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  1. S

    Looking for a mentor

    Hey I have just recently started affiliate marketing and was looking for a mentor or wanted to know where I could find one.
  2. Latoya

    Trying to sell me.

    In my journey trying to learn on my own, ive joined CPA groups on FB and joined other FREE platforms to get started with this BUT.... every time I ask a question I’m always greeted with “I can help you, BUY My program” it’s like I can’t get started with some wannabe gurus tossing they programs...
  3. Latoya

    Trying to create wealth

    Hello everyone just a girl looking for a good mentor.
  4. AbdulAleem

    Hello Affiliates!

    Im new here and I want to get the ball rolling. I have made up my mind in becoming a Market Affiliate and I want to succeed. I am very new to market affiliation; with that being said, I need guidance. In fact, if I can find a virtual mentorship to help me down this road. I will be very...
  5. M

    looking for a mentor!

    Hello, I'm looking for a mentor who is absolutly CRUSHING IT with Bing Ads! My goal is to learn how to create successful campaigns in short periods of time with CPA offers, Pay Per Lead offers or physical products to sell through bing ads. I want to MASTER whatever strategy your doing for...
  6. Amaka N

    Hello Everyone! I’m new to CPA and I need help.

    Hi everyone, I’m Amaka. I’m very very new to CPA marketing and have a lot of questions like what is the best user friendly affiliate network for beginners? how does one start up a landing page and what Is It supposed to look like? What are the best free medium for promoting offers n how do I use...
  7. K

    Hello From Egypt!!

    Hi all, Khaled is here. I'm new to CPA, I got the basics of affiliate marketing a couple of months ago and now I'm getting my feet wet with pops and domain redirect. Excited to be part of the community here, and I'm actively looking for an affiliate mentor and a mastermind focused on pop and...
  8. Richard Gonzales

    Here to spread that bread!

    Hi. I am fairly new to this and looking for real opportunities. Tired of the nonsense.
  9. Nomad Hustle

    Startup Guy; AM Newbie >> Looking for mentors

    Hey everyone, My name is Rich a.k.a Nomad Hustle. I'm an entrepreneur from London, UK. I previously set up and launched a B2B company in education from my bedroom in the UK with clients in China - this grew to a team of 7 in a cute office in central London. Disclaimer: Owning a company sounds...
  10. 1_Silver_3

    Any mentors for a newbie?

    Hey guys, I know this might sound a bit shameless, but is anyone here willing to help a complete cpa newbie out? I'm really motivated and dare to say, that I learn really fast and autodidact. But the point is, that I somehow didn't quite figure out how to get started properly. So I thought...
  11. M

    Newbie here excited to be aprt of this great community

    Hi i'm michael i am happy and excited to be among you guys. I'm currently using maxbounty and peerfly i have tried so hard to crack the cpa codes but is just not working I have upto $60 for a start please I need someone to guide me
  12. ogads


    Hello Fix I have did some testing last month with a autopilot youtube method that can be scaled to earn some big money! My test was really small on 3 saturated niches and earned almost $100 witch was really good for "5 min of work" :affiliatefix: Can be scaled to $XXX+ daily! Want to start...
  13. ogads

    Mastermind Skype Mentor Training To $1000+ A Month! With Proof!

    Hello Fix Members Looking to earn some good autopilot money? I have been running this method on a low scale for a year now and earning some good side money. Good money for not doing any work :) Want me to mentor you 1on1 on skype? Please add me on skype bobby.ogads Lets get you earning...
  14. bibbler

    Successful Affiliates: Ever considered mentoring beginners in exchange for referrals & half earning?

    Has any successful Affiliates ever considered mentoring beginners in exchange for referrals & half earnings? This idea came to me while browsing through another forum that had successful CPA affiliates willing to mentor beginners in exchange for a referral to their CPA network. Most of whom...