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  1. vish1688

    Affiliate Mastermind Group

    Hello AffiliateFix-ers! I was wondering if anyone out there may know a good mastermind slack group, or something of that sort, that meets regularly to share learnings and experiences with new tools in the sector? I've been in the space for 20+ years and have see so many people come and go from...
  2. A

    Harworking noob looking for a mentor..

    Hello my fellow marketers, I am new in this field and eager to learn. Obviously I have a lot of questions. To shorten the learningcurve and to be profitable ASAP I hope to find a mentor who could help me out. I am planning to use FB as a trafficsourcew and chose sweepstakes as vertical. I am...
  3. MILK

    Starting my affiliate business - Advise Wanted

    Hey everyone, as of right now I am officially unemployed. I'm going to start looking for a night job, but my plan is to be an affiliate marketer full time. Meaning anything I do for money to survive will be just for that. Right now I'm in phase one of my plan, which is education. From what I've...
  4. Terry Martin

    Ask Me Anything Skype Mastermind (Intermediate/Advanced)

    Hi! I would like to start a Skype Mastermind! If you are like me, sometimes working from home can be challenging because you are on your own! I am looking for real grinders that are willing to share tricks and experiences. I think it would be a great way to network and stay motivated! Terry...
  5. K

    Hello From Egypt!!

    Hi all, Khaled is here. I'm new to CPA, I got the basics of affiliate marketing a couple of months ago and now I'm getting my feet wet with pops and domain redirect. Excited to be part of the community here, and I'm actively looking for an affiliate mentor and a mastermind focused on pop and...
  6. Nomad Hustle

    Startup Guy; AM Newbie >> Looking for mentors

    Hey everyone, My name is Rich a.k.a Nomad Hustle. I'm an entrepreneur from London, UK. I previously set up and launched a B2B company in education from my bedroom in the UK with clients in China - this grew to a team of 7 in a cute office in central London. Disclaimer: Owning a company sounds...
  7. leonardozhe

    Facebook Nutra Mastermind Group

    Hey, buddies I want to create a mastermind with a solid group of people who are currently running Nutra with more than 10K rev per day. It's NOT for someone who does not have any accounts running at the moment or has never ran before or does not understand the basics.I want to group the buddies...
  8. kenaki

    Mastermind Groups. Good or Bad?

    I've heard a lot of different things about mastermind groups, good and bad, but just thought I would ask for another point of view, anybody in one, or been in one, or even interested in joining one? Pros and cons if you will please :)
  9. Donald C. Obii

    Hello AffiliateFix Nation!!

    Hello everyone, My name is Donald Chu Obii from London, UK. I'm an alternative health & wellness direct response copywriter. Earlier, I wrote copy for companies in the property (real estate) industry. Since I was selling property at the time, this was a natural fit. As my confidence in my...
  10. WolfGangCain

    Looking for other Newbs to Build Mastermind Group

    Hello All, :ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja: I figured this would be the best place to post this, and Im hoping to get some replies. Im from Vancouver, Canada and Ive actively been studying and following many guides and forums to grasp the structure of AM. Ive recently put my job behind me...
  11. Zygmunt Biela

    Looking for a partner

    Hi there I'm Zygmunt, 19, from Poland. I'm not new when it comes to internet marketing, up to date I've made ~~12k $ just from one website - a bit shady desktop CPA stuff. I want to get back to the game and start with mobile and looking for a mentor who could help me start my first campaigns...