoussef

    Hello community

    Hello all, This is first share in affiliatefix, Ineed to hello all users in this great community. Thanks for all
  13. J

    Advice to new Affiliate Marketer

    Hi, I am James, new affiliate marketer, beginner in this. Currently I am a affiliate for online training courses in Internet Marketing. I have created Business fb pages and done networking through friends. Any advice on how to move forward and make sales through free marketing?
  14. Shela star

    Thank you for approval of my account in few hours

    Hi guys im shela im cam model also im started webmaster or affiliate members on many sites thanks in advance or sorry for my bed English
  15. V

    Hi all.

    Hi, I am new to affiliate marketing and to this forum. I heard about the idea of affiliate marketing a few months back and started to learn more. I started a website on game development and focusing on getting organic traffic.
  16. demang69


    new starter from spa
  17. VividreamLiving


    Hi Everyone, I'm new to affiliate marketing but not new to the basics of online marketing as I've been testing out different methods to boost my real estate business in Michigan for the last three years. I'm looking for some alternative ways to promote my real estate business, blogs and videos...
  18. Md Zakir Hossain

    Nice to meet you!

    Hi, I am Zakir Hossain from Bangladesh. Working as an affiliate marketer more than 3 years. Nice to meet you and talk soon.
  19. obajoey

    Hello Community, I'm New

    Hello everyone, It is an honour to be part of this forum, I hope to learn a lot from the community and also pass some knowledge too. I am into affiliate marketing, but I have not been making sales, I hope to learn from those who were sometimes in this same situation but now better off. Thank...
  20. violaping

    Say hello

    Hello everyone, This is viola from lighting ever, and I am now in charge of the ShareASale and CJ affiliate program. I'm here to learn more about affiliate marketing and hope to get more valuable affiliates to work with me. Hope we will have a good time here:)