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  1. cyberabel

    Amateur Affiliate

    Hi, I like to present myself my name is Abel, it's really nice to meet you all. :)
  2. Alom1

    Hi from a newbie

    hey Just checked in to say hi to the people of Affliate Fix. I am glad I landed here. Looking to expand my SEO and affiliate marketing knowledge with you guys! Many thanks A
  3. W

    Naukhez Here

    Hello Guys, This is Naukhez Rabbani, I am new to affiliate marketing, want to make my own identity in this world, i hope my journey with you guys will be pleasant and helpful. Regards
  4. Hot Potato Clothing

    Introducing Myself

    Hello Guys, We are Hot Potatoe Clothing and we do beautiful, colourful, Mens and Womens T-shirts - handmade in sunny Cyprus! We came to Affiliate Fix as we heard that it is an excellent place for networking and business. We will be happy if we get connected with some of you who deal with...
  5. Abhi Shah

    Love you all | Great place | Great people | I'm happy to be here!

    Hola Friends, Let me quickly introducing myself and my organization. I am Abhi Shah, Developer Evangelist at SwipeMail. I love coding. And, sorry guys i have strict instruction from the moderator of affiliatefix that I can't introduce about my startup here without permission. So, you need to...
  6. Zoe Chen

    Greeting from AM Zoe

    Hello Mates, I'm Zoe, today is my first day as Affiliate Manager, I hope I will have good luck in this industry!, feel free to contact me!
  7. jhondevi118

    I am new here

    Hello members , I am new here :affiliatefix: , how are you all ? :p I hope everyone friendly and helpful in this forum :):):):)
  8. FXORO Affiliates

    The Lion is here! Get Best CPA from a Regulated Broker!

    Dear Affiliatefix Community, The Lion is here! We ( were established in 2012 as an Investment Firm regulated by CySec. We offer a range of products in the Forex and CFD markets. We do pride ourselves with a reputation of a trusted broker among all our traders, clients and...
  9. mahmoud hanadi

    Mahmoud - Top Selections

    Hey guys how are you , glad to finally allocate some time to be active on this nice community I work for Top Selections where a lot of great things happen we have our own mobile content and leadgen offers and we are always on the lookout for creative people when it comes to traffic for the...
  10. A

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey everyone. Newbie here. I am interesting in learning about affiliate marketing and how I can use it effectively. I also want to learn how to use affiliate marketing without looking like spam, and so far what I have seen here looks like I will find some amazing information.
  11. ubaygates

    Greetings from Newbie

    Hello members, this is my first post. Glad to be here, i'm newbie for Affiliate Marketer hope you guys help me for my post for the next. Thanks :)
  12. B


    Hello Online Marketers I'm one too , Free to share or to learn
  13. Pavel_tech

    Saying hi!

    Hi, everyone! Happy to see a lively community here! I'm a technical writer and content manager at a software company. I'm enthusiastic about IT trends, file formats and converters, SEO, web-marketing, design, traditional and digital art and lots of other stuff. We recently started an affiliate...
  14. suklanarayan

    This is Narayan Shukla

    Currently I staying in Pune, doing Digital Marketing Job. I am new in this forum, so just wanted to say every one a big HII... Also I wanted to learn and earn money online. Please get in touch so that we can share valuable information with each other.
  15. jalan

    Howdy Friends.. Its time to know little bit about me

    I am Vinay From India, I have been working as affiliate since past 8 years. My monthly revenue is around 5000$. I joined this community to learn more about experience of other people plus to contribute my knowledge with others.
  16. mukeshre


    Hi my Name Mukesh Kushwah From India
  17. Jennifer Weston


    Good afternoon, everybody. ;);););););) This is Jennifer as a green merchant of affiliate program.:D:D:D:D
  18. mjustburn

    Cheers: To the beginning of (hopefully) a successful IM career

    Hey Everyone, I've dabbled in IM for about 6-7 years, albiet very lightly. I've had minimal success, so I'm far past the mentality of IM being a scam - even though I know they're out there. I've always had big dreams and goals during high school, but ever since the day I came across Google...
  19. Wouter - Traffic Company

    Wouter from Traffic Company is in!!

    Hi You all, After hearing some great stories about this forum I needed to check it out, so I joined! I am checking the forum now for about 5 minutes and I like what I see! Why? Because it's about the business and that's where I coming for! I don't need any politic news, review on movies or...
  20. sarahdxb

    Hi I am Sarah

    Hi I am Sarah from Dubai. I am an affiliate Marketer. I joined this forum to learn more from you guys and to increase my knowledge Best Sarah