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Looking for other Newbs to Build Mastermind Group

Discussion in 'Events and Networking' started by WolfGangCain, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. WolfGangCain

    WolfGangCain Affiliate affiliate

    Hello All, :ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja:

    I figured this would be the best place to post this, and Im hoping to get some replies. Im from Vancouver, Canada and Ive actively been studying and following many guides and forums to grasp the structure of AM. Ive recently put my job behind me and have savings which I plan to invest in my online business. Im currently approved on 3 Affiliate networks and have my hosting and about 5 domains ready for LP's. This is a shot in the dark , but Im currently seeking if anybody that is also new would consider aligning with me to mastermind and test and share some costs. I have a very flexible schedule right now and offer full communication and help. Also I am a PAYING affiliate , Im not interested in people that are trying to do the free ride into AM. Ive been told from successful affiliates its good to align with other newbies and test campaigns and verticals.

    Offer Type : Currently interested in Mobile CPA , PPV , Ill be setting up my Voluum today , unless an experienced affiliate can recommend something else??.. I read somewhere that Voluum is shutting down? Is this true?

    Landing Pages : Is it better to just invest in online landing page creator for all my test banners and pages? , or use something like Adobe Muse and create my own?.

    Traffic Sources : So far Ive only setup with MobiCow and PopAds ( any recommendations would help to add to my traffic network lists.

    Spying Tools : Everyone seems to be talking about WhatRunsWhere , also was told to try Adplexity << anyone use this ??

    Again , I want to build a team/group and begin launching campaigns and testing.

    Much Love AffiliateFix , your a solid place for Affiliates and your guides and members have been so helpful.

    Skype Id : WolfGangCain <<< add me or PM me :rolleyes:
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